Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Post Addresses Rathergate In The A&E Section

Aside from a few screwy Op Ed liberal pieces, the Post has not really done a in-depth piece on the Dan Rather scandal that defines the MSM today. Well that was until today.

The Post does a dedicated piece in today's Sunday edition, but decides it belongs in the Arts & Entertainment section rather than the front page. Buried deep in the edition is an article more focused on CBS Chairman Les Moonves than the worst journalist scandal of all times.

The opening of the article deals with Moonves and his upcoming marriage, the Hitler miniseries, Amish in the Country, Janet Jackson's half time show and the pulled Regan miniseries. Not much about Rathergate at all in the opening, rather A&E stuff.

Then the article goes into a recap of how Moonves took the Rathergate scandal seriously and how he has responded. Moonves is quoted on the half hearted attempt to clear house at CBS and 60 Minutes by recounting the ceremonial firing of a couple lower level people. Not Rather and Heyward ( News President ). He then is quoted as saying "we are taking the steps to set the record straight and to put CBS on the road to recovery". Well no not really, that not at all what is happening at CBS. In the next section he affirms his support of Heyward, which proves that point. The people bottomline responsible for this great fraud are Heyward and Rather, not firing them tells eveyone that CBS believes and supports their biased agendas.

Moonves goes on to refuse to address that even the sacrificial firings have not been carried out. Then he makes the most insane statement to date about Heyward. "I think he was lead down a wrong path by his people", but he said he didn't think charges that political bias within CBS News led to the flawed story had any validity. That is outrageous and a clear statement that biased liberal agendas will continue in the dieing MSM.

CBS will continue to be ultra-liberal and continue to produce a product just like the Post's that is biased and without merit. Like CNN, CBS, and the NYT, the Post will continue to loose what little credibility they have left and continue to loose customers who are tired of being lied to and presented a socialist agenda that they do not agree with. I'll be here to tell you about it and tell you why the Post is not telling you the whole story and provide a full perspective on their biased product.