Saturday, January 22, 2005

Just Say You Were A Little Wrong

All I hear in the MSM these days is how terrible it is that Bush and his Administration have not admitted mistakes. There is a standard theme being put forth, "Bush should just admit when he is wrong". I have even heard some MSM journalist claim that even a little bitty admission of being wrong would go a long way. A long way to where?

What are these people smoking? They are so desperate to have some type of "victory" against Bush that they would now settle for a little bitty admission of being wrong. They tried the fake National Guard story ( until proven false ), continue to try the Iraqi sensationalism and bad only story, tried the economy ( until it came back ), and now are trying the say your wrong story. The say your wrong plea is a product of being unable to harm Bush with the standard liberal MSM attach mode, not from some idealistic human philosophy. How sad but the song of a beaten and discredited people.

After working very hard to elect Kerry and being soundly beaten, I think that some in the MSM are really starting to understand that the country truly does not trust them. Rather than looking inward and fixing the problems that exist and changing the biased leaning liberal reporting, they are circling the wagons. Instead of changing what's wrong with them, they are now simplifying the attack and now painting the picture that if Bush can't say that he is not perfect then he is an unsound leader.

Bush is not perfect and mistakes have been made, much more good and right than bad and wrong but he is way to smart to play that game. If he came out and said we were wrong here or made mistakes there but we have fixed it or are fixing it, the MSM would hammer him with those statements for the next four years. Pointing back over and over regardless of the facts, well you said that you made mistakes, your own words Mr. President.

No, Bush has the MSM right where they brought themselves and I don't think he will let them out of the corner they painted themselves into. Why should he or American?