Thursday, July 28, 2005

Shia Iraqi Frames Iraq Conflict In Proper Context

Whether you supported going into Iraq or not, the facts are we are there and trying to help the liberated Iraqis establish a democracy. That's a fact that no one of clear mind could disagree with. That said, here is a perspective from an Iraqi Shia via Austin Bay from an Iraqi newspaper Al Adala:

Shia via Austin Bay

Its a very interesting editorial post by a Sia Iraqi living in their country and facing the terrorist attacks that come at them daily. What does the writer of this anonymous piece have to say? Well they rightfully hold a lot of people accountable who are in great need of being held accountable:

Who is accountable for the terrorist attacks in Iraq against a clearly targeted civilian target base?

I) Terrorist organizations which use Islam and it's institutions as cover for their terrorism
(pretty obvious and no comment required)

II) Islamic countries that support the terrorist networks. Per the author:

they claim their commitment to human rights and to combating terror. On the other hand, they support those criminal movements which spread like a disease. At the same time, they adhere to improving relations with the European states, and yet they encourage those organizations to harm or destroy European countries.

(Europeans and European governments should really understand and act on this comment of truth, they know of which they speak)

III) Arab Journalists and European organizations that promote and support their bias agenda

Arab satellite channels and journalists, who rely on European support and are strengthened by European democracy, and then they call to kill the innocents, and they praise the killers and criminals under the guise of glorifying Islam and the Muslims. These badly twisted people express the deterioration in the political behavior.

(again Europe should really listen and hear what this person is saying. The model that Europe models and support is the fuel that drives the biased hate coverage of the Arab press)

IV) Arab press again using "cover" to promote hate and death, and pray for more innocent Iraqi civilians to be killed:

Those organizations have only slogans and they use their demand for the occupation's withdrawal as a cover to present more innocent civilian victims. There is a mischievous Arab newspaper which was rejected by the Arabs before the foreigners. This newspaper praises and glorifies the terror, and cries and prays for those criminals, and prays for more killing, devastation, death and explosions.

V) The Arab press once again:

Those papers call to kill the sons of the very same countries where they have headquarters. They glorify the dictatorships and the dictatorial periods, as well as the terrorists and criminals, and publish their statements and movies which feature murder anddecapitaten.

(what do you support, democracy and freedom or terrorists and dictatorships that empower the terrorists?)

VI) The Iraqi people and all people under attack from terrorists:

This will result in the people's hatred for these organizations and for Islam, as long as the organizations use Islam as a slogan and cover. The civilized world witnesses barbaric attacks by backward minds, which find the suitable circumstances and use weapons to force their ideas onto civilized societies. Those organizations believe that killing and fighting democracy is right. They think that religion is only a matter of having a beard, wearing white clothes and carrying prayer beads. Such minds need to be treated because they will continue in killing people freely if no one stops them.

I agree strongly. If Methodist terrorist were blowing up innocent people, let alone my family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens, I'd turn my back on the Methodist religion and sever my relationship with them if the Methodist leadership were supporting it or silent. I personally don't have a great need for a formal religion to stay in touch with my God or spiritual convictions. Anyone who attacks a government model that contains freedom of religion as one of the corner stones of its soul, have a very sinister plan as it relates to religion if they win. Ask the Afghanistan's and the over run towns on the Syrian border if this is in fact true. True and righteous religion is not about a uniform and rhetoric, is a deep and pure conviction of pure values, and killing people because they do not subscribe to your religious views does not fit into it in any way.

We are liberating Iraq. There have been no WMD's found like we thought and everyone else thought were there. The terrorist link has been proven but not the fact that WMD's were being transferred. So that leaves us in Iraq liberating the country from a dictator who is on par with Stalin and Hitler. Its a good thing when you give people like the Iraqis liberation after living under an animal like Saddam. He is gone, now we must defeat the terrorists.

It's time for all democracy loving people to move on to the opportunity that is in front of us and is achievable, especially the Iraqi people of all tribes and religions. That is to give the Iraqi people the chance to form an Arab Iraqi Democracy. It won't look like ours exactly nor should it. It will contain lots of similarities and principles, but it will be their democracy that fits their culture and needs. It will provide freedoms, rights and protections that define a democracy. It can become the beacon of hope for an entire region that has significant problems and needs these rights and protections desperately.

Either you support freedom and democracy or you don't. Political views of how we got in Iraq and whether it was right does not matter now, what does is whether you want to see a country develop into a democracy and defeat a fascist terrorist agenda. It's that simple I say, not only for Iraq, but an entire region..............