Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hellen Thomas Angry About Being Exposed As Political Hack

Hellen Thomas is very angry that her "I'll kill myself if Cheney runs for President, all we need is one more liar", statement made it's way to the public per Drudge's latest update:

Hellen's Hell

Now Hellen Thomas is an old MSM political hack, everyone knows that, but this little story tells volumes about the status of the left behind and outdated MSM. It exposes all the nasty warts, and simple lack of credibility that defines today's MSM.

Now why would a journalist who covers the White House be so politically bias that she would make such a statement? Well because like about 80% of the White House press corp, she is a very politically biased ultra-left hack. The same 80% range of the MSM shares Hellen's ultra-left political bias and report in that sort of manner. That's why only 28% of Americans believe them and feel that the MSM is credible. The MSM on a national level with reporters like Thomas and on a local level with journalists like Eric Mink, are simply political hacks with a political agenda to spin. How could someone of average to above average intelligence, believe organizations and people that give a steady flow of political agenda, regardless of the facts of the day or the reality? Well I guess they are lemmings............................

Hellen Thomas seems so indignant over her statement coming out to the public, like she is above being covered for such a statement? She covers the White House and reports to paying subscribers, and they have a right to know she is a political hack. If they did not already know that, then that is a little scary, but anyway.......It's ok for journalists to quote anonymous sources, but it's not ok to report a direct quote from a journalist from the White House press corp who makes such a politically biased statement? That loony left MSM.......................

The MSM seems to think that they live above you and I. They think it's ok for Judith Miller to refuse to answer the questions of a grand jury, because she is a journalist. Judith Miller may well have info that damages a White House member, but the right thing in my mind is for her to comply with the law. I would have to and so would you or we would go where Judith Miller is right now. Journalists are not above the law as they are painting currently with the Judith Miller sad sob. It's a strange perspective for an institution that is steadily slipping into a deep level of irrelevance. I'm above the law because I am fading to a very deep black hole of irrelevance?

Give me a break Hellen. Your an old political hack and we have know that for years. You have now made a public statement that was run on the internet and the "informed" masses have seen it for what it is. You will retire soon and fade away like the sad and pathetic irrelevant MSM reporter that you are. Calm down and gain some perspective on this, it just shed light on who you really are. Are you ashamed of who you are and the reporter you are?

Well, I guess I do see why you are so upset with the record coming out then........