Friday, July 29, 2005

Paul Krugman Tells It Like It Isn't

NRO contributor Donald Luskin has a post that ran at NRO up on his blog, that focuses on that mad tin foiled hat professor, Paul Krugman. It is in reference to the mad professor’s offer earlier this week on why Toyota was opening a plant in Ontario, Canada instead of Alabaman:


Krugman is no fan of the people who populate the red states, and spews out his hate for them in the piece. The Anniston Star, an Alabama newspaper had these words for Krugman: "you went out of your way to engage in a little Dixie bashing... it would have been nice if you had checked things more carefully."

As it seems with most Krugman articles, the facts and support data for his ultra-liberal slanted stories, lack credibility and truth. Not surprisingly this latest article has just that Krugman standard, but this one is even worse.

The tin foil professor quotes Gerry Fedchum president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association in Toronto, with this:

claimed that the educational level in the Southern United States was so low that trainers for Japanese plants in Alabama had to use 'pictorials' to teach some illiterate workers how to use high-tech equipment."

Problem is Fedchum is saying the quote was not true and he did not say it. But wait it gets worse, Fedchum clarified that he did not make that statement in a letter to the Birmingham News editor on 7/15/05. Krugman’s article appeared ten days latter.

So Krugman took a false quote that the person he attributed it to publicly said he did not say it and it was not true. Talk about a hack journalist, anyone who would construct an article in this fashion, simply has no journalistic credibility. Any paper that runs Krugman’s column also has no journalistic credibility and does not care about their viewers receiving factual information.

Krugman is a political hack, not a journalist…...........