Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ankiel On The Plane

By the way, I sat on the plane from Ft. Lauderdale (flight #709) this past Friday with Rick Ankiel. He got on right before the plane took off and as soon as he got on pulled out a book. For those who don't travel that's code for, "don't talk to me I'm not interested and want to be left alone".

That was ok with me, I did not really want to talk with him either, since we had a four hour delay and I was more into just hanging out and relaxing. I'm not a celebrity type guy, it's just not my nature. In general unless I have a common and very interesting topic with my fellow passenger, I'm ok with real small talk.

I did let him know I knew who he was in a discrete way, and then let him know I would not press him to talk to me because I was tired and celebrity chat does not have a real high priority for me He seemed to appreciate and respect that. We both smiled and got back to our reading material. I feel sorry for that guy really, to be held so high up and then to fall so low, the last thing you should have to deal with is the average guy on the street providing therapy.

The funny thing I think was that Rick was reading an "Investment Guide On Real Estate". I guess that is where he is going to put some money based on his focus and highlighter going crazy ( the blue highligher was on fire ). Not a bad idea about 16 months ago when I did but the market price has been run up pretty high due to demand, thank God. I would not be getting in now, the curve has changed. Not a good time to jump in when prices are at historic highs.

It just so happens that I was reading an article in USA Today about how Scottie Pippen was suing an agent for a bad real estate investment during the flight. I did not offer the article to Rick directly, instead I folder it so the headlines were clear and obviously pointed in his direction and set it in the seat between us. I don't know if he saw it or not, but I offered it up to him and I hope he saw it. The last thing that guy needs is a bad investment that brings him down even lower