Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Memo-Rathergate Report

Here is all you really need to know about the Rathergate story and the report that has just come out:

The Panel is unable to resolve definitively the conflict between the accounts of Howard and Mapes concerning whether permission was given to speak with a representative of the Kerry campaign in connection with the TexANG story. Whether or not permission was given to Mapes, the Panel finds this contact to be highly inappropriate. The September 8 Segment had a strong political focus and it was to air in the middle of a hotly contested presidential campaign. While it is certainly proper to receive information from a variety of sources, this contact crossed the line as, at a minimum, it gave the appearance of a political bias and could have been perceived as a news organization’s assisting a campaign as opposed to reporting on a story.

That is damage control code for " Rather, CBS, and the rest of the MSM are political hacks that tried to tip the election to Kerry, but we can't say it in the report". The big shame here is that Rather was not fired nor Andrew Heyward ( News President ). Firing the people who were fired was appropriate and merited but they did not dig the cancer out. The Neo-Liberals who control CBS news and the socialist spew have to go to give the network any hope of creditability in today's mainsteam America.

I don't watch CBS for news ( I don't watch CBS at all actually ), haven't for years so it really doesn't matter to me. Well come to think of it no one else really watches CBS for news any longer either. CBS is done, they have no creditability and produce a product gift wrapped for socialist liberals who are clearly a dieing minority in this country. Things like this have a way of taking care of themselves, sort of like natural selection.

Take heed my neo-socialist liberal journalist friends at the Post Dispatched. Your best hope is that Gannett does buy you and moves you closer to the middle, or you too will become a CBS irrelevant black eye.........