Sunday, July 31, 2005

Jimmy Carter Hates America

I have participated in Habit For Humanity for about five years now. We have our next project this coming Saturday in STL. I plan to wear an anti-Carter t-shirt to express my discontent of this dumb shit:

Dumb Ass Carter

Carter is a Jane Fonda kind of sort of man. Is he really a man...............................................................

Habitat for Humanity is the most worthy organization I have ever been involved with. Building a "house" for someone who has no house is very rewarding. To bad a socialist defeatist ex-president who through his weakness ushered in the terrorism we now face, is associated with the charity.

Carter should remove himself from any affiliation with Habitat for Humanity, to avoid giving it a soiled eye. The American's dying today are dying because of the Carter defeatist policy that unleashed this hell....................................

Very Scary Muslim MSM Perspective

MSM Muslim Moon Bat writes:

Don't Blame The Bombers

This is scary, very scary........................

Air America Gate Enron Fraud Continues

More Air America Gate here via The Radio Equalizer - Brian Maloney:

AA Is Drinking

This story is going anywhere but away. Unlike the bat edition of "Downing Street Memo" this is a real scandal.

Stay tune to see the AA gang strung up on this very offensive Enron like fraud.......

Breaking: Murdoch Names Al Frankel New Fox News CEO

xxxxxxxxxxxx getting nothing but static from msm reports xxxxxxxxxx sunday 10:10PM CST July 31, 2005

A newsflash that Drudge only dreams about has just come in on the Murdoch empire shake-up and we are prepared to break it:

Getting Nothing But Static From MSM is reporting via very reliable anonymous sources (not Judith Miller) that Al Frankel is taking over for Murdoch son Lachlan Murdoch, as the new Chairman & Chief Executive of Fox News. Frankel will have full authority to direct and move the Fox News division as he sees fit. "Full and complete authority" is how Rupert Murdoch put it.

The news of Frankel taking over the Fox news division has turned the organization on it's head. Early reports show that Brit Hume, Sean Hannity, and John Gibson have already resigned. Allen Colmes, Greta Van Susteren and Geraldo Rivera are all reported to be excited about the possibilities and looking to see what the Frankel addition will bring to the network as it begins it's natural and next step evolution to the left. Bill O"Reilly is said to be taking a moderate position on the move, stating some good things will come out of this and some not so good things will come about from it. "It's a 50-50 deal" per O'Reilly. He is reported to have only required that Frankel come on once a week on the peak viewer day to debate O"Reilly over the ultra-hated liberal position of the day, for him to stay.

Frankel's first comments on the move were given to Getting Nothing But Static just moments ago. Per Frankel: "Since the worst of the neo-cons have already resigned, I will be focused more on replacing them than firing the sorry ass bastards". He then gave a hint on who may replace them, "There is a lots of juicy socialist talent out there in the journalistic world. We all know that 80% of all journalists are left leaning so that won't be an issue. Hellen Thomas for one comes to mind. She is the type of political hack we can use to reform this fair & balanced business. I also understand that Jason Blair is available so that is a possibility also, perhaps as our Ombudsmen". Frakel also hinted at some possible program changes, "Being a socialist I obviously believe that capitalism is the root of all American problems and is the diabolical enemy of socialism. Therefore we will concentrate a lot less on the stock market and business reporting". When asked where Fox would head in general under his direction Frankel stated, "It is my responsibility to turn the only news network in America that has a fair and balanced platform and make sure that it reports only from an ulta-liberal agenda. The socialist left can rest assured that we will turn Fox into a NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, like political clone, I guarantee it. Our goal is to kill free expression that is not of a socialist left base for the good of America".

Sounds like Neil Cavuto had better hit the old networking list to line up another gig, unless of course he has a general to good understanding of socialist economics.

(this post is of course a parity-satire piece and is not in any way true. Just incase you did not know or were wondering and if that's the case then I would be concerned about your state.....................)

Hellen Thomas Angry About Being Exposed As Political Hack

Hellen Thomas is very angry that her "I'll kill myself if Cheney runs for President, all we need is one more liar", statement made it's way to the public per Drudge's latest update:

Hellen's Hell

Now Hellen Thomas is an old MSM political hack, everyone knows that, but this little story tells volumes about the status of the left behind and outdated MSM. It exposes all the nasty warts, and simple lack of credibility that defines today's MSM.

Now why would a journalist who covers the White House be so politically bias that she would make such a statement? Well because like about 80% of the White House press corp, she is a very politically biased ultra-left hack. The same 80% range of the MSM shares Hellen's ultra-left political bias and report in that sort of manner. That's why only 28% of Americans believe them and feel that the MSM is credible. The MSM on a national level with reporters like Thomas and on a local level with journalists like Eric Mink, are simply political hacks with a political agenda to spin. How could someone of average to above average intelligence, believe organizations and people that give a steady flow of political agenda, regardless of the facts of the day or the reality? Well I guess they are lemmings............................

Hellen Thomas seems so indignant over her statement coming out to the public, like she is above being covered for such a statement? She covers the White House and reports to paying subscribers, and they have a right to know she is a political hack. If they did not already know that, then that is a little scary, but anyway.......It's ok for journalists to quote anonymous sources, but it's not ok to report a direct quote from a journalist from the White House press corp who makes such a politically biased statement? That loony left MSM.......................

The MSM seems to think that they live above you and I. They think it's ok for Judith Miller to refuse to answer the questions of a grand jury, because she is a journalist. Judith Miller may well have info that damages a White House member, but the right thing in my mind is for her to comply with the law. I would have to and so would you or we would go where Judith Miller is right now. Journalists are not above the law as they are painting currently with the Judith Miller sad sob. It's a strange perspective for an institution that is steadily slipping into a deep level of irrelevance. I'm above the law because I am fading to a very deep black hole of irrelevance?

Give me a break Hellen. Your an old political hack and we have know that for years. You have now made a public statement that was run on the internet and the "informed" masses have seen it for what it is. You will retire soon and fade away like the sad and pathetic irrelevant MSM reporter that you are. Calm down and gain some perspective on this, it just shed light on who you really are. Are you ashamed of who you are and the reporter you are?

Well, I guess I do see why you are so upset with the record coming out then........

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Rita King Has A Good Blog

A visitor to my blog has an interesting idea that I would direct those of you who are interested in "discussing" to go and read, then participate if you feel so inclined. Rita King is the blog author and she is looking for interactive participation regardless of political leanings. That I say is a good thing that is the corner stone of what blogs should be about.

Here is Rita's blog:

Rita King

I am posting Rita's whole blog because it is a good post::

If you are a person with provocative, insightful or intimate thoughts to share on the state of the union: this challenge is for you. After five years of writing “Ruminations,” I’ve decided to go interactive.

I’m asking for the participation of everyone interested in exercising their right to free speech who would like to make a substantial statement about current events.
(Steve says: that's what it's all about, people of different perspectives having their say.....)

Some of you voted for Bush. Some of you did not. Some of you didn’t bother voting at all. For better or worse, President George W. Bush is the leader of this country. We are at war. Climate change, which happens within or without the presence of humans, is becoming an overwhelming force of nature.
( I support the military actions, she does not. That's ok lets have some "reasonable discussion" about it not crazy screaming....)

We have so much to think about. Health care premiums are skyrocketing along with education costs. How much security is enough security? Can we ever really protect ourselves from insanity? Apathy is becoming a national habit. We are defined by residence in a “blue” or a “red” state.
(there are blue dots in all Red States and red dots in Blue States, however we all have the same concerns and issues to deal with in real life)

How do we want to be perceived in the rest of the world? That is the true meaning of freedom, and how can it be attained?

It seems clear that the debate about the future of free speech should not be handed over to news media owned by corporations that have made a habit of ignoring the most important stories in favor of those that tend to distract or misinform, or worse yet, cause massive amounts of anxiety.
(here is where the rubber meets the road - I think the MSM is a joke so what is the overall consensuses of their credibility? More importantly where do left and right leaning people who truly understand the value of the press take it to ensure that it is worthy of the constitutional protection that it has)

The corporate-owned mainstream media no longer reflects the truth about America and the world. It is important to put that power back into the hands of the people. This is a free country in which we are all encouraged to the fullest extent of our potential to engage in spirited, respectful discourse. And yet it is difficult to find a medium in which to express those heartfelt thoughts and feelings.
(Rita is right on the money, we should all be able to discuss and have different opinions without the congress discourse tone)

So here’s where “Ruminations” gets interactive. Those of you who want to share your thoughts about the current state of affairs in the United States are cordially invited to submit an essay of no more than 1000 words on this subject; serious entries only.
(that's a good idea)

I recently interviewed the executive director of the First Amendment Center, Gene Policinski, and he told me some things that would be helpful to us as we embark on this project together. I asked him how “hate speech” fits within the framework of free speech, and he said:

“One generation’s hate speech is another generation’s moral cause. Ideas aren’t extinguished even by the most horrific methods. The ideas the Suffragettes and civil rights activists were trying to communicate were considered hate speech by some.”

While I agree with his assessment, I prefer essays to be respectfully written, no matter the subject matter, and motivated by the desire to truly connect with others, even those who might disagree with your perspective.
(amen and well said, if you only want to hear your own opinion then sit by yourself and babble. If you want to "connect" then let your guard down)

Policinski also told me that the mainstream media is “falling out of favor.”

The people in this nation have been granted the right to voice their true thoughts and keep democracy flowing smoothly.

What are our core values? I really want to find out.

“People still hunger for information,” Policinski told me, “but more diverse news sources are available. This is not necessarily a threat to the First Amendment. We’re in a transition zone. Now anybody can become a desktop publisher. The trick is sorting out who’s credible. The First Amendment exists to create a marketplace of ideas. A true marketplace is going to be chaotic, a cacophony. There are going to be a lot of voices speaking in the marketplace all at once.”

So let’s have that cacophony. Let’s have that chaotic marketplace.
(Absolutely - its pure and gold. It's time for people who agree that the MSM does a terrible job of reporting the news (I get mine online) to say enough and start reporting what should be reported and do in in a fair and balanced way)...............

That's what I have to say and can, via my blog................................

Limited to one entry per reader, each essay must be 1000 words or less on a subject that will illuminate your intimate thoughts on the state of current affairs. Be as abstract or specific as you’d like. Email each entry to with a portrait of yourself, taken by a friend, your child, a professional, yourself, as long as something about the photograph conveys a sense of who you are.

This effort is being dedicated to Kathy Eldon, creative force behind Creative Visions, and Amy Eldon, the peace correspondent behind GlobalTribe, a network of active global citizens. Kathy lost her son and Amy lost her brother, Dan Eldon, on July 12, 1993. He was a war correspondent covering the crisis in Somalia when a mob turned on him in their grief and rage and stoned him to death.

To learn more about Dan Eldon, please visit

The fire of life fills each one of us, and while some say it is a spark between two voids, I believe it is a great mystery, and each of us has the ability to experience it to the fullest, to really be alive. I am hoping to receive enough thoughtful responses to publish a collection of Ruminations on America. The fulfillment of that goal depends on each of you taking the time to record and share your thoughts.

Submit your work to:

Please include a brief bio, with your name, contact information and age, as well as an introduction to your life, in less than one hundred and fifty words. People of all ages and walks of life are encouraged to participate and spread the word on this grassroots effort. I look forward to being overwhelmed with responses.

I like and support Rita's efforts. I think its a good idea and I think that she is someone who is left of center that I can have meaningful discussions with and gain insight from. If she feels the same way then we will have those discussions. You should also have those discussions with people who have different perspectives than you, it expands your views...........................................

Mike Anderson's stlmediadotnet Worth Visiting

Here is a blog to keep an eye on here in STL:


It's stlmediadotnet: the blog, by Mike Anderson who is a former radio guy here in STL, from what I have gained from his blog. Full profile:

I'm a former radio guy, who has also taught both my previous career and computer, IT and web classes up to Grad School classes and seminars. I'm also a Vietnam Veteran, with service there as a combat photographer and administrator. I'm no pundit, but I'll keep an eye on all the weirdness out there, present it here from all sides, whether or not I agree, and occasionally comment. Maybe a memory or two, too. Stay tuned.

I liked his blog, and I'd recommend it if you have an interest in local MSM, from what I have seen. Sounds like a guy that is looking to require truth in reporting from the STL MSM, who spin-it like a twister but gives very little accountability and truthful reporting here in STL to what they report. All comments on the blog are from a former insider radio guy, and that gives it a good groove.

Come on Lee Publishing salvage that investment in the Pravda Post...........

Friday, July 29, 2005

A New French PM That Is An Ally?

I don't like fair hearted French politicians for obvious reasons and especially don't like the defeatist PM Jacques Chirac because of his weakness in recent years and lack of balls, but give the French their dues when it comes to having a more aggressive strategy and law effort to deport radical Muslim Imams who preach hate and violence than Britain:

France Says No

The French more aggressive then the Brits on this matter, well another post. The revealing thing is that the voice of reason in France is Nicolas Sakozy (interior minister) and a very popular RIGHT of CENTER FRENCH POLITICIAN........Did you get that? RIGHT of CENTER.........The person doing what needs to be done to protect the French populous is a Right of Center leader, and he is the heir apparent it would appear to become PM in 2007. A right of center French PM leading candidate should tell you a lot about mainstream sentiment including here in America.


Not surprising he is not your normal blue blood Frenchman per his ancestry: Nicolas Sarkozy is the son of a Hungarian emigrant father and a French Jewish mother, and he is also a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Huh, a Frenchman who believes in God.....

It must be the Eastern European perspective that allows Mr. Sakozy to see so clearly. I say that everyone should re-visit what Mr. Sarkozy is doing and how he is leading. He sounds like a strong potential ally and if he wins and represents the French people then that is a great development. I have no concern that Sarkozy is a realist and understands the danger of blind multi-culturalism and the bombs that policy brings to it's citizens. His actions tell us that he understands the threat and is taking action to deal with the war on terrorism in the appropriate way.........

Air America's Enron - Liars & The Lies They Tell

Air America (AA) is reported to have a funding scheme going on that takes money away from disadvantaged boys and girls and the elderly suffering from Alzheimer's. Michelle Malkin has the best coverage on this disgusting story:

Malkin On AA Fraud

From yesterday, the story breaks that Air America had an investment scheme that used the Gloria Wise Boy's & Girl's Club capital and has not repaid it:

A Bronx congressman yesterday praised the smooth takeover of dozens of programs serving thousands of youngsters and seniors across the borough after the city yanked funding from two sponsoring agencies that have come under a cloud. The nonprofit Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club and its affiliate Pathways for Youth found their city contracts, running into the millions of dollars, abruptly ended last month by the city Department of Investigation...In its initial announcement, the DOI said it was probing allegations that program officials "approved significant inappropriate transactions and falsified documents that were submitted to various city agencies."According to published reports, the allegations involve Charles Rosen, the founder of Gloria Wise who has stepped down as executive director, investing city contract funds in Air America Radio, the liberal talk radio network.Evan Cohen, Air America's former chairman, had served as Gloria Wise's director of development.

So Evan Cohen former chairman of AA, appears to have worked a sleaze ball Enron like deal to give Al Fraken and gang money to keep their radio network that no one listens to, at the expense of disadvantaged youth and elderly Americans suffering from Alzheimer's. Sickening, actually beyond sickening........

What does AA and the Franken gang have to say about this today:

liars & the lies they tell

Well, they do a complete Enron rationalization, and say technically it has nothing to do with them. Sorry boys and girls of Gloria Wise Club, even though Air America stole your money it was the former owners not us. We will give the money back because we have been caught but don't associate our bad name with this because it was the former owners not us. The pathetic Enron like cover statement here via AA:

As reported in the Wall Street Journal and the HBO Documentary, Left of the Dial; the company that the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club officials gave money to, Progress Media, has been defunct since May 2004. That company was run at the time by Evan Cohen who has not had any involvement in Air America Radio since May 2004.The current owners of Air America Radio have no obligation to Progress Media's business activities. We are very disturbed that Air America Radio's good name could be associated with a reduction in services for young people, which is why we agreed months ago to fully compensate the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club as a result of this transaction.

Al Fraken and gang are frauds and pure socialist liars. There should be a full scale congressional investigation into this atrocity and crime............

Paul Krugman Tells It Like It Isn't

NRO contributor Donald Luskin has a post that ran at NRO up on his blog, that focuses on that mad tin foiled hat professor, Paul Krugman. It is in reference to the mad professor’s offer earlier this week on why Toyota was opening a plant in Ontario, Canada instead of Alabaman:


Krugman is no fan of the people who populate the red states, and spews out his hate for them in the piece. The Anniston Star, an Alabama newspaper had these words for Krugman: "you went out of your way to engage in a little Dixie bashing... it would have been nice if you had checked things more carefully."

As it seems with most Krugman articles, the facts and support data for his ultra-liberal slanted stories, lack credibility and truth. Not surprisingly this latest article has just that Krugman standard, but this one is even worse.

The tin foil professor quotes Gerry Fedchum president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association in Toronto, with this:

claimed that the educational level in the Southern United States was so low that trainers for Japanese plants in Alabama had to use 'pictorials' to teach some illiterate workers how to use high-tech equipment."

Problem is Fedchum is saying the quote was not true and he did not say it. But wait it gets worse, Fedchum clarified that he did not make that statement in a letter to the Birmingham News editor on 7/15/05. Krugman’s article appeared ten days latter.

So Krugman took a false quote that the person he attributed it to publicly said he did not say it and it was not true. Talk about a hack journalist, anyone who would construct an article in this fashion, simply has no journalistic credibility. Any paper that runs Krugman’s column also has no journalistic credibility and does not care about their viewers receiving factual information.

Krugman is a political hack, not a journalist…...........

MSM Letters To Bloggers Become Pink Slips To Editors

Well after writing letters to bloggers in their newspaper, the Guardian has apparently sent pink slips to editors who were responsible for those letters to bloggers needing to be written:

pink slips

Per Scott Burgess of The Daily Ablution, the executive editor of news, Albert Scardino, has been fired over the fall out former staff reporter Dilpazier Aslam. He is quoting several sources that the show the Guardian's reason for the firing is:

conceded that the Aslam affair and its internal repercussions constitute a significant crisis for the paper.

Well yes, having someone on your staff writing articles that blame the London attacks on the innocent population, who has expressed his desire to see a “world dominated Islamic state, has promoted violence, and has ties to an extremist organization, is reason to be very concerned.

I think the Guardian does indeed have a significant crisis on their hands, but firing this reporter and the news editor will not be enough to prevent the same thing from happening again. Only a divorce from the agenda driven politics that the ultra-left promote will provide the needed medicine.

Well we have gone from MSM letters to bloggers, now to pink slips from MSM to editors because of the letters to bloggers…………………………….

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Shia Iraqi Frames Iraq Conflict In Proper Context

Whether you supported going into Iraq or not, the facts are we are there and trying to help the liberated Iraqis establish a democracy. That's a fact that no one of clear mind could disagree with. That said, here is a perspective from an Iraqi Shia via Austin Bay from an Iraqi newspaper Al Adala:

Shia via Austin Bay

Its a very interesting editorial post by a Sia Iraqi living in their country and facing the terrorist attacks that come at them daily. What does the writer of this anonymous piece have to say? Well they rightfully hold a lot of people accountable who are in great need of being held accountable:

Who is accountable for the terrorist attacks in Iraq against a clearly targeted civilian target base?

I) Terrorist organizations which use Islam and it's institutions as cover for their terrorism
(pretty obvious and no comment required)

II) Islamic countries that support the terrorist networks. Per the author:

they claim their commitment to human rights and to combating terror. On the other hand, they support those criminal movements which spread like a disease. At the same time, they adhere to improving relations with the European states, and yet they encourage those organizations to harm or destroy European countries.

(Europeans and European governments should really understand and act on this comment of truth, they know of which they speak)

III) Arab Journalists and European organizations that promote and support their bias agenda

Arab satellite channels and journalists, who rely on European support and are strengthened by European democracy, and then they call to kill the innocents, and they praise the killers and criminals under the guise of glorifying Islam and the Muslims. These badly twisted people express the deterioration in the political behavior.

(again Europe should really listen and hear what this person is saying. The model that Europe models and support is the fuel that drives the biased hate coverage of the Arab press)

IV) Arab press again using "cover" to promote hate and death, and pray for more innocent Iraqi civilians to be killed:

Those organizations have only slogans and they use their demand for the occupation's withdrawal as a cover to present more innocent civilian victims. There is a mischievous Arab newspaper which was rejected by the Arabs before the foreigners. This newspaper praises and glorifies the terror, and cries and prays for those criminals, and prays for more killing, devastation, death and explosions.

V) The Arab press once again:

Those papers call to kill the sons of the very same countries where they have headquarters. They glorify the dictatorships and the dictatorial periods, as well as the terrorists and criminals, and publish their statements and movies which feature murder anddecapitaten.

(what do you support, democracy and freedom or terrorists and dictatorships that empower the terrorists?)

VI) The Iraqi people and all people under attack from terrorists:

This will result in the people's hatred for these organizations and for Islam, as long as the organizations use Islam as a slogan and cover. The civilized world witnesses barbaric attacks by backward minds, which find the suitable circumstances and use weapons to force their ideas onto civilized societies. Those organizations believe that killing and fighting democracy is right. They think that religion is only a matter of having a beard, wearing white clothes and carrying prayer beads. Such minds need to be treated because they will continue in killing people freely if no one stops them.

I agree strongly. If Methodist terrorist were blowing up innocent people, let alone my family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens, I'd turn my back on the Methodist religion and sever my relationship with them if the Methodist leadership were supporting it or silent. I personally don't have a great need for a formal religion to stay in touch with my God or spiritual convictions. Anyone who attacks a government model that contains freedom of religion as one of the corner stones of its soul, have a very sinister plan as it relates to religion if they win. Ask the Afghanistan's and the over run towns on the Syrian border if this is in fact true. True and righteous religion is not about a uniform and rhetoric, is a deep and pure conviction of pure values, and killing people because they do not subscribe to your religious views does not fit into it in any way.

We are liberating Iraq. There have been no WMD's found like we thought and everyone else thought were there. The terrorist link has been proven but not the fact that WMD's were being transferred. So that leaves us in Iraq liberating the country from a dictator who is on par with Stalin and Hitler. Its a good thing when you give people like the Iraqis liberation after living under an animal like Saddam. He is gone, now we must defeat the terrorists.

It's time for all democracy loving people to move on to the opportunity that is in front of us and is achievable, especially the Iraqi people of all tribes and religions. That is to give the Iraqi people the chance to form an Arab Iraqi Democracy. It won't look like ours exactly nor should it. It will contain lots of similarities and principles, but it will be their democracy that fits their culture and needs. It will provide freedoms, rights and protections that define a democracy. It can become the beacon of hope for an entire region that has significant problems and needs these rights and protections desperately.

Either you support freedom and democracy or you don't. Political views of how we got in Iraq and whether it was right does not matter now, what does is whether you want to see a country develop into a democracy and defeat a fascist terrorist agenda. It's that simple I say, not only for Iraq, but an entire region..............

US Wanted Haroon Rashid Aswat But Britain Said No?

Well I completely support Britain in their intensified war on terror, and like most supportive Americans don't want to pour salt on a very open and painful wound, but this is pretty disturbing:

Refussed Request

Seems that we asked British officials for their assistance apprehending Haroon Rashid Aswat over a month ago and they said no. Aswat assisted in the July 7th London bombing, and we had located him in South Africa last month, but when asked by South Africa on the American request, Britain said no. We wanted him for his attempt to establish a terrorist training camp in Bly, Oregon back in 1999.

Just when it appears that the British are taking a step forward about getting serious on this war, it seems a politically correct step takes them backwards. I support them strongly but there are some serious legal steps that need to be taken to protect the British people. Britain needs a much more comprehensive and aggressive terrorism law that will allow them to apprehend and question terrorist like Haroon Rashid Aswat, and prevent them from doing the things that they desire to do. Overly Political Correct approaches with killers like this guy do nothing but make the citizens more vulnerable to deadly attacks....................................

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mosque of Hate

Seems that London has a very deadly hostel taking in potential suicide bombers under the camouflage of a mosque:

mosque of hate

Finsbury Park mosque would appear to be a strong source of hate..............

Guardian Writes Letters To Bloggers

From Britain, this story of blogger Scott Burgess of The Daily Ablution, and his exposure of the Guardian and their hiring and employment of a member of a terrorist organization:


The journalist was Dilpazier Aslam and he was an active member of Hizub ut-Tahrir. The Guardian fired Aslam rightfully so and then wrote an article focused on Burgess and blogs. Letters to the bloggers, from the MSM..........................

Pictures of F/A - 22 Raptor

BlackFive has some pictures up of the F/A - 22 Raptor


That's one bad bird..............................

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blogs Replace Letters To Liberal MSM And Much - Much More

I've been thinking about my prior post, about the MSM using the right of center "letters to the editor" to be the balancing factor to their ultra-liberal offerings:

Letters Please, Please, PLEASE

I think that the right-of-center have effectively gained a very powerful voice via blogs that has not only replaced letters to the editors, but basically have made editors and their newspapers a second thought when it come to the appropriate theme of news and current events. They are behind, biased, and just don't do a credible job sharing the news (have not for years). The bloggers utilize the MSM news gathering infrastructure (got to piss them off bad), but then strip it of the liberal bias that they have always wrapped the story in and instead tell it from a fresh and open perspective. Some tell it in a ultra-conservative manner, some moderately conservative, some fair & balanced, and some the same as the liberal MSM. All in all it's a much better product because it first of all offer an alternative to an ultra-liberal MSM product, then has levels of political interjection that the MSM does not have. MSM has one speed, ultra-liberal.........................

The left is on the defense now, with a highly qualified and informed blogger network making sure they don't continue to falsely slant the "only" news options to those who are not on the internet. That number is few and fewer each day.........The MSM now finds themselves in the position of writing letters to the bloggers in their newspapers. With each, more and more newspaper readers go online and never leave. I say we will see more and more columns and articles where the old MSM defends their second best positions and news with "letters to the bloggers". It's a whole new day and a very powerful one.

God is it powerful to have an option to not only get my news from online sources, but to also contribute in a small way to that. It takes away the monopoly that the MSM has had all these years and strips them naked. MSM naked is a really ugly picture. Hope everyone truly understands and appreciates the value of what we have................................

Christians Not Qualified Per Dick Durbin

Not surprising, rather predictable Durbin action & behavior:

Dirty Dick

Instead of attacking our service people and calling them Nazis, this time around Durbin is now saying if you are a Christian you are not fit to be on the Supreme Court. I guess only atheists, and non-Christians qualify for the post. There is something very wrong with people who follow people such as the current DNC leadership and Dick Durbin..................................

Monday, July 25, 2005

Jane Fonda I'm Coming Out, For The World To See, Again....

Jane Fonda is coming out again to aid the enemy in a war that Americans are fighting to win, while she and the ultra-left are fighting to see that we loose:


Not a good visual at all, another anti-aircraft photo opt. I'll bet that she has the most famous of all peanut farmers pumping her fuel: Jimmy Carter.....................

Jane, Vietnam is over and so are you. We have moved on from that defeatist attitude except the vast majority of ultra-left leaning journalists in the MSM, but that is why only 28% of Americans "trust" and rank them "credible". Just like you Hanoi Jane..............Wave goodbye on your peanut oil tour...........

104 Degrees In STL Today...........

It's been smoking hot in STL the past couple weeks, 104 degrees per my reading on my deck today:


Cooler temps are on the way, and the story lines of global warning will be recycled for the next heat waves, which we have had on and off for the past 100 years......

Wesley Clark The DNC 2008 Kerry Candidate?

Per the previous post the Republicans are having a straw poll, The Dems had a poll also via Kos starting on 7/19:

Kos Hemp Poll

Well here were the top four:

Wesley Clark: 34%
No Frickin Clue: 13%
Russ Feingold: 10%
Hillary Clinton: 10%
(pass the bong and the hemp bag)

Well it appears that Hillary's calculated move to the moderate left on some issues is doing what everyone thought it would do, alienate her from the ultra-left base.

Wesley Clark huh............Will he be the 2008 version of John Kerry?

2008 Republican Straw Poll

Check out the "straw poll" on Patrick Ruffini and the current results of a five way Republican match-up:

straw poll

Bad news for Senators McCain & Frist, but has it not been that way historically?

I voted for Giuliani, but must admit that I do not know enough about Allen or Romney as of yet. I will before 2008 of course, however, I think I will probably stay in the Giuliani camp.

Aside from George W Bush, I simply don't see a person with the experience or character that matches-up with what Rudy has shown us and proven. Take a look and like Hugh Hewitt stated on his blog, vote the Republican way, which is only once.....

Is Pakistan The Biggest Problem?

Pakistan would appear to be a big problem I'd say based on this analysis and the fact that Pakistanis appear to make up the London & Egypt bombing operatives:

Spiegel Online

General Pervez Musharraf might want to do the right thing, maybe it's all window dressing, I don't know. However, evidence points to continued and big problems with a broken link coming from Pakistan. This quote from Ahmed Rashid makes one think that it might be window dressing after all:

Rashid: When crackdowns do occur, they aren't effective. Three hundred, or even 2,000, people are picked up, they're held for 90 days and then they are freed as soon as the attention and pressure from the West has stopped. There has never been an organized campaign to combat it. It has never taken place.

Rashid: But that has been the argument for the last four years. The fact is, Musharraf is still here, he is still very much in power and absolutely nothing has been done about extremism. It is clear that Musharraf has a very political agenda. He wants to be re-elected in 2007 and he wants to remain in office until 2012. And for that, he needs votes. At the same time, though, he has been trying to be a good partner with the West. But his political agenda takes precedence over any commitments to combating extremism and terrorism. An army general cannot have a political agenda while he is trying to crack down on terror.

Quite logical in its presentation:

Rashid: The biggest fear of the Pakistani military is the new American relationship with India. The fact that the Americans are even willing to work with India's nuclear program now -- something they would never do with Pakistan -- makes the military very nervous. They want to keep the Americans on board, but the Pakistanis know that the long term interests of the United States lie with India. The goal of the Pakistani military is to keep the Americans on its side for as long as possible.

Very special note to Britain, one that needs to be heavily considered:

Rashid: The message was that you don't need to come to Pakistan to become a fanatic. You can become a fanatic in Yorkshire, in Leeds or anywhere in England because there's enough extremism there too. That's what he was alluding to.

I think it's time for Pakistan to put up and do the things that a "true" ally does in this war. I also think it's time for those who give them cover saying its a delicate and hard situation that Musharref is in, stop making excuses and hold him and his country accountable. It's better to know now and adjust strategies depending on Musharref's and Pakistan's ability to eliminate hate and terrorism within their border........................

Lt Governor PA Crashes A Funeral For Politcal Activism Reasons

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll (Dem) takes a totally tasteless page from the Michael Moore's playbook, via Wizbang:

Bone Head Activist Lt Governor

A Lt. Governor showing up uninvited when a family is burying their Marine son and telling them "our government is against the war"...........Are you kidding me? And the left wonders why they continue to loose seats and the privilege to represent the American people.....................................

Letters To The Editor Don't Take Newspapers Off The Hook

The current editorial fire storm at the NY Times leads to an interesting post via Mediacrity, that obviously discusses the NY Time editing problems, but also has a paragraph that covers letters from readers in general that I found very interesting:


I strongly agree with Mediacrity, on this point:

Every biased and inept journalist loves reader letters. They are a thousand times better than the Public Editor roasting your tootsies. That's why the distant rumble you heard this morning was from Times editors breathing a sigh of relief. They're off the hook for another week.

You see this played out in every liberal newspaper in the country, where letters from readers are used as the balancing voice to a largely left of center and liberal staff. My theory is that a left of center newspaper largely only allows right of center views expressed via the national Op-Ed articles it runs. The staff journalists are overwhelming left of center, and instead of having an effective Public Editor, the Editorial page Editor, uses a collection of letters from the readers to offer the counter balance.

I think that the selection and presentation of letters from readers, is a highly and calculated process. I believe that the Editor and management group view this section of the paper as the balancing factor for an overall liberal and left of center publication. There are plenty of left of center letters that proclaim their agreement with the papers general offerings, but that view is represented in the product the paper creates and offers. The right of center views have no such place or voice in the body of the newspaper in most left leaning publications. Obviously this stategy, if it does exist, does not come close to providing the balance that a credible newspaper must have.

The only way to have a balanced credible newspaper in my opinion is to employ not only journalists who are right of center but also editors who are right of center. Without right of center editors to balance the overall political left leaning of the majority of current editors, the counter voice to the liberal agenda is just not heard.

Even with only 28% of Americans saying they “trust” or view newpapers as “credible”, you don’t see any moves by the ultra-liberal newspapers to bring this editorial balance to the paper. What you do see is lots of letters to the editor that they somehow believe satisfies the need to represent all political sides of the issues of our day. Not the case……………………..

I use to write quite a few letters to the editor primarily focused on their biased coverage of the news. I have pretty much stopped writing those letters, because I don’t find it productive, and I have a better voice now, my blog. I also don’t want to continue to provide the Post with the crutch discribed above. They need to hire right of center journalists and editors to provide balance, not rely on letters from people like me. They don’t pay me, I pay them, well I pay them for now…………………………………………

Saturday, July 23, 2005

More Blood On Newsweek's Hands - British Blood

From LGF this post:

Media Enemy

Well when you subscribe to the theory that the actions of Islamofacists are merely the rightful reaction of oppressed people fighting oppressive American policy, you don't have an issue running false Koran desecration stories. That's your agenda when you have that base and conviction on this matter. You also don't care that it hurts the war on terror or puts American patriots in harms way. Koran-gate killed people when it was falsely reported, and now it has had a role in the deaths of British citizens killed in the recent terrorist attacks in London.

Has America and the west made mistakes in the Middle East in past policy? Oh course they have. Do the mistakes justify people strapping bombs on children and sending them into restaurants, buses, trains and meeting places to blow themselves and innocent people up? Absolutely not................................

Iraq is the start of the American effort to bring democracy to the people of the Middle East. It is not about oil or strategic military bases. It is about Americans dieing to bring the people of Iraq freedom and democracy. To allow them to be self governing, after years of brutal oppression from a war criminal. It's a first act investment in bringing the entire region the democracy that they deserve and desire. However, the too be liberated those effected must fight the good fight to bring themselves to the reality of this freedom. They must reject the bombers who kill anyone including Muslims who do not share their same extremist views. There can be no democracy and freedom without the rejection of extremist Islam. If they do not reject this terrorism, then we will one day have to leave them to play the horrible acts out on one another until few are left without terrible and horrible damage.

Why the American MSM, continues to be more focused on "got-ya" stories that mostly turn up false, instead of the core factors in this struggle are confounding. Prison abuse stories that are true should be reported and are serious. However, the Abu Ghraib story that was and should have been reported, has given birth to the same type of Watergate MSM mentality of chasing the theme to justify the liberal agenda. It's more about the next big prisoner abuse story than an accurate story on the whole situation and happenings in Iraq. A rush to become the next Woodward & Bernstein of prisoner abuse is ramped in the MSM, and has been for 30 years, rather than a focus on the facts of the day related to Iraq and the war on terror. It can only be explained in the context of a infrastructure that would rather feed the ultra-liberal machine and the blame America first ideology, rather than report the real struggle that we are currently in. It's a fat and happy mentality that can not put themselves in the place of the people fighting for this sacred freedom and do not see the need to show all sides of the struggle.

I never want to be told what I want to hear only, that's a dumb mentality. However, an agenda that is biased and rooted in the mentality of "it's America's fault only" does not serve anyone well. Everyone has some fault in this war, but people who give their lives for the liberation and freedom of Iraq and the region, are without a doubt the good guys. People who strap bombs on themselves and blow up trains and innocent people, are the bad guys. I know that is pretty basic and has no deep intrinsic sub-theme but I think the MSM would be well served to get back the basics on this story. Good people bring liberty and freedom, bad people resist self rule............

Nightmare Terror Conspiracy Via MSM

Belmont Club has an excellent post up that investigates the political rational of those who lean left of center and their conviction that terrorism is an imaginary political tool of the right and the terrorists, used by both to strengthen their standing and power:

BBC - Lay Me Down

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, is based on a BBC piece that basically promotes:

In a new series, the Power of Nightmares explores how the idea that we are threatened by a hidden and organized terrorist network is an illusion. It is a myth that has spread unquestioned through politics, the security services and the international media. At the heart of the story are two groups: the American neo-conservatives and the radical Islamic. ... Together they created today's nightmare vision of an organized terror network. ...

Now the fact that a supposed "legitimate" news organization, could come up with such a looney and reality departed thesis, is scary enough. However, when you start holding up the theory to the reporting of most MSM based organizations, you see the exact same reflection that the BBC gives in "nightmares"...................

The BBC goes on:

But the nightmare vision of a uniquely powerful hidden organization waiting to strike our societies is an illusion. Wherever one looks for this al-Qaeda organization, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the "sleeper cells" in America, the British and Americans are chasing a phantom enemy.

The BBC offering is from January 14th, 2005, and the events in Britain over the past few weeks certainly should make the absurd basis of this offering even more crazy to even the ultra-left who believed and followed such a theory. But I don't know, I think that a great deal of the left of center population, will develop a rationalization sub-theory that places the recent London bombings neatly into the "nightmare theory".............

Belmont has a great summary of how the left leaning media has embraced the 'nightmare' theory and how it manifests itself in their daily coverage:

Although the proposition that organized international terrorism does not exist may seem funny, many writers on the Left seriously believe that terrorism is a derivative phenomenon with no independent existence of its own. It is simply a reaction to Western, and particularly American oppression. It is the shadow, as it were, of the USA, which would cease to exist once the solid being that gave rise to it vanished. According to this point of view, it is entirely correct to refer to terrorists as 'insurgents', 'resistance', 'militants' or even 'freedom fighters', because they have no actual violent goals arising from their consciousness except as are suggested to them by their oppressor; entirely correct refer to them as 'phantoms' because they do not exist of themselves, except as emergent phenomenon in relation to the United States.

Scary logic, from a scary MSM. No wonder only 28% of Americans believe or trust the MSM.........................

First Big Roberts Issue Broke Via WaPo

Well Robin Givhan of WaPo, breaks the "huge" story on John Roberts and his wife showing why he is a completely unacceptable nominee for the Supreme Court:


What goods did Givhan break in this Watergate like story:

But the Roberts family went too far. In announcing John Roberts as his Supreme Court nominee, the president inextricably linked the individual -- and his family -- to the sweep of tradition. In their attire, there was nothing too informal; there was nothing immodest. There was only the feeling that, in the desire to be appropriate and respectful of history, the children had been costumed in it.

Indeed, they certainly did go to far. How dare they come to the announcement with their children dressed in this manner? They should have been in flip-flops, hip-huger jeans (do they make those for six year olds?), and a Kos t-shirt, it would appear to make their fashion acceptable for Givhan.


Givhan also has tea-leaf and tarot cards readings that show the same thing, based on the fashion of this family, Roberts is unfit to receive confirmation to the Court.....

Military Upset With Socialist Liberal Reps

The stand-down that Democratic Senators Ted Kennedy & Daniel Akaka received at Gitmo from soldiers from their home states, is only the start of a storm it appears:

Kennedy & Akaka

Per the Washington Times:

Sen. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, last month invoked widespread military outrage when he compared Guantanamo to the prison labor systems used by communist tyrant Josef Stalin, Cambodia's Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler."They got stiff reactions from those home-state soldiers," one official told us. "The troops down there expressed their disdain for that kind of commentary, especially comparisons to the gulag."

I think that the Durbin atrocity will have a deep and damaging impact on a lot of DNC candidates in 2006. Black Five has a post on the military reaction to this issue:


He says:

And what they are going to find, to the Democrats' dismay, is that there will be an awful lot of war heroes coming home...and they just might run for office. Democrat or Republican. Independent or Libertarian. Keep your eye on this MilBlogger. He's going to go after Maxine Waters' seat in Congress when he gets home.

What a nightmare for a socialist democrat like Maxine Waters to be going up against a military person given her actions and the current climate. I think more recently active military people serving in our government, from all parties, would be a very positive thing.......................

Britain Needs A Stronger Terrorist Act To Avoid More Tragedies

To state the very obvious, this is tragic:

Innocent Man Shot

When I commented that the shoot to kill policy was justified it was based on the reported testimony of a witness who had said the man had a bomb belt and wires sticking out. If that was the case and the police tried to get him to stop and he did not, then that I say would be reasonable to shoot him. Now it appears that there was really nothing showing that he even appeared to have a bomb. Again that is really tragic.

Britain needs to enact a stronger terror act, like the Patriot Act here in America. British police have limited ability to question people under their current terrorist laws unless they witness pretty serious activity. In this case if they saw him coming out of the area of surveillance, they could have stopped him much sooner and before he reached the subway, and questioned him.

His action to board the train while the police thought he was a possible bomber, was the deadly combination here it would appear. One would think that if he was stopped for questioning long before he got to the train, this would have ended much differently.

A tougher terrorist act will protect all British people, including suspects like this victim.......

Terrorists At War With Muslims Also

Austin Bay has a good post on the fact that terrorists are at war with not only the west, but also with other Muslims who do not share their extremists:


The post tells it well...............

Friday, July 22, 2005

Funmurphys Blog

A worth while read is this blogger (Brother Team) here in STL the Funmurphys:the Blog, has a good post on the Sudan issue:


Almost time for BIG BOMBS and Marines................

Is Sheikh Bakri The Pro-Life Voter Howard Dean Is Reaching Out To?

It seems that the American model is a very good one from a "no entry" to hate screaming Sheikh's, verses what Europe has been doing the past several years. Via WaPo:

Hate Sheikh's

Here are the types of "Screaming Hate Sheikh's" who are allowed into Britain:

Speaking 15 days after bombers killed over 50 people in London and a day after a series of failed attacks on the city's transport network, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed said the British capital should expect more violence."What happened yesterday confirmed that as long as the cause and the root problem is still there ... we will see the same effect we saw on July 7," Bakri said.

"If the cause is still there the effect will happen again and again," he said, adding he had no information about future attacks or contacts with people planning to carry out attacks.Bakri, a Syrian-born cleric who has been vilified in Britain since 2001 when he praised the September 11 hijackers, said he did not believe the bombings and attempted attacks on London were carried out by British Muslims.

He condemned the killing of all innocent civilians but described attacks on British and U.S. troops in Muslim countries as "pro-life" and justified.

I don't think Bakri is the Pro-Life voter that Howard Dean is looking to reach out to, but given his messed up political compass who knows??????

Terrorist Bakri described Osama bin Laden as: "a sincere man who fights against evil forces." He went on to say: "I would like to see the Islamic flag fly, not only over number 10 Downing Street, but over the whole world," he said.

Why is this man on the street speaking of hate and advocating terrorism free and able to do so? I think we will see a very strong and matching Patriot Act type law coming soon in Europe. The story of snipers following terrorist suspects because they could not arrest them due to British law, will be changed soon I say. Bombs going off and killing citizens from people who were being tracked by snipers but not locked up due to legal constraints, will not be allowed any longer in the post 7/7 era, even in the ultra-socialist land of Europe...................................

Muslims Killing Muslims And Others........

Are the recent bombings in London about Iraq? No, they have nothing to do with Iraq. Islamic-fascists don't really care that much about that but do use it in their propaganda. Their goal and reason for terrorism is two fold, destroy Israel and destroy democracy in the western civilization, pure and simple. Today another action on the march:

Muslims Kill Muslims & Others

At least 45 killed and a resort destroyed and burnt down in the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh. Who died, well not just Israeli Jews, rather these killers were equal opportunity killer of all nationalities and religions:

Britons, Dutch, Qataris, Kuwaitis and Egyptians were among the casualties, police sources said.

A wide swipe and not very focused on the primary enemy was it? Police are saying that there were "seven" car bomb that were used to kill all these people from all these different countries, nationalities, and religions.

So these folks really don't care who they kill, they just really want to kill.........................................

Yes Nakib No Back-Pack Is A Good Idea If You Take The Tube

The NYT carries it's version of the shooting of a suspected terrorist today:


Left out of their story was this:

Another passenger on the train, Anthony Larkin, told BBC News the man appeared to be wearing a "bomb belt with wires coming out".

Bomb Belt

Well we expect such from the very, gray, old lady don't we...............

This part of the NYT story I think is telling:

But Nakib Islam, 19, a Muslim high school student, said "I am afraid of a stronger backlash" against Muslims. He was speaking after a bomb alert at the East London mosque turned out to have been a hoax. "We all have to use the Tube and people who look like me all became suspicious. I even don't wear my rucksack anymore when I use the Tube because of that," he said.

Well I'm sure your a law abiding fine British citizen Nakib, but here is the deal. If I lived in London and a bunch of blue eyed Americans of Scandinavian decent were blowing up themselves and other innocent people on the subway, I'd probably find another way to get where I needed to go. If I had to ride the train, I certainly would not take a back-pack. That's a 1 on the hard decision scale with 10 being the very hardest..................

British Police Kill Man With Bomb Belt & Wires Sticking Out

A terror suspect was shot and killed in London today:


The Muslim Council of Britain was concerned about a possible "shoot to kill" policy.......................

Well accordingly to one witness:

Another passenger on the train, Anthony Larkin, told BBC News the man appeared to be wearing a "bomb belt with wires coming out".

I think the vast majority of London's population would be concerned if there wasn't a policy in place to "shoot to kill", when someone is trying to get on a train with a bomb belt and wires sticking out....................Just a hunch...........

Howard Dean Reaches Out To Pro-Life Voters

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this might be tiny little issue with the Democratic base:


The far left and Pro-Life are like oil and water, they just don't mix. Should be interesting to see how this plays out as a strategy, or better yet, how long it is played until the extreme elements of the party fold it up and put it away.........

The interesting thing is we can see it looks to have a plank in Hillary's strategy, as she and Bill are for now on board with it. Again, should be interesting to see them try to spin this one..................

NYT Editor - NY Water Makes Penis Fall Off?

Take a look at the quote from NY Times editor Bill Keller, in a WaPo story on the recent promotion of Dean Baquet to editor of the LA Times:


Keller’s quote:

"Dean's a prince -- a world-class investigator, an inspiring editor and a barrel of fun." But Keller said he hoped Baquet would start "fighting fair" in luring staffers: "He has this habit of telling recruits there's something in the New York water that makes your penis fall off."

Ouch, now that’s some bad water! I can kind of see it though from the product the NY Times produces, seems that might be the case. Come to think of it, this issue appears to be present in most water supplies of most MSM newspapers, but they call it koolaid not water. Now it all makes sense that we saw those anti-Bush posters on the vehicles of not only woman journalists in the MSM but also men.

You remember the stickers and posters, the ones that said "the only bush I trust is my own…………………………….

Thursday, July 21, 2005

cnbc Is Hard To Find In A Google Search For A Good Reason

Take a look at this looser line up:

sorry ass line-up

Man, working for CNBC is like a 30 yr old journalist pitching for the NY little league team in the tournament, and getting shelled by a group of 10 year olds in a 25 - 0 tournament drubbing, and they don't ask you for your birth certificate because you just proved you are a "HUGE" looser and no one cares..........

It does not get much less interesting or less credible than that line-up.........

Reuters Roots For Blair's Demise And Weak British Resolve

Well surprise, Reuters is rooting for the Islamic-fascists and for political defeat of Tony Blair and Britain:


Well we will see how stiff the upper lip is these days in England. I think it has the ability to be very stiff and will reject the defeatist agenda of Reuters and other ultra-liberal ideologues.

You can see in the text Reuters rooting for political discourse on the "War On Terror" and zero interest in the democratic model protecting not only the people who thankfully live under it today, but also spreading it to those who have never know it's rich and protective glow.

Well when you make money reporting tragedy, one hopes for just that, the hell with the people who own your stock and live in those democracies.......until now

You Are Willing, Un-Willing, or The Enemy.......

To watch John Howard "bitch slap" that defeatist-coward-ultra liberal reporter who is a member of the coaliton of the unwilling and those who share his convictions, link here to Trey Jackson:


The "War On Terror" and the preservation of a "Free & Democratic Society" really only has three placements options left to put ones self in:

1) The Willing
2) The Unwilling (Cowards and I'd argue the same as #3)
3) The Enemy

That goes for countries as well. The above three placements are also the only options for a government and country to decide where they will live for the next twenty years. The current coalition of the willing must grow are then the coalition of the unwilling cowards and enemy grows. It's time for a whole lot of people and governments to decide what their future will be.

In case you did not know here are the countries who are part of the "Willing" currently in alphabetical order:

Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and of course the USA.

Previously Willing countries that have moved in the category of "Unwilling" and the date of their departure from the ranks of the "Willing":

Nicaragua (Feb. 2004); Spain (late-Apr. 2004); Dominican Republic (early-May 2004); Honduras (late-May 2004); Philippines (~Jul. 19, 2004); Thailand (late-Aug. 2004); New Zealand (late Sep. 2004); Tonga (mid-Dec. 2004) Hungary (end Dec. 2004); Portugal (mid-Feb. 2005); Moldova (Feb. 2005)

Noticeably Never Willing Big Three:

France, Germany, & Russia

The Enemy:

As President Bush said in 2001, "You are either with us or against us". For those who are a bit slow that means both #2 & #3....................

No more of this self blame crap, we are at war with extremist Islam-fascists and if you support freedom and democracy then a logical and rational person could no longer provide comfort and excuses for the terrorist cause on any level. It's really that simple, no matter how hard that is for some apologist's, socialist, defeatist, liberals to comprehend.

Stop making excuses for a people who hate those who do not believe and follow the same religion that they follow. Stop offering excuses for fanatics who cut off the heads of people who simply do not confess allegiance to the same God as them. Stop telling them they have a grievance when their grievance is that the entire world population does not follow a extreme religion that honors people who strap bombs on and blow up innocent woman, men, and children for being non-believers. Enough of that, time to decide your position for a long and hard war, just like President Bush told us almost four years ago.....................

NY T-Shirt "I Don't Consent to REASONABLE Search"

Moonbat T-Shirts for sale in NY to protest reasonable bag inspections:

Moon Bat Shirt

ok, so walk to work..............I can't honestly think of another example of where random search could be defined as anything other than "reasonable".

Let's see, everyone gets searched to get on an airplane because terrorist flew two into the WTC and one into the ground in PA. Terrorist are setting off bombs in London in the subway killing innocent people and the moonbats have a problem with random & reasonable searches in the NY subway? Moonbats...............

"Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly had announced the legally obvious—that New Yorkers are free to decline a search and "turn around and leave."

It would be great if the police came to work with T-Shirts inspired by this article:

So top line of the police shirt would say: So You Don't Consent To A Reasonable Search?

Next Line: Fine, Turn Around, Leave And Walk Your Sorry Ass To Work.............

Or maybe non-moonbat New Yorkers could show up in droves with the following T-Shirt:

I Consent to "REASONABLE" Search..........................

That's right, what am I thinking, this is New York,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Civil Liberties, Subways Searches, & Common Sense

The civil liberties groups in America are a bit more than out of touch, they are in another galaxy:

bag searches

Per WaPo:

The New York Civil Liberties Union said the searches violate basic rights and will inconvenience New Yorkers, but the group stopped short of threatening a legal challenge.

So lets see, given the events of the week, would I be ok with some random searches on the subway to protect the safety of everyone, or would I get real hung up on "probable cause" and insist that the letter of the law of the fourth amendment not have a little latitude here?

If you have to think about that very long, then you should probably stay inside and not be on the subway anyway.........................

John Howard Frames It For the Defeatists

You have to love John Howard (Prime Minister Australia). From KJ Lopez at NRO, here is Howard's masterful response to a defeatist journalists question today when they asked "did we bring this on ourselves:


Man, you know Howard is cut from the cloth that it takes to lead during a war and that folks is exactly what we are in. Bush told us that four years ago and he told us it would be hard and long. Howard gets it, Blair gets it, but most on the left still don't, just like the pathetic reporter who asked this stupid question.

As KJ Lopez correctly summarized, this reporter got "bitch slapped" like the defeatist looser they are............................

New Bombings In London

New round of bombings in London:


Obviously the good news on top of the overall bad news of new bombings, is that it appears no one was killed. The bombings had the same signatures as those two weeks ago and obviously appear to be al Qaeda connected.

None of the bombs went off as planned and they appear to have been primed incorrectly, leaving behind valuable evidence about the explosives that could greatly assist in the investigation. Also two suspects have been arrested which should provide even more critical intelligence.

Hopefully the intelligence gained can deal a swift and hash blow to the organizations within Britain that are supporting these attacks.

MSM Does Not Need or Deserve Federal Source Shield

Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarter’s has a good post up on the proposed federal Media Source Shield:


The basis for the shield is that anonymous sources are important in breaking important stories and thus a corner stone of the constitutional right of a free press. I agree that anonymous sources “CAN” be a valuable tool in breaking big news and important news that the American people need to know. Watergate is of course the benchmark used for such a point but there are thousands of lower profile stories that also give credibility to the argument that anonymous sources are important to new coverage.

That said, there are at least an equal number of examples where anonymous sources have been made up, their information has been slanted, or have proven to be simply wrong. Based on the track record of today’s MSM and how they have used these sources the last thing that their credibility and history merit is a federal “source shield” law.

The press should continue to use anonymous sources when they have confidence that the source is credible, is providing credible information, and that the use of the source is justified given the story. They should however be accountable to the law of the land just like any other citizen. If a law is broken and a journalist has written a story using an anonymous source that claims to have informatiion related to the crime and are called on to provide that information in a formal hearing, then they should have to do just that.

Giving the MSM a federal source shield given the track record they have with such sources is like, rewarding a puppy who has just had an accident in the living room with a tasty dog treat. Does an institution that only 28% of Americans trust and believe is credible deserve such a far reaching safe guard? Of course not………..Aside from the fact that today’s media has a track record unworthy of such a legal exemption, it’s just a bad law.

I’m not a constitutional expert in any way, but to elevate one single entity of our citizenship above the law and subpoena power of law enforcement can’t be constitutional. Public opinion has and will continue to protect journalist from unjustified subpoena to divulge their sources when not justified, but excluding law enforcement to do so in cases that merit such action can’t be constitutional. It’s law enforcements job to determine when such a need is present and it’s the courts and the public’s job to ensure they are correct in their needs analysis.

Perhaps that is the point that many in the MSM need to hear and understand although it has been staring them in the face for weeks on the Judith Miller matter. If the public perceives an unjust request by law enforcement on the source matter we will jump in as will the courts. If not then you should conform to the law and do your duty as a law abiding citizen.. That is the answer to the question they ask, “why is the public mostly quiet on the Miller case”? Because the majority thinks she should obey the law and testify, so do the courts including the Supreme Court. This matter does not merit a federal source protection shield and very few ever have…………….

DNC Rove Talking Points Memo & MSM Coverage

Dems told to keep talking about Rove, in-wake of Roberts nomination (via Drudge):

DNC Memo

Must be the same talking points memo that Mink and other hack journalist got and followed. Funny isn't it just how instep the ultra-left agenda driven media is with the DNC talking point memos? Not just on occasion, but like 99% of the time......

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Roman Polanski Sexual Pervert At It Again

Roman Polanski is at it again:


Polanski has been wanted in the US for having sex with a 13 year old back in 1977. Polanski is obviously a disturbed individual..................

Liberal Talking Point Memo On Court Nominees

Iowahawk has a copy up of the lefts first reaction talking points for a Bush nominee:

Court Talking Points Memo

Funny, just insert the name of the eventual nominee

Eric Mink Is A Decent Fiction Writer

Eric the Mink, pens another fictional piece in his offering in the Pravda Post today:

Mink Fiction

Mink ignores all the facts as they are known to this point and formulates his own history and facts, but hey why should this article be any different from any other Mink offering.

Newsflash to Eric, there is one person in jail today for breaking the law for not testifying and providing "insight" on who actually outed Plame and that is journalist Judith Miller. Second news flash for the Minkster, all fact to this point show that Rove did not know Plame was an undercover agent, did not give her name, and there for did nothing wrong. Also Wilson admitted that Plame was not even an undercover agent at the time of her outing and it was common knowledge among her neighbors and friends that she was an agent.

Like the Downing Street memo, this bone has no meat but ultra-liberal media hacks like Mink are trying to keep the ball in the air. Its pretty clear that instead it will go the way of the Downing Street memo agenda driven non-story.........

LA Times Editor Resigns

Only if we could get so lucky here in STL and have Ellen Soeteber do the same at the Pravda Post:

Editor Resigns

It would instantly give the paper at least some credibility, and that would be more than it currently has with anyone except those with an ultra-liberal agenda. Problem is they would probably find a new editor that was as if not more liberal than Soeteber.....................

Far Right Not Happy With Roberts Nomination?

Did I mention that some on the far right would probably not be overjoyed by the Roberts selection? Yes I did, and it appears via Drudge that Ann Coulter is less than thrilled


The far left will not be happy and will fight the nomination, and the far right will not be happy but unlike the left will probably not fight it………………………………

Sounds like Bush picked a solid mainstream conservative to me, when extreme views on both side are not smiling and being a moderate conservative that works………........

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

President Bush Threaded The Needle With Roberts -DNC Leadership Aid

Via the NYT on the Roberts nominee:

Here are the highlights via the "very" gray lady:

Bush moved Tuesday to plant the conservative imprint on the Supreme Court that has been a central aim of his presidency, but with a member of the Washington legal establishment designed to frustrate any Democratic effort to block Mr. Bush's replacement for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved his appointment to the Court of Appeals in 2003 by a lopsided vote of 16 to 3, and the Senate confirmed the choice in a unanimous voice vote.

(lopsided precedence for a repeat confirmation process)

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, a moderate Democrat and one of the 14 senators whose recent compromise averted a shutdown on the process of confirming judicial nominees, said he was likely to support Mr. Robert if he was nominated.

(has the support of the gang of 14)

A choice that is at least good enough for conservatives, who hailed the nomination with a barrage of favorable reaction that went out even before Mr. Bush appeared in the East Room on Tuesday evening, yet someone who is genial and enigmatic enough to confound Democrats as they head into what they had long expected to be a difficult battle.

(good enough for the right of center, and will confound the ultra-liberal and ultra-conservatives)

"They've artfully threaded the needle," said a senior Democratic leadership aide, who declined to be identified as Democrats decided how strongly they wanted to resist the nomination.

(very telling)

Mr. Bush, though, is also someone who relishes confrontation and political combat, perhaps never more than when he finds himself under attack, as he certainly has during these rough three months in Washington. In this case, though, Mr. Bush may have found a way to accomplish one of the overarching goals of this presidency -moving the court to the right - without a reprise of the kind of polarizing battles that have sometimes marked the Bush presidency.

(the tell all statement Via the NYT on the Roberts nominee:

Political fall-out for the ultra-liberal-socialist left if they make a march on this nominee will be a disaster that will leave the DNC less than a minority party.

Be a lemming and go fall off a cliff Dems............

Thankfully The Dems Are A Minority

Powerline does an "Hour One",review of what the extreme liberal organizations are focussing in on in their hour one attempts on Roberts and their agenda:


I agree with John Hinderaker, when he says:

Nevertheless, barring some stunning and unforeseen revelation, the outcome is not in doubt. The Democrats simply don't have anything to work with. And, thankfully, they are a minority in the Senate.

Especially the "thankfully, they are a minority in the Senate", or the most qualified candidate available would be treated otherwise..............

Will Roberts Nomination Cause Stock Market Surge?

I think that the markets will be favorably effected by the Roberts selection for the Supreme Court. Why? Everything points to rulings in accordance with by the American Constitution (you do have to clarify who's constitution these days), and that he will not be an activist judge. The business world likes a clear expectation that the law of the land will in fact be what the laws are, so I say that today's 72 point increase in the DOW, will be the start of a bigger rally tomorrow. Here were the numbers from today:

Dow: 10,646
Nasdaq: 2,173
S&P 500: 1,229

Let's check tomorrow and see if I'm right...........................................................


Instalanche By Instapundit By Mistake - Nice

Well it sounds like Kevin McCullough is living right. Tonight Instapundit linked his site by mistake for Hugh Hewitt's radio link:

Insta - Link

He got an "Instalanche" of visitors:

Kevin McCullough
Radio Talk Show Host, Syndicated Columnist, and past recipient of the Tesla and Marconi Awards

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Many Instalanche...and a correction...

~7:33pm~ PST
A KIND WORD OF CLARIFICATION: I would like to thank Instapundit and Hugh Hewitt for both generating my first "Instalanche" ever. I only wish it had been for proper reasons.

By some mistake Glenn must have gotten my blog outlet at WIND mixed up with the "listen live" feed of WIND-AM - one of Hugh's broadcast affiliates, and one of my blog affiliates. (Hugh and I are colleagues for Salem Communications)

Nice karma for a right of center blogger, and surely will pick him up a few repeat visitors. Good for him...........................

Nighmare Dilemma For Democrats Over Roberts Nomination

Looks like right of center bloggers are very happy about this nominee:

(It's a great day for conservatives and for America. Thanks to President Bush for nominating the best person for the job--or, certainly, one of the best people, along with McConnell, Luttig and one or two others--rather than taking the easy, politically correct way out)

Hugh Hewitt
(A home run for the president, the SCOTUS, and for the United States)

(Here's a profile of Roberts. And note that Joe Lieberman put him forward as a compromise candidate who would be easily confirmable)

Of course all three blogs are written by talented legal minded conservative lawyers (well right of center anyway), who are saying that Roberts appears bullet proof. I read into it also that by picking Roberts, Bush gets a conservative that will be acceptable to mainstream Americans, and if the ultra-liberal left smears him, it will not only fail but will also cause some serious political fall-out as we head into the 2006 Elections.

What a nightmare to be a Democrat official and be faced with this. Go after such a highly qualified nominee or the ultra-left base will go crazy, but go after him and loose even more seats in 2006. What to do...................................................

John G. Roberts Has Impeccable Credentials And Looks Like A Great Choice

The qualifications of John G. Roberts, Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court:

* Education: graduated from Harvard College, summa cum laude, in 1976, and received his law degree, magna cum laude, in 1979 from the Harvard Law School, where he was managing editor of the Harvard Law Review.
(summa cum laude & magna cum laude - strong, very strong)

* Clerk Experience: following graduation he clerked for Judge Henry J. Friendly of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the following year for then-Associate Justice William H. Rehnquist.
(clerked for the current Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist - strong)

* Governmental Appointments & Private Practice: served as Special Assistant to United States Attorney General William French Smith. In 1982 President Reagan appointed Mr. Roberts to the White House Staff as Associate Counsel to the President, a position in which he served until joining Hogan & Hartson in 1986. Served as Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States
(Assistant US Attorney General & WH Associate Counsel to President Regan and argued more than 30 cases before the Supreme Court- strong, very strong)

* Has gone through numerous background checks for the above mentioned positions, and has an outstanding reputation with both Republicans & Democrats.
(should have bi-partisan support)

This is the perfect Bush nominee, that the liberal and far left extreme groups will not be able to smear it would appear..................................

However, I think before the night is over, we will hear from the extremist, both ultra liberal and ultra conservative..................................


Here is the first one less than an hour in:

People For The American Way Radicals

Senator Hatch on Fox said "he does not think that the American people are going to put up with any political agenda crap" related to the nominee. I agree with him completely, I think it will be political suicide for any people or elected officials that try a political hack move on Roberts nominee, from the vast 70% mainstream Americans that is......................................................

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit Covertly Directs Internet Traffic

MyDD a liberal blog has an interesting post on the "Left vs. Right blog Effectiveness", I guess is the frame-up I would use:

Mydd Blog Theory

His concern is that while the Left is a "community" where the blogs have more "stickiness" (people stop and stay and talk, and talk, and talk) and higher volume; the Right is more Op-Ed and "less-Sticky (I guess is the word), where "top" conservative bloggers drive traffic to the right's priority topic of the day. A support system for the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy ", as MyDD puts it. Well the process of right of center blogs is probably correct, but the Right Wing Conspiracy should be left to the grassy knoll. I'm not a "chat" kind of guy and don't see that "need" or "want" from the folks who post or read any of the right of center blogs I read regularly.

I like to see what bloggers have up, their story of interest, and follow the links to why they like the story. Often, I jump off the link trail and will look on the MSM sources to see what they have to say about the topic and are covering it. I also look on left of center sites to see how they are covering the topic. I read about it and gather the info, and then make-up "my" mind on the matter or topic. I really have no need to spend hours debating it or discussing it with other people. I also don't have time to do that.

MyDD thinks Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is the "King" of the conservative right wing traffic direction on the right of center web. Glenn is one blog that probably just about every right of center blog reader visits. I think MyDD is overstating the traffic routing conspiracy, however. I think Glenn reads blogs and posts what he likes and points people that way because he knows they will be interested. That's not a conspiracy, its sharing of information, its the New Media, pure and simple....

I read both right and left blogs and think that the left is more of a chat type environment, where people get together to discuss, develop, and reassure each other, collectively. You don't see a lot of reassurance therapy on the right. On the right people are more sure of their position and come out to get their news, post their personal feelings on it (without a group discussion), and follow it through the post of others. Group discussions are not bad, but right of center blogs do that by their posts, not chat rooms. Meaning, they agree, disagree, correct or provide feedback by their post that fellow bloggers read without lots of chat room activity. Everyone at the top reads the other and each level down reads most of the top level bloggers.

Also I think the right of center political position is pretty united and not that wide of a swing. On the left I think the swing from moderate liberal to ultra-liberal is very far apart. That is why they have lots of chat and consensus building. Because there is a lot greater need for censuses building.

Well that's my theory anyway..................................................

Supreme Court Political Hearing Fall-Out

PoliPundit has a good observation on political fall out from the coming Supreme Court hearings:

Court Fall-Out

I agree, the obnoxious baying of Kennedy, Leahy and the left in general will be a bad lead into the 2006 election cycle.

CNN Says Bull Shit On Rove

Here is a post by Crooks and Liars with a video clip from CNN's coverage of the Rove story:

Bull Shit

You can hear a female voice after Lou Dobbs lead in say "Bull Shit"...............No kidding a journalist on CNN said Bull Shit about what Rove said was the case..........

So how objective do you think CNN's coverage is on the Rove matter? More proof of the MSM bias caught on tape and caught red handed.................Bull Shit

Friday, July 15, 2005

US Medic Gets Shot, Hunts Down Snipper, Then Provides Cuffs & Medical Treatment

Here is a brave American who is shot, but due to protection, ok. He jumps up and finds the terrorist and tracked his sorry ass down (click the video attack link)

Don't Tread On Me

I would have probably killed him, but this honorable soldier gave medical aid to the animal. He is a medic so I guess the terrorist was "really" lucky that he was a medic. You are a hero Stephen Tschiderer................

ABC Reports Iraq & al Qaeda Link In 2000

From that bastion of conservative disinformation, "ABC", some very important historical point on Saddam and al Qaeda's relationship (via Powerline):

film clip

The clip is from 2000 while Bill Clinton was in office and correctly shows the Iraq -al Qaeda connection. Why has the left, both the congressional political left and MSM left selectively forgotten the facts they reported oh so not long ago? What is that all about?

Americans do not trust the DNC and their candidates because they are willing to put the population at risk for political gains. I think 2006 will be hell to pay if you are a Democratic candidate.............................

The trust of the information and news that the liberal MSM provides has never been lower, every in their history. They just have no credibility because of things like this............................

Dallas Morning News Calls Terrorists - Terrorists

Via LGF, a newspaper with some credibility, The Dallas Morning News:

A Credible Decision

Good for you, here is what they said:

Today, this editorial board resolves to sacrifice another word "insurgent" on the altar of precise language. No longer will we refer to suicide bombers or anyone else in Iraq who targets and kills children and other innocent civilians as insurgents.

Good for you. The wrap is excellent:

Words have meanings. Whether too timid, sensitive or open-minded, we've resisted drawing a direct line between homicidal bombers everywhere else in the world and the ones who blow up Iraqi civilians or behead aid workers.

No more. To call them "insurgents" insults every legitimate insurgency in modern history. They are terrorists.

Call them like the are, and for their action I say as does the editorial board at the Dallas Morning News.

Could you guys send some folks up to STL to help the St. Louis Post Dispatch gain some perspective and journalistic credibility? They sorely need it...........

Star Wars Character Match Survey

The Star Wars promoters have an online character match that you can take here:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I am "Aragorn" which comes up second highest of all taking the survey. Here is what they say Aragorn and I have in common:

Putting your appointed path ahead of any inner conflicts, you make your own rules for the benefit of all. If my life or death I can protect you, I will.

That kind of sounds right. The death thing however would depend on who you are and the situation you were in for sure.................................................

David Corn Is Looking More Like The Leak

From this response by David Corn, sounds like he will be testify very soon in the Valerie Plame matter:


Time will tell..........................................

T-Ball Coach Puts Hit On Mentally Disabled Player

Deplorable would be an understatement:

T-Ball Hit

A coach of eight year old T-Ball players offers his players $25 to hit and hurt a teammate who was mentally disabled. What a rotten piece of human trash………………..

This guy is suppose to be the adult who provides these children “instructions in the fundamentals of baseball and allows them to experience the value of teamwork – but most of all, to have fun”. That is what Little League Baseball says is the purpose of T-Ball per their Media Guide:

Little Leauge Guide

Mark Downs Jr, failed these children on every count, and his action are deplorable. He should be banned for life from working with any organization that would put him in a position to teach children, and I think should do some jail time.

What kind of human being would do such a thing…………………………….


Per the AP via Fox, the R.W. Clark Youth Baseball League, which sponsored this team, are not affiliated with Little League International. You would hope however that R.W. Clark would apply the same purpose for their league with the same objectives............


London Bomb Makers & Food Preservatives?

Go here to see the webpage of the suspected London bomb maker:


and here

Both are the sites of Magdy Elnashar, the chemistry graduate student from Leeds University, who was arrested in Egypt today. It has been reported that Elnashar might have been the person who built the bombs used in the London bombings.

Not very telling but one of his areas of study and expertise is "Enzyme Immobilizaton". Which from what I can gather stabilizes enzymes, and looks to be a product used to assist in "Food Preservation".

Enzyme Immobilization

Food Preservatives and someone like this does not sound like a good match...........