Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Oklahoma Threw The Game

Watching the first half of the USC vs. Oklahoma BSC Championship game, its like Oklahoma is throwing the game, I really think they are throwing it. The punt return fumble down at the five yard line was worse than junior high football. Check that guys bank account for a direct deposit from a Vegas bank. I mean it truly looks like Oklahoma players are throwing the game. USC just kicked a field goal so now it is 38-10. We are on target for the worst blow out in BSC history, I'll say 48-17 for the sad ending to what should be the second best sporting event behind the NCAA Basketball Championship game.

I thought Oklahoma would win this game with Peterson and the running game and the skilled passing players Oklahoma has. Don't get me wrong I thought it would be close but OU would win it. Man was I wrong.

My guess is that since the OU coach (Stoops) is a former University of Florida coach, the mob has followed him to OU and now has infiltrated the team and had them lay down for the big throw. Vegas is buzzing right now I bet and OU is making the Book "Big Money". That's what you get for hiring a University of Florida coach.

If OU comes back and covers the spread then I will pull my suspicions about the throw.

Bye the way isn't that singer Ashley Simpson? Seems like she really wanted to prove she was singing live and boy did she. Sounded live to me but it also sounded really bad, and the crowd agreed and just booed at the end of her set. What's up with her, she's really bad.

Update: USC TD, 45-10 now. I only have a field goal to go for USC from my half time prediction, so that might be short. I think OU will score next and score a TD. Lets see, the pathetic as we go predictions is all we have left here.