Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bubba Shines The Light On Himself, How Clinton

Boy doesn't Clinton look like an old sad dieing house plant that was about to go to the trash can, but then there was light! He lit up like a Christmas Tree when given the ceremonial position by "W" to work with "Bush I" to gain financial donations for the tsunami relief effort. I think having both do so was a genius and great move by "W", however Billy Boy is so ridiculous its hard to keep a straight face. Also I think the cause of raising money for this cause is a just and needed one, but that does not mean that buffoons like Clinton should not be held accountable for his actions and statements.

Bill has been out of the game and the spot light he loves and lives for now four full years. He has had his little book tour and a spot here or there, but nothing Presidential for four full years. When this opportunity came, it made Bill's day and he really came alive didn't he? Like a smiling cheesier cat in a strange and ridiculous tree.

Rumor has it Billy Bob wants to be Secretary of the UN, so I'm thinking that he is thinking, "hey this is the perfect interview and platform to post for the job". Billy Bob will never be the UN Secretary, not because I dislike him and he has no creditability as tarnished goods, but because no American can hold that position. Would not fly in the world opinion. However, he is still so hungry for absolute power that he sees that as the best and only alternative to President of the United States. Really sad but really true.

The really funny thing was on the Fox interview with Bubba and Bush I, when asked how long they would perform this function, Bubba went on about as long as it took and SHINED the spot light on himself and that he was there for the long haul. I'm here, I'm ready, I'm engaged, I'm the guy. Mostly about him and what he was doing, very little about the people effected by this tragedy. Bush I said "I'm not running for a job" which brought real nervous laughter from Bubba. He realized how ridiculous he looked and spoke just minutes earlier ( explosed again Bill ). George said he had a job back home with Barbara, but was there for the victims and wanted to help them and assist America do the right thing. No me, no spot light no self focus, so very un-Bubba.

Well what a difference, one former President who put the victims first ( Bush ) another who put himself first ( Clinton ). Is this guy just a complete idiot and self indulging fool? Well yes Monica and the countless other ladies tells us that is the case and without a doubt the Clinton Legacy. The I have a job at home with my wife statement that Bush I told I think was quite telling. Bush I has that but Clinton does not have that ( Clinton has a metro marriage and a metro family including by many accounts a lesbian or bi-sexual wife ). Think that's the reason for his buffoonery? Well if your wife is a lesbian or bi-sexual, then it could lead to such action. Maybe I need to cut Bubba some slack.................