Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Klan Man Delays Rice Confirmation

Even thought the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-2 to confirm Dr. Rice as the first African American female Secretary of State ( Colin Brown was the first ever African American Secretary of State ), former Klan member Robert Byrd D-W.Va, has refused a quick floor vote.

Technically a nominee must be on the schedule for one full day before a vote can be held but is commonly waived. Not this time, rather the socialist democrats are holding the rule in place and refusing to set a positive and cooperative tone for the second Bush term. Gone is the chief obstructionist Tom Daschle but when you have the Grand Wizard, you don't loose a lot when it comes to obstruction. Just like four years ago the socialist democrats are asking Mr. Bush to reach out to them, while they sow the seeds of division and disrespect and insult a very talented and qualified African American woman. Shame on the party who claims to be the party of African Americans.

The reality of this situation is that the socialist party is digging a deeper and deeper hole. More and more disenfranchised African Americans and other standard DNC members are saying what the.....................

Dr. Rice will be confirmed but that's not the point. When given the opportunity to set a tone for cooperation, the socialist democrats chose the low road. When given the opportunity to honor the diversity of our country and treat a very talented African American with the respect and honor that she disserves and the African American community deserves, they took the low road. Insult after insult to all of America courtesy of the socialist democrats.

Sad but true. Mr. Bush should offer no olive branch until the socialist party comes on bended knee. He has the mandate of the people and the history of nominating the first African American Secretary of State and the first African American female Secretary of State. Both are the highest office ever held in this country by any African American and done back to back by President Bush. Thank you Mr. Bush for your actions on race relations and not only offering speak. Colin Brown and Dr. Rice are friends and close advisers that the President respects and trusts deeply. They have been very important and powerful people within his administration. No other African American has had more influence and impact on our countries policies than Colin Brown and Dr. Rice. President Bush is a man of character and conviction, not one of hollow speak. He is the real deal and so is Dr. Rice. The socialist are dieing on the vine and their action reflect a desperate and lost people.