Thursday, March 31, 2005

Danforth Has Points To Consider

I thought that the John C. Danforth's article in the NYT was interesting, worthy of reading and considering. Danforth, who is an ordained Episcopal minister, puts forth the assertion that the RNC has become the arm of the "Conservative Christian" establishment. There is no doubt that the conservative Christian voters are mostly Republican and vote Republican. The question is do the conservative Christian's control the policy of the RNC?

I disagree but it is a matter to consider and decide in ones own mind. I respect Danforth as a decent person and experience political and well rounded human being, but he is wrong to say that the conservative Christian establishment runs the RNC. If they did then the federal government or state government would have taken her into custody. They did not, even though that is what the conservative Christian establishment wanted them to do. Danforth is a traditional Republican in terms of 1) Limited Government 2) Reasonable Taxation 3) Reasonable Regulation by Government 4) Encouraging the Private Sector Growth 5) Judges Should Interpret Law Not Legislate 6) Strong Military. He is in summary "Old School Republican". So am I and these are the core of my political base and my absolute foundation.

Although Danforth does not come right out and say it in the article, he does allude to the "reason" that I think he draws this conclusion. He states "I am and always have been pro-life. But the only explanation for legislators comparing cells in a petri dish to babies in the womb is the extension of religious doctrine into statutory law". He is not pro abortion but is saying that some Christian coalition members ( Pro Life Organizations ), cross his threshold with what they seek on the abortion matter. He thinks that the RNC has become "too" pro life on stem cell and the Terri Schiavo matter. I think where the line is at on too or not enough pro life is a very hard thing to define. It's a matter that is very personal and rightfully so I say.

I personally think that abortion is probably the most difficult political issue there is. Like Terri Schiavo I think abortion is a deeply personal matter and is not a "good" solution but one we face and must figure out . Regulation of abortion and right to die matters is such a complicated and divisive subject. Its not a cop out but I come down on the side of "personal choice" and "personal accountability" for the decision. I do not promote abortion, but in the end is it not the person who has to make this decision the one who has to carry it with them?

I do not agree that that conservative Christians have become a bad thing or liability for the RNC or that they dictate party platform. They have a seat at the table for sure and should. However people like me and Danforth also have a seat at the table and the RNC is so much more mainstream and moderate than the DNC that I really don't completely get his assertion. Perhaps he is slightly more moderate than me and slightly left of center on this issue while I'm slight right of center, but I think we are in the same neighborhood. You could do a lot worse than the conservative Christian establishment as your "liability". Give me that over Hollywood, Atheist Socialist, and the aging Counter Culture "anything goes" Gang. People with values, conviction for God and Family as a liability, ok I'll take all you have. But I understand the need to raise the questions he raised. Extremist policy defines the DNC. We have made huge gains being moderate Republicans with strong and real values. We should always be on guard that we do not shift to the same extremist positions like the DNC has. Read the article and think about what he is saying. The collective issues we care about are more important than pushing one extreme position regardless of what it is:

Danforth Article

Final observation, boy isn't Danforth's coherent and well presented perspective on this matter so much more effective and reasonable than those spewed by Moonbats little krugman and little erik the mink? Sound and rational is the Danforth approach, hate and extreme ranting is the socialist MSM approach. How extreme they are and how out of touch they have become. Go figure................