Saturday, July 23, 2005

More Blood On Newsweek's Hands - British Blood

From LGF this post:

Media Enemy

Well when you subscribe to the theory that the actions of Islamofacists are merely the rightful reaction of oppressed people fighting oppressive American policy, you don't have an issue running false Koran desecration stories. That's your agenda when you have that base and conviction on this matter. You also don't care that it hurts the war on terror or puts American patriots in harms way. Koran-gate killed people when it was falsely reported, and now it has had a role in the deaths of British citizens killed in the recent terrorist attacks in London.

Has America and the west made mistakes in the Middle East in past policy? Oh course they have. Do the mistakes justify people strapping bombs on children and sending them into restaurants, buses, trains and meeting places to blow themselves and innocent people up? Absolutely not................................

Iraq is the start of the American effort to bring democracy to the people of the Middle East. It is not about oil or strategic military bases. It is about Americans dieing to bring the people of Iraq freedom and democracy. To allow them to be self governing, after years of brutal oppression from a war criminal. It's a first act investment in bringing the entire region the democracy that they deserve and desire. However, the too be liberated those effected must fight the good fight to bring themselves to the reality of this freedom. They must reject the bombers who kill anyone including Muslims who do not share their same extremist views. There can be no democracy and freedom without the rejection of extremist Islam. If they do not reject this terrorism, then we will one day have to leave them to play the horrible acts out on one another until few are left without terrible and horrible damage.

Why the American MSM, continues to be more focused on "got-ya" stories that mostly turn up false, instead of the core factors in this struggle are confounding. Prison abuse stories that are true should be reported and are serious. However, the Abu Ghraib story that was and should have been reported, has given birth to the same type of Watergate MSM mentality of chasing the theme to justify the liberal agenda. It's more about the next big prisoner abuse story than an accurate story on the whole situation and happenings in Iraq. A rush to become the next Woodward & Bernstein of prisoner abuse is ramped in the MSM, and has been for 30 years, rather than a focus on the facts of the day related to Iraq and the war on terror. It can only be explained in the context of a infrastructure that would rather feed the ultra-liberal machine and the blame America first ideology, rather than report the real struggle that we are currently in. It's a fat and happy mentality that can not put themselves in the place of the people fighting for this sacred freedom and do not see the need to show all sides of the struggle.

I never want to be told what I want to hear only, that's a dumb mentality. However, an agenda that is biased and rooted in the mentality of "it's America's fault only" does not serve anyone well. Everyone has some fault in this war, but people who give their lives for the liberation and freedom of Iraq and the region, are without a doubt the good guys. People who strap bombs on themselves and blow up trains and innocent people, are the bad guys. I know that is pretty basic and has no deep intrinsic sub-theme but I think the MSM would be well served to get back the basics on this story. Good people bring liberty and freedom, bad people resist self rule............