Sunday, January 16, 2005

Will Jack Snow Call In?

Just wondering it Jack Snow will call in to any talk shows tomorrow and defend the Rams. I guess not, even with Jack being of less than average intelligence, I don't think he is quite that stupid.

The Rams stunk it up bad, and the reason I say it happened was the Defensive Coordination Larry Marmie. Bernie Miklask was right on with his article in Sunday's paper on Marmie.

By the way, although the Post's socialist leanings are far below my high intellectual abilities politically, their sports group are a pretty good group of reporters and Bernie is the best of the group.

Marmie is the reason that the Rams were one wisp away from not making the playoffs and got embarrassed when they got there. He has a bad scheme and his players don't believe in it because they know its a bad scheme. Much like America's take on the socialist democratic offerings these days.

If Marmie is back next year, look for the same results as this year, either barely making or barely missing the playoffs. If they make it then one or at the most two and back home. If Marmie is still at the helm by the draft, look for years of terribly negative effects to the organization by who they choose. A guy with a bad scheme will draft the worst guys and then get rid of the best guys.

Martz does not escape this embarrasment either. He has to address the special teams or the Rams will never be a contender again. When I played football ( 5th - 12th grade), the very best athletes were on the field for special teams. Why do the Rams have the "C" players on the field for this type of important section of the game? Mad Mike better get the special teams right or he will follow his pal................