Monday, January 31, 2005

Defeatist DNC Bangs On

What does Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Jessie Jackson, Dennis Kucinich and other defeatist have to say about the historic elections in Iraqi? The say we should have an exit strategy, are you kidding me?

In the face of one of the greatest births of democracy and self rule, the ultra-liberal DNC keeps beating the defeatist drum. Bang, bang, bang..............................

The defeatist attitude of the DNC is repulsive and way out of reality. What makes these people tick? I mean we just saw the fruit of two very hard years of democratic farming bloom. Bloom with the sacrifice of over 1,000 Americans and that is their position? The fact is they were against spreading liberty to Iraqi so I have no doubt that they privately rooted for our own defeat. As horrible as that is there is no doubt in my mind that they were. They are against using our military power to protect America and Americans, period. That is what the defeatist mentality is all about.

Regardless, they are on center stage with a burning light on them and their defeatist views and statements. Time to address your position folks, time to tell us why you were so wrong and hurt this liberation so badly from inside the US Team. We are all waiting and its not about an "exit strategy".

Lee Enterprises Buys Post Dispatched

Appears that I may have been correct about the reasons for the changes to the Op-Ed page announced Sunday, which would appear to be related to the announcement today that Lee Enterprises purchased the paper. I thought it would be Gannett but it ends up that Lee made the deal.

I've been researching Lee the past couple hours and I'm not getting a real hard read on the political leanings of the organization. What I have seen is that they appear to be a very profit driven company and would appear to be a well run business. If that's the case then that could be very good news for the readers of the paper who are not ultra-liberal. Mary Junck the Chairwoman and Chief Executive appears to be a very talented business woman who understand that a paper has to be profitable. If that's the case its hard to believe that they will not immediately understand the paper must move to the middle to remain viable.

The standard line from the Post is that both companies "share the same tradition and journalistic values" which is scary and not a good thing if true. Editor Ellen Soeteber read a list of Lee goals which were "strong local news, interesting story telling, stories that are entertaining and surprising and news that is easy to read". That does not tell us enough to really know where the Pravda Post is heading.

I say it can not be a bad thing that the Post has been sold. No other organization aside from maybe the NYT or LA Times are more liberal than the Post. New owner blood can probably only move the Post closer to the middle and into mainstream views and opinion. It might not move as far as it needs to, but my thoughts are it will probably move somewhat to the middle. I will take a guarded optimistic hope at this point as we move forward.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Eric the Mink Shakes Up the Post Op-Ed

Eric the Mink, announced today that he is mixing up the make-up of the Op Ed - Commentary page. Well what is that all about? Eric the Mink is one of the most neo-liberal socialist writers that the Post has, and surprise, when the editor of the Op Ed page has that ideology it will be reflected in the rest of the product. Eric is as socialist red as it gets, and seldom has anything of interest or relevance to say or share unless you too are socialist.

He lays it out that the Pravda Post is adding more Moderate to Conservative writers. If that is the case then great! I wonder however why someone as socialist and lacking any tolerance of different thoughts and convictions than his own, would make that decision. I think it must be based in one of two possibilities.

It could be that like the rest of the liberal MSM the Pravda Post is loosing readers and advertising revenue because of their extreme bias. To off set those loses, they are offering up a slightly less liberal speak on the Op-Ed page. Smart business decision and the right thing to do if it is the case, but it does not dig out the ultra-liberal cancer that the Post as a fatal case of. Eric the Mink is the poster child for that bias.

If the changes are not because of the above then I would suggest it is a move by the soon to be owner of the paper, Gannett. It is possible that they have done a customer survey and heard loud and clear that the Pravda Post is so ultra-liberal that most people laugh at their offerings and get their "hard" news else where. That I think is probably the more accurate scenario. Why would the Post Reds change what they have been doing for years in this one news paper town if not made to? I'll bet on this scenario.

Eric the Mink also asks for an "informal group" to write from time to time for the paper. I will call Eric tomorrow and volunteer. I'm sure he will not choose me but I will offer to save his ass and the paper if they are willing. For him to form a focus group tells you that my bet that Gannett made him do this is a pretty good bet, don't you think?

I wonder what a Gannett owned paper in STL is going to look like. It can not be worse than what we have been forced to read the past several years so I'm hopeful. We will see..............................................

Post Calls Iraqi A Religious Crusade

Saturday's Pravda Post ran the headline "The Iraqi Election - Worlds Apart". It went on to run a piece from the AP written by Hamza Hendawi, the whole focus was on the pending violence and treats from the terrorists. A bleak picture that the plan I'm sure was to be followed by a denunciation of the results. Unfortunately for the Pravda Post and the AP the election was a huge success (fortunately for all logical and freedom loving people however). No follow-up piece moaning of the failure and the Iraqi liberation was able to spew out thankfully. Why, because no defeatist platform to speak from exists any longer on Iraqi.

The MSM liberal institutions are scared as hell right now. They now see how wrong and out of touch they are with America. They like the DNC said Iraqi was wrong and bet the whole house on it. The defeatist attitude that defines the DNC also defines the MSM because they are one in the same. They should be scared as hell, they really should. No logical free thinking person believes, trust, or values their input. That is obviously really bad for a news organization.

The Pravda Post shows just how irrelevant they have become in today's edition. After the dawn of a free and democratic Iraqi, it outlines in its opinion the great speeches of Presidential history. They then comment on Bush's Inauguration speech to spread democracy and say it is "problematic" Why, because "this commitment has lead to tragedy and has resulted in the death of American soldiers". Well yes it has resulted in death, just like the Revolutionary war, the Civil war, World War I & II, the Korean war, Vietnam, and all others. War gives birth to and protects freedom and democracy when required as any logical person would know. Democracy is not a "just add water proposition", it requires hard work and sacrifice.

They go on to make the racist assertion that people of the Middle East don't want democracy because of their Muslim beliefs. Then they call Iraqi "Bush's Crusade" a religious crusade and neocolonialism. Are you kidding me did they really write and publish that???? The citizens of Arab decent should be picketing the Pravda Post in the AM.

Well like every other news item they report, the Pravda Post got it dead wrong in the worst way. Today's results show that without question. Muslims in Iraqi voted in an estimated 60-70% range. The Pravda Post often has egg on its face but don't they at least "watch" live reporting and read true factual reporting? Was this written weeks ago or what? Totally out of touch and very, very sad. The old red horse is out to pasture without a doubt.............

Purple Fingered Heroes

What a day what a vindication of all the efforts and sacrifices made by those who support the liberation of Iraqi. It was a great victory for freedom and democracy and is exactly what our President outlined in his Inauguration address. A man of great wisdom and vision.

Feeding freedom is the greatest gift that we could give any other people or country. It is not only great for them but also for us. We are not threatened by countries today that are democratic and that is the whole point. Free people do not pose the threats and dangers to the world and us that counties of non-free people like North Korea, Iran, the former Afghanistan and the former Iraqi posed.

The hard work is not over yet in Iraqi but a democracy has been born by the courage of millions of purple fingered heroes. People who voted for their right of self rule even with threats of death and destruction for doing so. Refusing to bow to terror, the Iraqi people voted in overwhelming numbers considering the circumstances. It is being reported that 60 to 70% voted. That is incredible and a total validation of what we have been doing in Iraqi the past two years.

What have we been doing in Iraqi? We have been liberating a country from a Dictator who killed them with WMD's, given them the chance to give birth to a democratic country of self rule, and made the world much safer for all. What a great legacy of hope we and the other "willing" will have left in Iraqi when we are no longer needed there. As our President said today, the Iraqi elections were "a resounding success". Without a doubt Mr. President, without a doubt...........................

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Jessie & Ted Hope America Losses

On Fox:

Jessie Jackson & Ted Kennedy say: It’s Vietnam ( the whole defeatist attitude on full scale ). Fox showed clips of the defeatists saying it will never work in Iraqi and its are second Vietnam. These socialist have no accountablity and should be dressed down for what they are, "defeatists". Ted & Jessie you just don't matter any longer and no one cares what you have to say.................

Blast But Nothing of Serious Issue

There was a blast per Fox, however it sounds like from early reporting that it was defused. The criminal blew themselves up way away from the voters. Vote on Little Brother…………..

Update:It appears that 44 deaths are being reported today. Terrible that anyone died, but to have only 44 people die from the terrorists is a huge victory for America and the new Iraqi. The defeatists were wrong and have a loosing message for America and the world. Today proved it..................

Free At Last Free At Last Thank God Almighty Free At Last

Voting is officially underway in Iraqi. Breath Deep Little Brother, Breath Real Deep & Savor Your Free Future.......

I will predict that the Shia and Kurd vote will be plus 90%, because they understand what it means to not be represented. I will also predict that the Sunni turn out will be 67%, not great (in this situation) but when your own tribe threatens to kill you if you vote then 67% is would be very, very, VERY strong. ( Update: live on Fox they say that the first vote in Iraqi was a Sunni leader in the current government, good move and good reinforcement). How many Americans would vote under the current situation? I would like to think it would be high in the 80% range but hopefully we will never know. Thank you George W Bush for understanding that very important matter and taking the steps you have to ensure we never will.

There will be suicide bombers and attacks today, there will be dead Iraqis and Americans, but the shared blood will flow into the same determined cup that it has for the past two years, Democracy...................It is a very sacred cup that only those who have made it can drink from after it has been purified and refined (that will happens with the elections), and in 24 hours Little Brother will purify.

How could anyone who prescribes to being a believer in "Self Rule" and " Democracy" have issues with what we have done, are committed to do, and will stay to see done on this beautiful dawn in Iraqi? Unthinkable and unreasonable, only for those who live in a defeatist world would that be where their heart and soul be. For them, there is a deep hole of dismiss and illrelivence in this new world we are building for them to retreat to. Hope you do not choose to living there, we need you in the real and visionary world that we are building.

Be true, stand strong, take what is yours Little Brother, and mold that New World that you are now "creating". I'll be here to support you...............

From our leader George W Bush(2 million plus) today: the threats of the day to America come from no countries that have a Democratic process............Need to know anything else? CAN YOU SAY VISION?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Iraqi Elections

Who would not like to be a first time voter in Iraqi? Man I thought it was really cool and understood the power of what I had when I voted the first time for Ronald Regan ( first vote ever cast ) at 18 years old. It almost overwhelmed me seriously it did, I really understood what I was able to do and how great it was. I have not missed a Vote since I was 18 years old, not a soap box but a witness of how much I value that right.

Can you imagine a people who were just two years ago being killed by a ruthless dictator and now they are going to vote on their candidates and their constitution? My God, being on the front line of a constitution!!!! Really think about that. I really hope that most Iraqi's understand where there are in this moment. It is a very special place that I'm jealous of to be honest. Being there for your countries constitution is something that is magical.

I'm very happy for the Iraqi people, they deserve this and its over due. I will always watch and be interested in the Iraqi elections, they are kind of like my kid brother from now forward. They are my brother and I want them to succeed and prosper. Stand tall little brother and breath liberty, it is the greatest breath of all................................

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Post Finds It's Lewinsky Theme

Several articles in the Pravda Post the past few days were focused on Sponge Bob and the issue that the extreme right has with Bob and the homo message he supposedly promotes.

I have no idea what the hell this is all about and really don't care. I read that apparently Sponge Bob is really big in the gay community. Don't know why and again don't really care. I watch all shows that my kids watch to ensure they should be watching it and I don't see any pro-homo message from the Bob show. I don't know what makes people homosexual and again don't really care. I work with gay people, went to school with gay people, and have and am friends with gay people and I don't judge them for that. I judge people by their character, thanks for that advise Dr. King.

Its not really about Bob, its more about the neo-socialist journalists at the Pravda Post. There have been three articles in the Post the past three days using this as a theme to attack Bush, Republicans, and all conservatives regardless of degree. Well I think they have something.

They have a subject matter worthy of their intellect and journalistic abilities. I mean isn't Sponge Bob perfect for Betty Cuniberti, Sly Brown, Eric the Mink and the Editorial Board's ability? I think its perfect and laughed loud and hard reading each article. How silly and what a perfect mantra for my red friends.

Finally the Pravda Post has their perfect theme that equates to their abilities. We all look forward to more and more Sponge Bob articles from the neo-socialist Post.............It's really funny but its also really sad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Crazy Hillary Wants Priest To Bless Abortions?

Hillary is moving to the middle............Well from where she stands that's slightly between communist and socialist. Sorry Hill, no sell........Even with Bubba's direction we know who you are and we know the "true" you as well.

You support Abortion but want a Priest like blessing to perform it, is that the Faith Based Abortion you are promoting? You support Abortion but praise faith based efforts to counter Abortions? I'm confussed, what exactly is your stance on this matter. Perhaps Bill, Sly, and Eric the Mink ( he looks like a mink ) can follow up on it in the Post Provda. What you are saying is "Clinton Easy Speak" to you but not to America. We have had a Clinton before. Lies, Power Grab, Money, Money. Money, Money, Money, and disinformation ( a key Clinton move ). I don't promote abortion I think it's wrong as a birth control option, however I think it is ultimately up to the people effected to decide this very serious matter.

I don't promote abortion I think it's wrong as a birth control option. If you decide to end the life of a baby you better have a really good reason or you will be reminded of the decision the rest of your life for doing so. I think that the best scenario on abortion is education and self regulation. It is I think the most difficult issue of our time and the most personal issue that should in fact be personal totally. It is a hard decision to make I think and everyone who makes it should be left to do so on a personal level.

Where do you stand Flipper Hill? Keep sending votes our way baby.......................................I love the thought of you being the DNC canidate along with DNC Chair Dean. Man I love that thought..................

Starting Over Was Right In Iraqi

We were right to start over in Iraqi and not rebuild from a half depossed Iraqi military. Reason why, history.

We lost basically limited personel in Afganistan when it took the other world power out............Read this if the perspective on why we could not use the Iraqi military is still a question for you. It kind of all makes a whole lot of sense when you read the history of such actions doesn't it?

I can not wait to see the election effect in about two years...............

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Post Addresses Rathergate In The A&E Section

Aside from a few screwy Op Ed liberal pieces, the Post has not really done a in-depth piece on the Dan Rather scandal that defines the MSM today. Well that was until today.

The Post does a dedicated piece in today's Sunday edition, but decides it belongs in the Arts & Entertainment section rather than the front page. Buried deep in the edition is an article more focused on CBS Chairman Les Moonves than the worst journalist scandal of all times.

The opening of the article deals with Moonves and his upcoming marriage, the Hitler miniseries, Amish in the Country, Janet Jackson's half time show and the pulled Regan miniseries. Not much about Rathergate at all in the opening, rather A&E stuff.

Then the article goes into a recap of how Moonves took the Rathergate scandal seriously and how he has responded. Moonves is quoted on the half hearted attempt to clear house at CBS and 60 Minutes by recounting the ceremonial firing of a couple lower level people. Not Rather and Heyward ( News President ). He then is quoted as saying "we are taking the steps to set the record straight and to put CBS on the road to recovery". Well no not really, that not at all what is happening at CBS. In the next section he affirms his support of Heyward, which proves that point. The people bottomline responsible for this great fraud are Heyward and Rather, not firing them tells eveyone that CBS believes and supports their biased agendas.

Moonves goes on to refuse to address that even the sacrificial firings have not been carried out. Then he makes the most insane statement to date about Heyward. "I think he was lead down a wrong path by his people", but he said he didn't think charges that political bias within CBS News led to the flawed story had any validity. That is outrageous and a clear statement that biased liberal agendas will continue in the dieing MSM.

CBS will continue to be ultra-liberal and continue to produce a product just like the Post's that is biased and without merit. Like CNN, CBS, and the NYT, the Post will continue to loose what little credibility they have left and continue to loose customers who are tired of being lied to and presented a socialist agenda that they do not agree with. I'll be here to tell you about it and tell you why the Post is not telling you the whole story and provide a full perspective on their biased product.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Just Say You Were A Little Wrong

All I hear in the MSM these days is how terrible it is that Bush and his Administration have not admitted mistakes. There is a standard theme being put forth, "Bush should just admit when he is wrong". I have even heard some MSM journalist claim that even a little bitty admission of being wrong would go a long way. A long way to where?

What are these people smoking? They are so desperate to have some type of "victory" against Bush that they would now settle for a little bitty admission of being wrong. They tried the fake National Guard story ( until proven false ), continue to try the Iraqi sensationalism and bad only story, tried the economy ( until it came back ), and now are trying the say your wrong story. The say your wrong plea is a product of being unable to harm Bush with the standard liberal MSM attach mode, not from some idealistic human philosophy. How sad but the song of a beaten and discredited people.

After working very hard to elect Kerry and being soundly beaten, I think that some in the MSM are really starting to understand that the country truly does not trust them. Rather than looking inward and fixing the problems that exist and changing the biased leaning liberal reporting, they are circling the wagons. Instead of changing what's wrong with them, they are now simplifying the attack and now painting the picture that if Bush can't say that he is not perfect then he is an unsound leader.

Bush is not perfect and mistakes have been made, much more good and right than bad and wrong but he is way to smart to play that game. If he came out and said we were wrong here or made mistakes there but we have fixed it or are fixing it, the MSM would hammer him with those statements for the next four years. Pointing back over and over regardless of the facts, well you said that you made mistakes, your own words Mr. President.

No, Bush has the MSM right where they brought themselves and I don't think he will let them out of the corner they painted themselves into. Why should he or American?

Friday, January 21, 2005

St John's Nurse Strike Self Broken

Announced today the nurses voted to go back to work and take care of sick people who they walked out on. About time! How could a nurse even begin to defend standing on a picket line when the main point of contention with their contract was letting union members who chose to leave the union do so? You walk out and strike, leaving patients for that? Shameful...............

I have a very high regard for nurses, and they have a tough job. I have had very good nurses in my experiences and had some that were really bad. All in all though I find them to be helpful caring people. They deserve a good wage and good working conditions. But that was not what this strike was about, it was about not allowing union members who wanted to leave that option. Over 800 union members crossed the picket line in the past month which was about 47% of the total unionized party of 1,700. When 50% of your members cross the line thats called a self broken strike.

St Louis is no longer a union town as is proclaimed by some callers on local radio and at the Post. They I think are living in the past when they make that statement. Organized labor in STL has been broken and will continue to be broken more and more each day forward. There was a justified time for unions back in the early 1900's but their time for the most part has pasted.

The days of you and me paying 20% more than we should pay because someone who should be making $50,000 a year based on the job requirement is instead making $60,000 because they are "union", is coming to and end.

Unions are outdated and a bad thing for everyone. Flash back to the Grocery Store strike last summer for all you need to validate this thought. Why would a cashier or stocker in a grocery store need to be in a union? They should be proud of their work and job, but that does not justify a union and its basically a minimum wage merited job. Why the inflated pay and prices to the consumers? Look at the American auto makers and the major airlines, all headed for bankruptcy and extinction mainly due to inflated and unjust labor cost because of unions. They are eating themselves and their host companies. Companies will continue to outsource jobs that have unreasonable labor costs because of unions overseas. Unions will continue to cost Americans jobs and will continue to cost all of us higher than merited cost for goods and services until they are reduced and that is happening now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Klan Man Delays Rice Confirmation

Even thought the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-2 to confirm Dr. Rice as the first African American female Secretary of State ( Colin Brown was the first ever African American Secretary of State ), former Klan member Robert Byrd D-W.Va, has refused a quick floor vote.

Technically a nominee must be on the schedule for one full day before a vote can be held but is commonly waived. Not this time, rather the socialist democrats are holding the rule in place and refusing to set a positive and cooperative tone for the second Bush term. Gone is the chief obstructionist Tom Daschle but when you have the Grand Wizard, you don't loose a lot when it comes to obstruction. Just like four years ago the socialist democrats are asking Mr. Bush to reach out to them, while they sow the seeds of division and disrespect and insult a very talented and qualified African American woman. Shame on the party who claims to be the party of African Americans.

The reality of this situation is that the socialist party is digging a deeper and deeper hole. More and more disenfranchised African Americans and other standard DNC members are saying what the.....................

Dr. Rice will be confirmed but that's not the point. When given the opportunity to set a tone for cooperation, the socialist democrats chose the low road. When given the opportunity to honor the diversity of our country and treat a very talented African American with the respect and honor that she disserves and the African American community deserves, they took the low road. Insult after insult to all of America courtesy of the socialist democrats.

Sad but true. Mr. Bush should offer no olive branch until the socialist party comes on bended knee. He has the mandate of the people and the history of nominating the first African American Secretary of State and the first African American female Secretary of State. Both are the highest office ever held in this country by any African American and done back to back by President Bush. Thank you Mr. Bush for your actions on race relations and not only offering speak. Colin Brown and Dr. Rice are friends and close advisers that the President respects and trusts deeply. They have been very important and powerful people within his administration. No other African American has had more influence and impact on our countries policies than Colin Brown and Dr. Rice. President Bush is a man of character and conviction, not one of hollow speak. He is the real deal and so is Dr. Rice. The socialist are dieing on the vine and their action reflect a desperate and lost people.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mr Bond Your A Racist

Julian Bond of the NAACP said that Rice and Brown are "shields" for a "RACIST" Bush administration. He went on to declare that the media is controlled by a "conservative" movement. Earth to Julian.............your time has passed...............................your blocking African Americans from realizing the "Full Dream".

How out of touch is this black racist? The MSM controlled by the conservative element, are you kidding me? And on the day after the holiday for Dr. King. What a disgrace to say such things about the people who have realized the dream Dr. King had spoken of in his most famous moment "judge me by my content, not the color of my skin". We all should agree on that simple but genious statement.

If I could wish for any person to be reincarnated and come back and help, it would be Dr. King. I think the first thing he would do would be to tell Dr. Crosby, well done, well done and lets get started on the second campaign.

Mr. Bond is tearing his people apart, and sold out the former Director of the NAACP. Mr. Bond must go if the African American interests are to be moved forward as they should be......................Bond equals socialist carpet baggers, Rice equals a future in the realm of Dr. King's vision.

Dr. King is in the top three of the most important and respected Americans in my mind, for those who want to know................

No Fried Rice, Rather Fried Socialists......

The attempted bushwhack by the socialist democrats ended up looking like Dan Rather offering stall and incoherent bars during another Republican blow out election ( gun touting rabbit, jack rabbit, what is it with the rabbits and Rather?), when matched up with Rice's confirmation hearing. Then again, maybe it looked like Rather offering up fraudulent documents to try and help the socialist ticket. Of course the standard barriers of the socialist party lead the red charge, Boxer and Kerry were the front men and woman ( which was which is unknown since the Senators subscribe to the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, oh sorry that was the Clinton military program). Can you imagine the future of this country if Kerry had won? God is that scary, and thank god that's the overwhelming feeling in our country.

Rice boxed the ultra-neo-socialist-liberal-democrats ( Boxer & Kerry ) on their ears. She gunned them down and explained to each when her integrity was questions, that she had a little history behind her.

As the daughter of a southern share cropper, she made comrade Boxer and Kerry look like the whore shills they are when considering the black democrat vote. Big damage was done on that front to the DNC.

She correctly outlined that we are winning the war in Iraqi and that even without WMD's the correct action was to remove Saddam Hussein. This was about freedom and a revolutionary freedom of an important region. Without a doubt he was the most dangerous person in the most volatile region of the world. A man who did have WMD's, every intelligent source said he still had them and a person who had used them against his own people. Oh I forgot that little military action invasion and power move to control the whole worlds oil resources. So if your an idiot then you could say it was not a good move, but if you have even a slight clue then you have to agree with the decision.

But Boxer and Kerry are idiots and socialist idiots at that. Well that's kind of a repetitive statement, Idiots = Socialist Thinking and Conviction. Oh well, it great to look back and understand that the socialist experiment is over.

Rice will do a great job. The Bush record for appointing African Americans to the highest post is unprecedented. I truly hope that the African American community will notice this very important fact.

Even Dianne Feinstein who is pretty close to a socialist liberal tag, introduced Rice. How out of touch does that make Boxer & Kerry and the other socialist look? You need no other reason than this hearing to know why this country is returning to its moderately conservative roots that have always been it's home base. That's a good thing, actually a very good thing.....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ankiel On The Plane

By the way, I sat on the plane from Ft. Lauderdale (flight #709) this past Friday with Rick Ankiel. He got on right before the plane took off and as soon as he got on pulled out a book. For those who don't travel that's code for, "don't talk to me I'm not interested and want to be left alone".

That was ok with me, I did not really want to talk with him either, since we had a four hour delay and I was more into just hanging out and relaxing. I'm not a celebrity type guy, it's just not my nature. In general unless I have a common and very interesting topic with my fellow passenger, I'm ok with real small talk.

I did let him know I knew who he was in a discrete way, and then let him know I would not press him to talk to me because I was tired and celebrity chat does not have a real high priority for me He seemed to appreciate and respect that. We both smiled and got back to our reading material. I feel sorry for that guy really, to be held so high up and then to fall so low, the last thing you should have to deal with is the average guy on the street providing therapy.

The funny thing I think was that Rick was reading an "Investment Guide On Real Estate". I guess that is where he is going to put some money based on his focus and highlighter going crazy ( the blue highligher was on fire ). Not a bad idea about 16 months ago when I did but the market price has been run up pretty high due to demand, thank God. I would not be getting in now, the curve has changed. Not a good time to jump in when prices are at historic highs.

It just so happens that I was reading an article in USA Today about how Scottie Pippen was suing an agent for a bad real estate investment during the flight. I did not offer the article to Rick directly, instead I folder it so the headlines were clear and obviously pointed in his direction and set it in the seat between us. I don't know if he saw it or not, but I offered it up to him and I hope he saw it. The last thing that guy needs is a bad investment that brings him down even lower

Will Jack Snow Call In?

Just wondering it Jack Snow will call in to any talk shows tomorrow and defend the Rams. I guess not, even with Jack being of less than average intelligence, I don't think he is quite that stupid.

The Rams stunk it up bad, and the reason I say it happened was the Defensive Coordination Larry Marmie. Bernie Miklask was right on with his article in Sunday's paper on Marmie.

By the way, although the Post's socialist leanings are far below my high intellectual abilities politically, their sports group are a pretty good group of reporters and Bernie is the best of the group.

Marmie is the reason that the Rams were one wisp away from not making the playoffs and got embarrassed when they got there. He has a bad scheme and his players don't believe in it because they know its a bad scheme. Much like America's take on the socialist democratic offerings these days.

If Marmie is back next year, look for the same results as this year, either barely making or barely missing the playoffs. If they make it then one or at the most two and back home. If Marmie is still at the helm by the draft, look for years of terribly negative effects to the organization by who they choose. A guy with a bad scheme will draft the worst guys and then get rid of the best guys.

Martz does not escape this embarrasment either. He has to address the special teams or the Rams will never be a contender again. When I played football ( 5th - 12th grade), the very best athletes were on the field for special teams. Why do the Rams have the "C" players on the field for this type of important section of the game? Mad Mike better get the special teams right or he will follow his pal................

Sylvester Brown Blows Hard & Hollow

In this Sunday's edition of the Post Dispatched, one of the socialist democrat reporters writes about some of the responses he received after his criticisms of Fox News on a local radio station. Sylvester Brown seems surprised that readers would be in his face and holding him accountable for his rebuke of Fox with the deserving counter rebuke of him and his socialist agenda.

He calls the right of center readers "blowhards", isn't that hilarious? A socialist table banger like Brown calling people with a non-socialist view blowhards. I laughed hard and long on that misguided comment. What a buffoon, doesn't he get the clear mandate given by the people in November? Well like the socialist DNC, I suppose he doesn't understand that the country has forever moved past the failed socialist model of McGovern, Carter and the extreme left Democratic party.

He sarcastically asks when did the Post become Pravda, well Sylvester I've lived here seven years and Pravda is a really good comparison of what I've read since my arrival. That's kind of scary if Brown and the other neo-liberal staff at the Post really don't understand how far left they and their offerings are they are truly doomed to an even deeper illrelivance than they current occupy.

Then Brown states "Still, this old left-wing dinosaur frets about the growing influence of Fox News journalism and the disenfranchised millions who gleefully embrace it".

How rich is that, a socialist propaganda shill for the socialist democratic party expressing concern about the balanced and truthful Fox News offerings. After years of unchallenged competition the neo-liberals are concerned that their disinformation and socialist propaganda has now been contained and turned back. Of course he "frets" because he and his newspaper lack credibility and relevance with most citizens any longer just like the rest of the MSM. When you can spew the lies of the failed socialist democratic movement for years without a true counter, when the messenger of truth comes it must be terrorizing. Fox and the blogs hold the MSM accountable and Brown and other disinformation agents don't like it. Tough, things have changed and they are never going back Mr. Brown.

I read Sylvester only on occasion but I got my entertainment value out of this article. That's the only reason I read his article and most of the Post, to see how outlandishly desperate that the socialist agents of the Post have become. They are becoming very desperate and with good reason, the day of reckoning has already arrived. I laughed so hard it almost brought tears. Keep on writing Comrade Brown, keep on writing..........

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Memo-Rathergate Report

Here is all you really need to know about the Rathergate story and the report that has just come out:

The Panel is unable to resolve definitively the conflict between the accounts of Howard and Mapes concerning whether permission was given to speak with a representative of the Kerry campaign in connection with the TexANG story. Whether or not permission was given to Mapes, the Panel finds this contact to be highly inappropriate. The September 8 Segment had a strong political focus and it was to air in the middle of a hotly contested presidential campaign. While it is certainly proper to receive information from a variety of sources, this contact crossed the line as, at a minimum, it gave the appearance of a political bias and could have been perceived as a news organization’s assisting a campaign as opposed to reporting on a story.

That is damage control code for " Rather, CBS, and the rest of the MSM are political hacks that tried to tip the election to Kerry, but we can't say it in the report". The big shame here is that Rather was not fired nor Andrew Heyward ( News President ). Firing the people who were fired was appropriate and merited but they did not dig the cancer out. The Neo-Liberals who control CBS news and the socialist spew have to go to give the network any hope of creditability in today's mainsteam America.

I don't watch CBS for news ( I don't watch CBS at all actually ), haven't for years so it really doesn't matter to me. Well come to think of it no one else really watches CBS for news any longer either. CBS is done, they have no creditability and produce a product gift wrapped for socialist liberals who are clearly a dieing minority in this country. Things like this have a way of taking care of themselves, sort of like natural selection.

Take heed my neo-socialist liberal journalist friends at the Post Dispatched. Your best hope is that Gannett does buy you and moves you closer to the middle, or you too will become a CBS irrelevant black eye.........

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Post Dispatched Analysis

I’m clearly no big fan of the Post Dispatched and their socialist leanings, but I must say today’s edition did not contain the normal socialist bias that usually permeates the papers.

They carried both the Hillary Clinton story and the Armstrong Williams story on page 20. Normally a story critical of the Bush Administration would be automatic front-page material. At least in placement within the paper they were somewhat balanced today. I suppose in a way they had no real choice since if they ran the Williams story on the front page they would have to run the Clinton story there also. Well no, normally they don’t follow those rules so it was different today. The hard-core liberal editors must have been off today.

The Williams story is that the Department of Education paid Armstrong for basically an infomercial without a disclaimer stating that the department had paid him. Williams is a leading conservative black voice in the media and he said he believed deeply in the No Child Left Behind program that he was promoting and would have done it without funding. I guess technically there should have been a disclaimer, but anyone who thought that Williams is not a Republican, is conservative, embraces conservative values and supports the Republican agenda is completely out of touch. No misrepresentation was done or bribing, there may have been an omitted disclaimer but that’s not really a big deal. It’s not serious enough for any fines or charges, rather a counseling was in order and given.

The Clinton story is that her former primary fundraiser was indicted on charges for false reporting. Basically, they would lie about the cost surrounding the fund raising event so they could skim more money for their political coffers. Sort of like the UN Oil for Food scandal. The charges if convicted would be $250,000 and up to five years in prison. Surprise, surprise, a Clinton lying, breaking the law, being unethical, and money is in the middle of the entire mix.

Although the Dispatched seemed pretty fair in the order of importance they listed them, their brothers-in-socialist-arms the AP, showed their colors in the story.

In the Clinton story they alluded to how it was rare for such a charge to be brought in a not so subtle suggestion that Clinton was being picked on. If one of their own is questioned of course the government is picking on them. Remember Hillary in the days after the Monica-gate story broke and how she said that a “conservative smear machine was out to falsely hurt her husband”. Wrong then wrong now.

The AP goes on about the Bush administration bribing a journalist and quotes such high ranking socialist party members like comrade Ted Kennedy, Frank Lautenburg, and Harry Ried, saying all kinds of typical socialist liberal crazy speak. They contend that the Bush Administration was bribing journalists and undermining the integrity of our democracy.

What a joke, after the Dan Rathergate and DNC bribe-off this past year how could they even say such a thing? I mean even for true Reds like those three that is past absurd. Not only Rathergate, but also Soros, Moore and the rest of the media red gang make this look like a blown out candle hardly a smoking gun. The MSM is a tool of the socialist left, with the exception of Fox and a few newspapers. The AP and other wire services feed these socialist media outlets and they spit out the same tainted and incorrect analysis day in and day out. See how that works, even when the Post Dispatched has a fairly balanced approach, they can rely on their red brothers providing the party line.
Well I’m sure that tomorrows Dispatched will return to normal and have a blatantly biased socialist tilt. I plan to spend more time on the Post in the coming days and providing my view of how they are reporting the news to their customers in this one newspaper town.

Update: I knew something was wrong and I did not even need to wait for the Sunday edition. I did not read the Editorial from the Post Dispatched Editor. It’s a smear job on our next Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Basically the socialist moon bat says Gonzales is a poor choice because he cares more about protectioning America and American military personal from terrorists than he cares if a few terrorists are put in difficult situations both physically and mentally. Gonzales is on record saying he does not approve of torture but also states that terrorists do not have the same rights under the Geneva Convention, which is absolutely true. There are times when bad people who do not have the same rights as nationalist we are at war with, need to be pushed to talk. I do not condone torture but if strong actions short of torture are need against the animal terrorist to save a city or military personal then I'm completely for that. Isn’t it sad how the socialist left thinks that terrorists who in no way have the rights they argue they should have, are more important than protecting the American people.

Jefferson City Trip

I posted earlier about a Christmas break trip my son and I took to Jefferson City, the Missouri State Capital. It was a really fun and educational trip and my son had a great time just as I did.

He wanted to take a real train ride, not just a metro link trip like we often do downtown. So I thought why not take Amtrak to Jeff City and see the Capital and the other sites. We could make it a State Civics lesson as well as a fun train ride.

The train ride over took about two hours and followed the Missouri river. It was really beautiful scenery. The whole experience of the train was in a way a romantic step back in time. The people and pace on the train is quite different than air travel, and I plan to post on that in a different post. I will say on that point that on the train, it seemed easier for complete strangers to become social and interact than on airplanes for some reason.

We spent the day touring the Capital building upon arrival. Architecturally it was beautiful and a huge structure. It had a great museum of Missouri history that taught this non-native Missourian a great deal about state history. We met a House member in the hallway who volunteered to take us into the House Chambers and show us around. My son got to stand on the podium and pretend to bring the gavel down on a piece of legislation. We walked the halls and saw all the offices and met lots of political members of the state government. They were warm and seemed genuinely happy that a father had brought his seven-year-old son over to learn about state government. Makes me think that maybe it does not happen as frequently as it should which would be a shame.

We traveled via the bus and taxi cabs that day and the next morning. The drivers were friendly and almost became tour guides when I shared our story and why we were in town. It’s not often that I have no automobile at my disposal and did not really like it at times, but the transportation was reasonable and again very friendly people provided it.

We stayed overnight at a hotel with an indoor swimming pool and that was a fun side activity after dinner. The next morning after breakfast we took the cab to the train station and prepared for our trip home. Again the people at the train station seem different in ways to me than those in airports. Seemed to be at a much slower pace, more patient, friendlier or at least in better moods, and seemed to be more about the experience than getting from point A to point B. We were and I guess that is logical for the other passengers.

If you have not taken your kids or grandkids to Jeff City consider doing so and take the train if that’s an option. It was $50 round trip for my son and me, so it’s very reasonable. If you live in another state I would suggest the same type of trip. I think you might be surprised by just how much you enjoy the train and the tour of your State Capital. If you can work in one trip like this at the cost of one amusement park trip, I think you and your child will find it rewarding.

Melting Snow

In today’s Post Dispatched, Dan Caesar wrote an article about an on air melt down between sports talk show host Kevin Slaten and Rams color commentator Jack Snow. Apparently Snow called into Slaten’s 590 talk show and really gave him the riot act for being critical of the Rams. Snow’s verbal tirade included quite a bit of profanity apparently and he hung-up twice while on the air with Slaten and his co-host Mike Claiborne. Snow also tore into another 590 talk show host, Tim McKernan for also being critical of the Rams.

I guess Snow was off his medication or something. He told reporters post his outburst that he was not sorry and that he would not let Slaten, McKernan or others “slam our team”. Sounds like Jack is taking sports way to seriously don’t you think. I mean I like sports, played organized sports from second grade until high school graduation and was a very good athlete. I learned a lot from playing sports and its lesson of teamwork, setting goals and work ethic. I still like sports especially college football and college basketball, but they are entertainment not a religion for me any longer. Snow needs to take a chill pill and understand that the Rams or no other sports team merits such actions.

I’m not a Slaten fan either, he is a loud mouth who does hang-up on his guests as Snow pointed out in defense of him hanging up on Slaten. News flash for talk radio hosts, your show is completely about the listeners who are calling in. Even if you don’t agree with them you should almost never hang-up on them. Slaten makes a habit of doing that and I don’t listen to his show because of that.

Snow and Slaten need to get over themselves and the importance I guess they feel their job holds. Snow you are an old former football player who does play by play on the radio. The importance of that job is way behind teachers, policeman, fire fighters, doctors, mothers, fathers, and just about every other profession. Slaten, your even further down the importance latter than Jack. Get a grip on reality guys and realize that you are just radio sports guys and what you have to say is just not that important.

Snow made an interesting comment I thought when he did the post tirade interview. According to Caesar’s article, Snow said “ He (Slaten) can rip Mizzou or others all he wants, but don’t slander our team”. I wonder if Snow realizes that probably 70% of Rams fans are also Mizzou fans? Jack not only are you self absorbed and have too high of a sense of your importance, your not real smart either. Talk about “Talking Heads”…………………………

Friday, January 07, 2005

Helping Kids Is Wrong In A Socialist Government

So the whole Armstrong Williams controversy, is about "Propaganda" per the parties who say its an issue. Lets see, asking and paying someone to "promote" a program that helps children is "propaganda" and worthy of such attention and ridicule. I do not know the law as it applies to this situation, so I will apply common sense. Asking a person with an audience who will be positively effected to promote a program that helps Americans Children and America. Ok sounds fine to me.

If that's illegal, then we should rewrite the law that makes it illegal. Man is that crazy or what! We can spend tax dollars on the study of cockroaches, sensitivity for life styles that hurt our society, and every other half backed crazy pork laden program, but if we spend it to help promote and benefit children via PR, its wrong. Something is really way out of wacky in this country. It is the Socialist Liberal consumers within the government bureaucrats. Never to be confused with the producers and tax payers who produce the good, the taxes and the money to provide for the government programs.

If this becomes an issue, I am going to become such an advocate it will be crazy. I'm tired of the socialist left hurting people who they propose to help. If you are Black ( Williams ) Gonzales ( Hispanic ), Rice ( Black Woman ) and you don't live on the plantation of the Socialist Liberal Left, then you are open game. This is wrong and it a witch hunt by the untrustworthy MSM and the Socialist Democratic Party.

Williams did it because he said he believed in the program. I guess the rule is that he should have said "I was paid to promote good things for a kid" as a disclaimer before the info commerical ran on his program. Man that is bull shit! Williams said he did not know that having a commercial on his program paid by the government and that promoted a program that helped kids without saying it was paid for by the government, was under the edge. I don't know why that would be either, like I said sounds like its time to change the law.

Williams stated in an interview with Fox that he learned his lesson and will never do business with the government again. He has said his show and article were dropped day one by some former partners. So he tried to help kids and communities understand how they could rise above where they are and that's what he gets?

If Williams would have been a Black Socialist Liberal, and received money from a Democratic President Adm, and received this treatment from the MSM and the GOP, we would hear the wolves of socialism howling.

Well Hillary has a big indiment problem brewing that will blow this off the front page, even with the MSM fighting it. But there is no fighting the former first lady, and the fact that her personal fund raiser was indicted. This is going to be a good story to follow. Will probably bring back pardon issues, international fundraising issues, investment issues and all that is bad about the socialist party.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Socialist Libs Challenge 3 Million Vote Mandate

Oh please, please Barbara Boxer please give me the late Christmas gift you are teasing and "contest" the Mandate vote "W" received.

If Barbara and other neo-liberals do this, it will tip Minnesota, Michigan, Washington and other close states to the GNP slate. God I hope they go through with this. The socialist libs are really painting themself communist red and totally non-mainsteam.

Can you imagine a better starter for the 'Greatest" four years we are about to see since Regan I? Man this is going to be so great. Please Barbara, please........................

Bubba Shines The Light On Himself, How Clinton

Boy doesn't Clinton look like an old sad dieing house plant that was about to go to the trash can, but then there was light! He lit up like a Christmas Tree when given the ceremonial position by "W" to work with "Bush I" to gain financial donations for the tsunami relief effort. I think having both do so was a genius and great move by "W", however Billy Boy is so ridiculous its hard to keep a straight face. Also I think the cause of raising money for this cause is a just and needed one, but that does not mean that buffoons like Clinton should not be held accountable for his actions and statements.

Bill has been out of the game and the spot light he loves and lives for now four full years. He has had his little book tour and a spot here or there, but nothing Presidential for four full years. When this opportunity came, it made Bill's day and he really came alive didn't he? Like a smiling cheesier cat in a strange and ridiculous tree.

Rumor has it Billy Bob wants to be Secretary of the UN, so I'm thinking that he is thinking, "hey this is the perfect interview and platform to post for the job". Billy Bob will never be the UN Secretary, not because I dislike him and he has no creditability as tarnished goods, but because no American can hold that position. Would not fly in the world opinion. However, he is still so hungry for absolute power that he sees that as the best and only alternative to President of the United States. Really sad but really true.

The really funny thing was on the Fox interview with Bubba and Bush I, when asked how long they would perform this function, Bubba went on about as long as it took and SHINED the spot light on himself and that he was there for the long haul. I'm here, I'm ready, I'm engaged, I'm the guy. Mostly about him and what he was doing, very little about the people effected by this tragedy. Bush I said "I'm not running for a job" which brought real nervous laughter from Bubba. He realized how ridiculous he looked and spoke just minutes earlier ( explosed again Bill ). George said he had a job back home with Barbara, but was there for the victims and wanted to help them and assist America do the right thing. No me, no spot light no self focus, so very un-Bubba.

Well what a difference, one former President who put the victims first ( Bush ) another who put himself first ( Clinton ). Is this guy just a complete idiot and self indulging fool? Well yes Monica and the countless other ladies tells us that is the case and without a doubt the Clinton Legacy. The I have a job at home with my wife statement that Bush I told I think was quite telling. Bush I has that but Clinton does not have that ( Clinton has a metro marriage and a metro family including by many accounts a lesbian or bi-sexual wife ). Think that's the reason for his buffoonery? Well if your wife is a lesbian or bi-sexual, then it could lead to such action. Maybe I need to cut Bubba some slack.................

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Oklahoma Threw The Game

Watching the first half of the USC vs. Oklahoma BSC Championship game, its like Oklahoma is throwing the game, I really think they are throwing it. The punt return fumble down at the five yard line was worse than junior high football. Check that guys bank account for a direct deposit from a Vegas bank. I mean it truly looks like Oklahoma players are throwing the game. USC just kicked a field goal so now it is 38-10. We are on target for the worst blow out in BSC history, I'll say 48-17 for the sad ending to what should be the second best sporting event behind the NCAA Basketball Championship game.

I thought Oklahoma would win this game with Peterson and the running game and the skilled passing players Oklahoma has. Don't get me wrong I thought it would be close but OU would win it. Man was I wrong.

My guess is that since the OU coach (Stoops) is a former University of Florida coach, the mob has followed him to OU and now has infiltrated the team and had them lay down for the big throw. Vegas is buzzing right now I bet and OU is making the Book "Big Money". That's what you get for hiring a University of Florida coach.

If OU comes back and covers the spread then I will pull my suspicions about the throw.

Bye the way isn't that singer Ashley Simpson? Seems like she really wanted to prove she was singing live and boy did she. Sounded live to me but it also sounded really bad, and the crowd agreed and just booed at the end of her set. What's up with her, she's really bad.

Update: USC TD, 45-10 now. I only have a field goal to go for USC from my half time prediction, so that might be short. I think OU will score next and score a TD. Lets see, the pathetic as we go predictions is all we have left here.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jefferson City

I took my son on a trip to Jeff City this week and it was a great time. He wanted to go on a "train trip" and we did take the train to Jeff City. I wanted to also provide him a educational experience along with the train trip and we did so by going on the train to our State Capital via Amtrack. The train was really cool and he enjoyed it almost as much as I did. If you have not taken your kid on the train in awhile, thing about an Amtrack trip near your home.

I did get "LOTS" of Red State reinforcements on the trip into the heart of Missouri and America. It was a truly uplifting experience. It was a Blunt, Bush thank you tour actually. Life is grand in the brightest Red State " Missouri ".

I have lots of posts to add to this one from our trip. I look very forward to them and hope you do as well. Some might supprise you..................

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Thanks For The Memories Chris Rix, Now Leave

Florida State won the Gator Bowl today and that was great!!! GO NOLES!!!! Although I now live in St Louis MO I still have my season tickets back at Bowden Stadium. I’m use to winning New Years Bowl Games with my alumni, we understand that we will win in the end. The better story is that Chris Rix played his last set of downs for my alumni. Rix was not up to the task of the storied Florida State history of quarterbacks. Florida State was voted the "Team of the Nineties" because we either won or were playing for the national championship every year or every other. No one was better in the nineties; Florida State became a dynasty during that era and continues to be one of the best programs year in and year out. I love College Football and Love my Noles..........

Under Rix, we never won the big game however and the reason why was he was a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. He would make a great play one moment then a total bonehead play the next. I have no problem with a guy trying hard, I admire that, but a guy who makes stupid mistakes over and over just doesn’t get a lot of sympathy from me. I just don't think he was a very smart guy, but I don't know him so can't say for sure. What I can say for sure is that I'm glad he won't be under center any longer. I'm glad for him that he went out on a win, good for him and so long. He was a mutt at Westminster, a square at a circle party, and a rowboat in a power boat race. Just did not have the goods to really be there and deliver.

Ever had a relative that you kind of had a love-hate relationship with and when they finally left the house after a long stay, remember that feeling that they were finally gone and things were going to return to normal.........................