Friday, July 15, 2005

Dallas Morning News Calls Terrorists - Terrorists

Via LGF, a newspaper with some credibility, The Dallas Morning News:

A Credible Decision

Good for you, here is what they said:

Today, this editorial board resolves to sacrifice another word "insurgent" on the altar of precise language. No longer will we refer to suicide bombers or anyone else in Iraq who targets and kills children and other innocent civilians as insurgents.

Good for you. The wrap is excellent:

Words have meanings. Whether too timid, sensitive or open-minded, we've resisted drawing a direct line between homicidal bombers everywhere else in the world and the ones who blow up Iraqi civilians or behead aid workers.

No more. To call them "insurgents" insults every legitimate insurgency in modern history. They are terrorists.

Call them like the are, and for their action I say as does the editorial board at the Dallas Morning News.

Could you guys send some folks up to STL to help the St. Louis Post Dispatch gain some perspective and journalistic credibility? They sorely need it...........