Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Eric Mink Is A Decent Fiction Writer

Eric the Mink, pens another fictional piece in his offering in the Pravda Post today:

Mink Fiction

Mink ignores all the facts as they are known to this point and formulates his own history and facts, but hey why should this article be any different from any other Mink offering.

Newsflash to Eric, there is one person in jail today for breaking the law for not testifying and providing "insight" on who actually outed Plame and that is journalist Judith Miller. Second news flash for the Minkster, all fact to this point show that Rove did not know Plame was an undercover agent, did not give her name, and there for did nothing wrong. Also Wilson admitted that Plame was not even an undercover agent at the time of her outing and it was common knowledge among her neighbors and friends that she was an agent.

Like the Downing Street memo, this bone has no meat but ultra-liberal media hacks like Mink are trying to keep the ball in the air. Its pretty clear that instead it will go the way of the Downing Street memo agenda driven non-story.........