Sunday, January 30, 2005

Purple Fingered Heroes

What a day what a vindication of all the efforts and sacrifices made by those who support the liberation of Iraqi. It was a great victory for freedom and democracy and is exactly what our President outlined in his Inauguration address. A man of great wisdom and vision.

Feeding freedom is the greatest gift that we could give any other people or country. It is not only great for them but also for us. We are not threatened by countries today that are democratic and that is the whole point. Free people do not pose the threats and dangers to the world and us that counties of non-free people like North Korea, Iran, the former Afghanistan and the former Iraqi posed.

The hard work is not over yet in Iraqi but a democracy has been born by the courage of millions of purple fingered heroes. People who voted for their right of self rule even with threats of death and destruction for doing so. Refusing to bow to terror, the Iraqi people voted in overwhelming numbers considering the circumstances. It is being reported that 60 to 70% voted. That is incredible and a total validation of what we have been doing in Iraqi the past two years.

What have we been doing in Iraqi? We have been liberating a country from a Dictator who killed them with WMD's, given them the chance to give birth to a democratic country of self rule, and made the world much safer for all. What a great legacy of hope we and the other "willing" will have left in Iraqi when we are no longer needed there. As our President said today, the Iraqi elections were "a resounding success". Without a doubt Mr. President, without a doubt...........................