Friday, July 29, 2005

MSM Letters To Bloggers Become Pink Slips To Editors

Well after writing letters to bloggers in their newspaper, the Guardian has apparently sent pink slips to editors who were responsible for those letters to bloggers needing to be written:

pink slips

Per Scott Burgess of The Daily Ablution, the executive editor of news, Albert Scardino, has been fired over the fall out former staff reporter Dilpazier Aslam. He is quoting several sources that the show the Guardian's reason for the firing is:

conceded that the Aslam affair and its internal repercussions constitute a significant crisis for the paper.

Well yes, having someone on your staff writing articles that blame the London attacks on the innocent population, who has expressed his desire to see a “world dominated Islamic state, has promoted violence, and has ties to an extremist organization, is reason to be very concerned.

I think the Guardian does indeed have a significant crisis on their hands, but firing this reporter and the news editor will not be enough to prevent the same thing from happening again. Only a divorce from the agenda driven politics that the ultra-left promote will provide the needed medicine.

Well we have gone from MSM letters to bloggers, now to pink slips from MSM to editors because of the letters to bloggers…………………………….