Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blogs Replace Letters To Liberal MSM And Much - Much More

I've been thinking about my prior post, about the MSM using the right of center "letters to the editor" to be the balancing factor to their ultra-liberal offerings:

Letters Please, Please, PLEASE

I think that the right-of-center have effectively gained a very powerful voice via blogs that has not only replaced letters to the editors, but basically have made editors and their newspapers a second thought when it come to the appropriate theme of news and current events. They are behind, biased, and just don't do a credible job sharing the news (have not for years). The bloggers utilize the MSM news gathering infrastructure (got to piss them off bad), but then strip it of the liberal bias that they have always wrapped the story in and instead tell it from a fresh and open perspective. Some tell it in a ultra-conservative manner, some moderately conservative, some fair & balanced, and some the same as the liberal MSM. All in all it's a much better product because it first of all offer an alternative to an ultra-liberal MSM product, then has levels of political interjection that the MSM does not have. MSM has one speed, ultra-liberal.........................

The left is on the defense now, with a highly qualified and informed blogger network making sure they don't continue to falsely slant the "only" news options to those who are not on the internet. That number is few and fewer each day.........The MSM now finds themselves in the position of writing letters to the bloggers in their newspapers. With each, more and more newspaper readers go online and never leave. I say we will see more and more columns and articles where the old MSM defends their second best positions and news with "letters to the bloggers". It's a whole new day and a very powerful one.

God is it powerful to have an option to not only get my news from online sources, but to also contribute in a small way to that. It takes away the monopoly that the MSM has had all these years and strips them naked. MSM naked is a really ugly picture. Hope everyone truly understands and appreciates the value of what we have................................