Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Post Finds It's Lewinsky Theme

Several articles in the Pravda Post the past few days were focused on Sponge Bob and the issue that the extreme right has with Bob and the homo message he supposedly promotes.

I have no idea what the hell this is all about and really don't care. I read that apparently Sponge Bob is really big in the gay community. Don't know why and again don't really care. I watch all shows that my kids watch to ensure they should be watching it and I don't see any pro-homo message from the Bob show. I don't know what makes people homosexual and again don't really care. I work with gay people, went to school with gay people, and have and am friends with gay people and I don't judge them for that. I judge people by their character, thanks for that advise Dr. King.

Its not really about Bob, its more about the neo-socialist journalists at the Pravda Post. There have been three articles in the Post the past three days using this as a theme to attack Bush, Republicans, and all conservatives regardless of degree. Well I think they have something.

They have a subject matter worthy of their intellect and journalistic abilities. I mean isn't Sponge Bob perfect for Betty Cuniberti, Sly Brown, Eric the Mink and the Editorial Board's ability? I think its perfect and laughed loud and hard reading each article. How silly and what a perfect mantra for my red friends.

Finally the Pravda Post has their perfect theme that equates to their abilities. We all look forward to more and more Sponge Bob articles from the neo-socialist Post.............It's really funny but its also really sad.