Saturday, July 16, 2005

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit Covertly Directs Internet Traffic

MyDD a liberal blog has an interesting post on the "Left vs. Right blog Effectiveness", I guess is the frame-up I would use:

Mydd Blog Theory

His concern is that while the Left is a "community" where the blogs have more "stickiness" (people stop and stay and talk, and talk, and talk) and higher volume; the Right is more Op-Ed and "less-Sticky (I guess is the word), where "top" conservative bloggers drive traffic to the right's priority topic of the day. A support system for the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy ", as MyDD puts it. Well the process of right of center blogs is probably correct, but the Right Wing Conspiracy should be left to the grassy knoll. I'm not a "chat" kind of guy and don't see that "need" or "want" from the folks who post or read any of the right of center blogs I read regularly.

I like to see what bloggers have up, their story of interest, and follow the links to why they like the story. Often, I jump off the link trail and will look on the MSM sources to see what they have to say about the topic and are covering it. I also look on left of center sites to see how they are covering the topic. I read about it and gather the info, and then make-up "my" mind on the matter or topic. I really have no need to spend hours debating it or discussing it with other people. I also don't have time to do that.

MyDD thinks Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is the "King" of the conservative right wing traffic direction on the right of center web. Glenn is one blog that probably just about every right of center blog reader visits. I think MyDD is overstating the traffic routing conspiracy, however. I think Glenn reads blogs and posts what he likes and points people that way because he knows they will be interested. That's not a conspiracy, its sharing of information, its the New Media, pure and simple....

I read both right and left blogs and think that the left is more of a chat type environment, where people get together to discuss, develop, and reassure each other, collectively. You don't see a lot of reassurance therapy on the right. On the right people are more sure of their position and come out to get their news, post their personal feelings on it (without a group discussion), and follow it through the post of others. Group discussions are not bad, but right of center blogs do that by their posts, not chat rooms. Meaning, they agree, disagree, correct or provide feedback by their post that fellow bloggers read without lots of chat room activity. Everyone at the top reads the other and each level down reads most of the top level bloggers.

Also I think the right of center political position is pretty united and not that wide of a swing. On the left I think the swing from moderate liberal to ultra-liberal is very far apart. That is why they have lots of chat and consensus building. Because there is a lot greater need for censuses building.

Well that's my theory anyway..................................................