Thursday, March 31, 2005

Rest In Peace Terri Schiavo

Well Terri Schiavo passed away at 9:05AM EST yesterday. I wish her peace and God's speed. I have not changed my basic views on this matter those being:

1) I don't think that the government should be involved in matters of this nature aside from setting a the law and then enforcing it.
2) It is a deeply personal matter that family should make and government does not play an active role in that.
3) This was not a family but a "family divided" and their inability to come together and compromise and find a solution that was the right thing to do is what caused this to become a circus.
4) I would not want to live in the state that Ms. Schiavo lived.
5) I'm glad I have a living will.
6) Not allowing all family to be present at the end is sick on the husband's part.
7) The fact that legal action is already on the way tell us that the husband and family have a hate for one another that this woman is not going to be allowed to even rest in peace after her death.
8) When you have "Law Enforcement" present at your death bed, someone is not doing what's right for you and what you would want, regardless of what those wishes and desires were.................................

Make law that is appropriate for people in vegetated states, if their will says to stop life support, their condition meets the clear medical definitions, then carry out their wishes. If they don't have a will, there is doubt what their wishes would be, then be a family come together and for your loved ones sake, do what that person would want.