Friday, July 29, 2005

A New French PM That Is An Ally?

I don't like fair hearted French politicians for obvious reasons and especially don't like the defeatist PM Jacques Chirac because of his weakness in recent years and lack of balls, but give the French their dues when it comes to having a more aggressive strategy and law effort to deport radical Muslim Imams who preach hate and violence than Britain:

France Says No

The French more aggressive then the Brits on this matter, well another post. The revealing thing is that the voice of reason in France is Nicolas Sakozy (interior minister) and a very popular RIGHT of CENTER FRENCH POLITICIAN........Did you get that? RIGHT of CENTER.........The person doing what needs to be done to protect the French populous is a Right of Center leader, and he is the heir apparent it would appear to become PM in 2007. A right of center French PM leading candidate should tell you a lot about mainstream sentiment including here in America.


Not surprising he is not your normal blue blood Frenchman per his ancestry: Nicolas Sarkozy is the son of a Hungarian emigrant father and a French Jewish mother, and he is also a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Huh, a Frenchman who believes in God.....

It must be the Eastern European perspective that allows Mr. Sakozy to see so clearly. I say that everyone should re-visit what Mr. Sarkozy is doing and how he is leading. He sounds like a strong potential ally and if he wins and represents the French people then that is a great development. I have no concern that Sarkozy is a realist and understands the danger of blind multi-culturalism and the bombs that policy brings to it's citizens. His actions tell us that he understands the threat and is taking action to deal with the war on terrorism in the appropriate way.........