Friday, January 07, 2005

Helping Kids Is Wrong In A Socialist Government

So the whole Armstrong Williams controversy, is about "Propaganda" per the parties who say its an issue. Lets see, asking and paying someone to "promote" a program that helps children is "propaganda" and worthy of such attention and ridicule. I do not know the law as it applies to this situation, so I will apply common sense. Asking a person with an audience who will be positively effected to promote a program that helps Americans Children and America. Ok sounds fine to me.

If that's illegal, then we should rewrite the law that makes it illegal. Man is that crazy or what! We can spend tax dollars on the study of cockroaches, sensitivity for life styles that hurt our society, and every other half backed crazy pork laden program, but if we spend it to help promote and benefit children via PR, its wrong. Something is really way out of wacky in this country. It is the Socialist Liberal consumers within the government bureaucrats. Never to be confused with the producers and tax payers who produce the good, the taxes and the money to provide for the government programs.

If this becomes an issue, I am going to become such an advocate it will be crazy. I'm tired of the socialist left hurting people who they propose to help. If you are Black ( Williams ) Gonzales ( Hispanic ), Rice ( Black Woman ) and you don't live on the plantation of the Socialist Liberal Left, then you are open game. This is wrong and it a witch hunt by the untrustworthy MSM and the Socialist Democratic Party.

Williams did it because he said he believed in the program. I guess the rule is that he should have said "I was paid to promote good things for a kid" as a disclaimer before the info commerical ran on his program. Man that is bull shit! Williams said he did not know that having a commercial on his program paid by the government and that promoted a program that helped kids without saying it was paid for by the government, was under the edge. I don't know why that would be either, like I said sounds like its time to change the law.

Williams stated in an interview with Fox that he learned his lesson and will never do business with the government again. He has said his show and article were dropped day one by some former partners. So he tried to help kids and communities understand how they could rise above where they are and that's what he gets?

If Williams would have been a Black Socialist Liberal, and received money from a Democratic President Adm, and received this treatment from the MSM and the GOP, we would hear the wolves of socialism howling.

Well Hillary has a big indiment problem brewing that will blow this off the front page, even with the MSM fighting it. But there is no fighting the former first lady, and the fact that her personal fund raiser was indicted. This is going to be a good story to follow. Will probably bring back pardon issues, international fundraising issues, investment issues and all that is bad about the socialist party.