Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sylvester Brown Blows Hard & Hollow

In this Sunday's edition of the Post Dispatched, one of the socialist democrat reporters writes about some of the responses he received after his criticisms of Fox News on a local radio station. Sylvester Brown seems surprised that readers would be in his face and holding him accountable for his rebuke of Fox with the deserving counter rebuke of him and his socialist agenda.

He calls the right of center readers "blowhards", isn't that hilarious? A socialist table banger like Brown calling people with a non-socialist view blowhards. I laughed hard and long on that misguided comment. What a buffoon, doesn't he get the clear mandate given by the people in November? Well like the socialist DNC, I suppose he doesn't understand that the country has forever moved past the failed socialist model of McGovern, Carter and the extreme left Democratic party.

He sarcastically asks when did the Post become Pravda, well Sylvester I've lived here seven years and Pravda is a really good comparison of what I've read since my arrival. That's kind of scary if Brown and the other neo-liberal staff at the Post really don't understand how far left they and their offerings are they are truly doomed to an even deeper illrelivance than they current occupy.

Then Brown states "Still, this old left-wing dinosaur frets about the growing influence of Fox News journalism and the disenfranchised millions who gleefully embrace it".

How rich is that, a socialist propaganda shill for the socialist democratic party expressing concern about the balanced and truthful Fox News offerings. After years of unchallenged competition the neo-liberals are concerned that their disinformation and socialist propaganda has now been contained and turned back. Of course he "frets" because he and his newspaper lack credibility and relevance with most citizens any longer just like the rest of the MSM. When you can spew the lies of the failed socialist democratic movement for years without a true counter, when the messenger of truth comes it must be terrorizing. Fox and the blogs hold the MSM accountable and Brown and other disinformation agents don't like it. Tough, things have changed and they are never going back Mr. Brown.

I read Sylvester only on occasion but I got my entertainment value out of this article. That's the only reason I read his article and most of the Post, to see how outlandishly desperate that the socialist agents of the Post have become. They are becoming very desperate and with good reason, the day of reckoning has already arrived. I laughed so hard it almost brought tears. Keep on writing Comrade Brown, keep on writing..........