Friday, January 21, 2005

St John's Nurse Strike Self Broken

Announced today the nurses voted to go back to work and take care of sick people who they walked out on. About time! How could a nurse even begin to defend standing on a picket line when the main point of contention with their contract was letting union members who chose to leave the union do so? You walk out and strike, leaving patients for that? Shameful...............

I have a very high regard for nurses, and they have a tough job. I have had very good nurses in my experiences and had some that were really bad. All in all though I find them to be helpful caring people. They deserve a good wage and good working conditions. But that was not what this strike was about, it was about not allowing union members who wanted to leave that option. Over 800 union members crossed the picket line in the past month which was about 47% of the total unionized party of 1,700. When 50% of your members cross the line thats called a self broken strike.

St Louis is no longer a union town as is proclaimed by some callers on local radio and at the Post. They I think are living in the past when they make that statement. Organized labor in STL has been broken and will continue to be broken more and more each day forward. There was a justified time for unions back in the early 1900's but their time for the most part has pasted.

The days of you and me paying 20% more than we should pay because someone who should be making $50,000 a year based on the job requirement is instead making $60,000 because they are "union", is coming to and end.

Unions are outdated and a bad thing for everyone. Flash back to the Grocery Store strike last summer for all you need to validate this thought. Why would a cashier or stocker in a grocery store need to be in a union? They should be proud of their work and job, but that does not justify a union and its basically a minimum wage merited job. Why the inflated pay and prices to the consumers? Look at the American auto makers and the major airlines, all headed for bankruptcy and extinction mainly due to inflated and unjust labor cost because of unions. They are eating themselves and their host companies. Companies will continue to outsource jobs that have unreasonable labor costs because of unions overseas. Unions will continue to cost Americans jobs and will continue to cost all of us higher than merited cost for goods and services until they are reduced and that is happening now.