Saturday, January 08, 2005

Melting Snow

In today’s Post Dispatched, Dan Caesar wrote an article about an on air melt down between sports talk show host Kevin Slaten and Rams color commentator Jack Snow. Apparently Snow called into Slaten’s 590 talk show and really gave him the riot act for being critical of the Rams. Snow’s verbal tirade included quite a bit of profanity apparently and he hung-up twice while on the air with Slaten and his co-host Mike Claiborne. Snow also tore into another 590 talk show host, Tim McKernan for also being critical of the Rams.

I guess Snow was off his medication or something. He told reporters post his outburst that he was not sorry and that he would not let Slaten, McKernan or others “slam our team”. Sounds like Jack is taking sports way to seriously don’t you think. I mean I like sports, played organized sports from second grade until high school graduation and was a very good athlete. I learned a lot from playing sports and its lesson of teamwork, setting goals and work ethic. I still like sports especially college football and college basketball, but they are entertainment not a religion for me any longer. Snow needs to take a chill pill and understand that the Rams or no other sports team merits such actions.

I’m not a Slaten fan either, he is a loud mouth who does hang-up on his guests as Snow pointed out in defense of him hanging up on Slaten. News flash for talk radio hosts, your show is completely about the listeners who are calling in. Even if you don’t agree with them you should almost never hang-up on them. Slaten makes a habit of doing that and I don’t listen to his show because of that.

Snow and Slaten need to get over themselves and the importance I guess they feel their job holds. Snow you are an old former football player who does play by play on the radio. The importance of that job is way behind teachers, policeman, fire fighters, doctors, mothers, fathers, and just about every other profession. Slaten, your even further down the importance latter than Jack. Get a grip on reality guys and realize that you are just radio sports guys and what you have to say is just not that important.

Snow made an interesting comment I thought when he did the post tirade interview. According to Caesar’s article, Snow said “ He (Slaten) can rip Mizzou or others all he wants, but don’t slander our team”. I wonder if Snow realizes that probably 70% of Rams fans are also Mizzou fans? Jack not only are you self absorbed and have too high of a sense of your importance, your not real smart either. Talk about “Talking Heads”…………………………