Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nighmare Dilemma For Democrats Over Roberts Nomination

Looks like right of center bloggers are very happy about this nominee:

(It's a great day for conservatives and for America. Thanks to President Bush for nominating the best person for the job--or, certainly, one of the best people, along with McConnell, Luttig and one or two others--rather than taking the easy, politically correct way out)

Hugh Hewitt
(A home run for the president, the SCOTUS, and for the United States)

(Here's a profile of Roberts. And note that Joe Lieberman put him forward as a compromise candidate who would be easily confirmable)

Of course all three blogs are written by talented legal minded conservative lawyers (well right of center anyway), who are saying that Roberts appears bullet proof. I read into it also that by picking Roberts, Bush gets a conservative that will be acceptable to mainstream Americans, and if the ultra-liberal left smears him, it will not only fail but will also cause some serious political fall-out as we head into the 2006 Elections.

What a nightmare to be a Democrat official and be faced with this. Go after such a highly qualified nominee or the ultra-left base will go crazy, but go after him and loose even more seats in 2006. What to do...................................................