Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jefferson City

I took my son on a trip to Jeff City this week and it was a great time. He wanted to go on a "train trip" and we did take the train to Jeff City. I wanted to also provide him a educational experience along with the train trip and we did so by going on the train to our State Capital via Amtrack. The train was really cool and he enjoyed it almost as much as I did. If you have not taken your kid on the train in awhile, thing about an Amtrack trip near your home.

I did get "LOTS" of Red State reinforcements on the trip into the heart of Missouri and America. It was a truly uplifting experience. It was a Blunt, Bush thank you tour actually. Life is grand in the brightest Red State " Missouri ".

I have lots of posts to add to this one from our trip. I look very forward to them and hope you do as well. Some might supprise you..................