Tuesday, January 18, 2005

No Fried Rice, Rather Fried Socialists......

The attempted bushwhack by the socialist democrats ended up looking like Dan Rather offering stall and incoherent bars during another Republican blow out election ( gun touting rabbit, jack rabbit, what is it with the rabbits and Rather?), when matched up with Rice's confirmation hearing. Then again, maybe it looked like Rather offering up fraudulent documents to try and help the socialist ticket. Of course the standard barriers of the socialist party lead the red charge, Boxer and Kerry were the front men and woman ( which was which is unknown since the Senators subscribe to the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, oh sorry that was the Clinton military program). Can you imagine the future of this country if Kerry had won? God is that scary, and thank god that's the overwhelming feeling in our country.

Rice boxed the ultra-neo-socialist-liberal-democrats ( Boxer & Kerry ) on their ears. She gunned them down and explained to each when her integrity was questions, that she had a little history behind her.

As the daughter of a southern share cropper, she made comrade Boxer and Kerry look like the whore shills they are when considering the black democrat vote. Big damage was done on that front to the DNC.

She correctly outlined that we are winning the war in Iraqi and that even without WMD's the correct action was to remove Saddam Hussein. This was about freedom and a revolutionary freedom of an important region. Without a doubt he was the most dangerous person in the most volatile region of the world. A man who did have WMD's, every intelligent source said he still had them and a person who had used them against his own people. Oh I forgot that little military action invasion and power move to control the whole worlds oil resources. So if your an idiot then you could say it was not a good move, but if you have even a slight clue then you have to agree with the decision.

But Boxer and Kerry are idiots and socialist idiots at that. Well that's kind of a repetitive statement, Idiots = Socialist Thinking and Conviction. Oh well, it great to look back and understand that the socialist experiment is over.

Rice will do a great job. The Bush record for appointing African Americans to the highest post is unprecedented. I truly hope that the African American community will notice this very important fact.

Even Dianne Feinstein who is pretty close to a socialist liberal tag, introduced Rice. How out of touch does that make Boxer & Kerry and the other socialist look? You need no other reason than this hearing to know why this country is returning to its moderately conservative roots that have always been it's home base. That's a good thing, actually a very good thing.....