Saturday, July 23, 2005

Britain Needs A Stronger Terrorist Act To Avoid More Tragedies

To state the very obvious, this is tragic:

Innocent Man Shot

When I commented that the shoot to kill policy was justified it was based on the reported testimony of a witness who had said the man had a bomb belt and wires sticking out. If that was the case and the police tried to get him to stop and he did not, then that I say would be reasonable to shoot him. Now it appears that there was really nothing showing that he even appeared to have a bomb. Again that is really tragic.

Britain needs to enact a stronger terror act, like the Patriot Act here in America. British police have limited ability to question people under their current terrorist laws unless they witness pretty serious activity. In this case if they saw him coming out of the area of surveillance, they could have stopped him much sooner and before he reached the subway, and questioned him.

His action to board the train while the police thought he was a possible bomber, was the deadly combination here it would appear. One would think that if he was stopped for questioning long before he got to the train, this would have ended much differently.

A tougher terrorist act will protect all British people, including suspects like this victim.......