Tuesday, July 19, 2005

President Bush Threaded The Needle With Roberts -DNC Leadership Aid

Via the NYT on the Roberts nominee:

Here are the highlights via the "very" gray lady:

Bush moved Tuesday to plant the conservative imprint on the Supreme Court that has been a central aim of his presidency, but with a member of the Washington legal establishment designed to frustrate any Democratic effort to block Mr. Bush's replacement for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved his appointment to the Court of Appeals in 2003 by a lopsided vote of 16 to 3, and the Senate confirmed the choice in a unanimous voice vote.

(lopsided precedence for a repeat confirmation process)

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, a moderate Democrat and one of the 14 senators whose recent compromise averted a shutdown on the process of confirming judicial nominees, said he was likely to support Mr. Robert if he was nominated.

(has the support of the gang of 14)

A choice that is at least good enough for conservatives, who hailed the nomination with a barrage of favorable reaction that went out even before Mr. Bush appeared in the East Room on Tuesday evening, yet someone who is genial and enigmatic enough to confound Democrats as they head into what they had long expected to be a difficult battle.

(good enough for the right of center, and will confound the ultra-liberal and ultra-conservatives)

"They've artfully threaded the needle," said a senior Democratic leadership aide, who declined to be identified as Democrats decided how strongly they wanted to resist the nomination.

(very telling)

Mr. Bush, though, is also someone who relishes confrontation and political combat, perhaps never more than when he finds himself under attack, as he certainly has during these rough three months in Washington. In this case, though, Mr. Bush may have found a way to accomplish one of the overarching goals of this presidency -moving the court to the right - without a reprise of the kind of polarizing battles that have sometimes marked the Bush presidency.

(the tell all statement Via the NYT on the Roberts nominee:

Political fall-out for the ultra-liberal-socialist left if they make a march on this nominee will be a disaster that will leave the DNC less than a minority party.

Be a lemming and go fall off a cliff Dems............