Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mike Anderson's stlmediadotnet Worth Visiting

Here is a blog to keep an eye on here in STL:


It's stlmediadotnet: the blog, by Mike Anderson who is a former radio guy here in STL, from what I have gained from his blog. Full profile:

I'm a former radio guy, who has also taught both my previous career and computer, IT and web classes up to Grad School classes and seminars. I'm also a Vietnam Veteran, with service there as a combat photographer and administrator. I'm no pundit, but I'll keep an eye on all the weirdness out there, present it here from all sides, whether or not I agree, and occasionally comment. Maybe a memory or two, too. Stay tuned.

I liked his blog, and I'd recommend it if you have an interest in local MSM, from what I have seen. Sounds like a guy that is looking to require truth in reporting from the STL MSM, who spin-it like a twister but gives very little accountability and truthful reporting here in STL to what they report. All comments on the blog are from a former insider radio guy, and that gives it a good groove.

Come on Lee Publishing salvage that investment in the Pravda Post...........