Sunday, January 30, 2005

Eric the Mink Shakes Up the Post Op-Ed

Eric the Mink, announced today that he is mixing up the make-up of the Op Ed - Commentary page. Well what is that all about? Eric the Mink is one of the most neo-liberal socialist writers that the Post has, and surprise, when the editor of the Op Ed page has that ideology it will be reflected in the rest of the product. Eric is as socialist red as it gets, and seldom has anything of interest or relevance to say or share unless you too are socialist.

He lays it out that the Pravda Post is adding more Moderate to Conservative writers. If that is the case then great! I wonder however why someone as socialist and lacking any tolerance of different thoughts and convictions than his own, would make that decision. I think it must be based in one of two possibilities.

It could be that like the rest of the liberal MSM the Pravda Post is loosing readers and advertising revenue because of their extreme bias. To off set those loses, they are offering up a slightly less liberal speak on the Op-Ed page. Smart business decision and the right thing to do if it is the case, but it does not dig out the ultra-liberal cancer that the Post as a fatal case of. Eric the Mink is the poster child for that bias.

If the changes are not because of the above then I would suggest it is a move by the soon to be owner of the paper, Gannett. It is possible that they have done a customer survey and heard loud and clear that the Pravda Post is so ultra-liberal that most people laugh at their offerings and get their "hard" news else where. That I think is probably the more accurate scenario. Why would the Post Reds change what they have been doing for years in this one news paper town if not made to? I'll bet on this scenario.

Eric the Mink also asks for an "informal group" to write from time to time for the paper. I will call Eric tomorrow and volunteer. I'm sure he will not choose me but I will offer to save his ass and the paper if they are willing. For him to form a focus group tells you that my bet that Gannett made him do this is a pretty good bet, don't you think?

I wonder what a Gannett owned paper in STL is going to look like. It can not be worse than what we have been forced to read the past several years so I'm hopeful. We will see..............................................