Thursday, January 27, 2005

Iraqi Elections

Who would not like to be a first time voter in Iraqi? Man I thought it was really cool and understood the power of what I had when I voted the first time for Ronald Regan ( first vote ever cast ) at 18 years old. It almost overwhelmed me seriously it did, I really understood what I was able to do and how great it was. I have not missed a Vote since I was 18 years old, not a soap box but a witness of how much I value that right.

Can you imagine a people who were just two years ago being killed by a ruthless dictator and now they are going to vote on their candidates and their constitution? My God, being on the front line of a constitution!!!! Really think about that. I really hope that most Iraqi's understand where there are in this moment. It is a very special place that I'm jealous of to be honest. Being there for your countries constitution is something that is magical.

I'm very happy for the Iraqi people, they deserve this and its over due. I will always watch and be interested in the Iraqi elections, they are kind of like my kid brother from now forward. They are my brother and I want them to succeed and prosper. Stand tall little brother and breath liberty, it is the greatest breath of all................................