Saturday, January 29, 2005

Free At Last Free At Last Thank God Almighty Free At Last

Voting is officially underway in Iraqi. Breath Deep Little Brother, Breath Real Deep & Savor Your Free Future.......

I will predict that the Shia and Kurd vote will be plus 90%, because they understand what it means to not be represented. I will also predict that the Sunni turn out will be 67%, not great (in this situation) but when your own tribe threatens to kill you if you vote then 67% is would be very, very, VERY strong. ( Update: live on Fox they say that the first vote in Iraqi was a Sunni leader in the current government, good move and good reinforcement). How many Americans would vote under the current situation? I would like to think it would be high in the 80% range but hopefully we will never know. Thank you George W Bush for understanding that very important matter and taking the steps you have to ensure we never will.

There will be suicide bombers and attacks today, there will be dead Iraqis and Americans, but the shared blood will flow into the same determined cup that it has for the past two years, Democracy...................It is a very sacred cup that only those who have made it can drink from after it has been purified and refined (that will happens with the elections), and in 24 hours Little Brother will purify.

How could anyone who prescribes to being a believer in "Self Rule" and " Democracy" have issues with what we have done, are committed to do, and will stay to see done on this beautiful dawn in Iraqi? Unthinkable and unreasonable, only for those who live in a defeatist world would that be where their heart and soul be. For them, there is a deep hole of dismiss and illrelivence in this new world we are building for them to retreat to. Hope you do not choose to living there, we need you in the real and visionary world that we are building.

Be true, stand strong, take what is yours Little Brother, and mold that New World that you are now "creating". I'll be here to support you...............

From our leader George W Bush(2 million plus) today: the threats of the day to America come from no countries that have a Democratic process............Need to know anything else? CAN YOU SAY VISION?