Sunday, January 30, 2005

Post Calls Iraqi A Religious Crusade

Saturday's Pravda Post ran the headline "The Iraqi Election - Worlds Apart". It went on to run a piece from the AP written by Hamza Hendawi, the whole focus was on the pending violence and treats from the terrorists. A bleak picture that the plan I'm sure was to be followed by a denunciation of the results. Unfortunately for the Pravda Post and the AP the election was a huge success (fortunately for all logical and freedom loving people however). No follow-up piece moaning of the failure and the Iraqi liberation was able to spew out thankfully. Why, because no defeatist platform to speak from exists any longer on Iraqi.

The MSM liberal institutions are scared as hell right now. They now see how wrong and out of touch they are with America. They like the DNC said Iraqi was wrong and bet the whole house on it. The defeatist attitude that defines the DNC also defines the MSM because they are one in the same. They should be scared as hell, they really should. No logical free thinking person believes, trust, or values their input. That is obviously really bad for a news organization.

The Pravda Post shows just how irrelevant they have become in today's edition. After the dawn of a free and democratic Iraqi, it outlines in its opinion the great speeches of Presidential history. They then comment on Bush's Inauguration speech to spread democracy and say it is "problematic" Why, because "this commitment has lead to tragedy and has resulted in the death of American soldiers". Well yes it has resulted in death, just like the Revolutionary war, the Civil war, World War I & II, the Korean war, Vietnam, and all others. War gives birth to and protects freedom and democracy when required as any logical person would know. Democracy is not a "just add water proposition", it requires hard work and sacrifice.

They go on to make the racist assertion that people of the Middle East don't want democracy because of their Muslim beliefs. Then they call Iraqi "Bush's Crusade" a religious crusade and neocolonialism. Are you kidding me did they really write and publish that???? The citizens of Arab decent should be picketing the Pravda Post in the AM.

Well like every other news item they report, the Pravda Post got it dead wrong in the worst way. Today's results show that without question. Muslims in Iraqi voted in an estimated 60-70% range. The Pravda Post often has egg on its face but don't they at least "watch" live reporting and read true factual reporting? Was this written weeks ago or what? Totally out of touch and very, very sad. The old red horse is out to pasture without a doubt.............