Monday, February 28, 2005

The Grass of Freedom Is Growing

About a year ago I had dialog with a Post Dispatch columnist on the Iraq war, and it went something like this. He said it would be a failure and I said no, it would be a great success. His rational was that there were no WMDs and that it would be our next Vietnam and destroy our relationships with the rest of the world. My rational was that even without finding the WMDs that we all know Iraq had at one time, the liberation of Iraq and the coming democracy would sow the seeds of democracy and change the Middle East, and given what we faced if the willing did not include our old European allies so what, time to act.

I told the columnist, that I thought that George W. Bush would go down as a great visionary and the liberator of the Middle East that would make the whole world safer. I said you have to "drain the swamp in order to let the grass of freedom grow in such an oppressed region". I think I will be proven right. Read more here:

Today the Syrian puppet government in Lebanon resigned due to the recognized growing public unity, outcry and protesting of the Lebanese people. Christian and Muslim, joined together to protest against the murder of their former President by the Syrian government and the puppet Lebanese government. Strong freedom is on the march in Lebanon and remember this is the country that Syria uses as the Hazballah base and staging country for its terrorist operations. Democracy in Lebanon will be huge and send very good shock waves through the entire Middle East. Read more:

In Egypt Mubarak has amended Egypt's constitution to allow direct presidential elections. This is a historic development that is being driven by the Egyptian people looking over the border into Iraq and seeing that light of freedom and self rule and then saying why not us also? The glow of freedom is growing and spreading just like grass, and just like I predicted.

President George W. Bush made the hard decision and directed ur men and woman of the military service to liberate a whole region of the world. It also happens to be one of the most dispersed regions and the one that produces the most vicious terrorists that want to destroy our way of life.

The swamp is in deed being drained and the grass is in fact growing. Beautiful grass and has people with blue fingers of victory showing not only our sacrifice but theirs and more importantly their hunger to be free people. If you can't support feeding people freedom and self rule, you better do a real self check and see what you are truly all about.">

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Letter To The Editor On Putin's Rather Biased Defense

My email to the Pravda Post and Lee Publishing. I know it does not get a lot of results but it has to make them think just a "little tiny bit" why they are writing themselves out of a job...............
The most "Incredible" news story in a long time is out there right now. A Big, Big story...........Per Time, Putin told Bush last week in their meetings that "we did not criticize you when you fired the CBS reporters". What a story!!!!!!!! This is monumental, a Russian President justifying the crack down on Russian press with a Dan Rather rationalization. Man this is huge and goes to the base of the damage that Rather and CBS did to journalism and the First Amendment.

Time goes with the story line that Putin does not understand that in America we have total Freedom of Expression and that the American people via turning the channel or canceling subscriptions hold the press accountable for the sacred rights of the First Amendment, not the government. That is not their exact report but the rational for the statement from Putin. I think they missed it just a bit. I think it was also a calculated move to say "hey CBS lied about you and abused its freedoms and you closed them down so we are doing the same". Rather and CBS must be very proud of the worst journalistic export this country has ever given the rest of the world.

Your undefendable decision not to cover the CNN Eason story was beyond bad, but to not cover this one will make you truly irrelevant. If there ever was a story that should grab you and shake you into reality this is the one! The credibility of the whole MSM is on the line with Putin's statement unless the Post and other Ultra Liberal new organizations move to expose the true damage that has cracked the foundation of the First Amendment by the MSM news organizations because of the Rathergate story. It is a very serious matter that must be given the focus it demands or all freedoms are at risk.

Time to report the news on this incredibly revealing and important story. It has to get front page coverage and "real" analysis. It's now or never for the Post and all other Ultra Liberal news organizations to either move to the middle and start "reporting" the news "objectively" or go down the drain of credibility with Rather, CBS, and the Putin rational.

Someone in the Post organization has to have the vision to see the shadow that has descended and continues to color the Post organization irrelevant. If not, let me know and I will write the article pro bono.

Lee Enterprises, you have a huge investment in the purchase of the Post, its a ship taking on water given the lack of credibility of its current bow. The subscription run-off rate will continue in the Greater St. Louis market until you only are a metro paper with no true circulation unless the paper moves to an objective position. That will not be a good return on your investment. I talk to lot of people on my blog that like me are moderate to moderate conservatives and have been holding their nose for a long time while reading the Post. We are getting real tired of the lack of balance and will soon join the ranks of the "cancelled subscription" status. Not a good status for truth in journalism or ROI.
Steve Priest
St. Louis MO

Putin Defends Crack Down On Press With Rather Rational

Time will run a story on the Bush & Putin meetings last week where Putin defends his regressions on liberties by stating, "we did not criticize you when you fired those reporters at CBS". What an incredibly telling statement this ends up being when you really analyze it for content and rational.

The reason for saying such a thing must be based in one of two base of thought. Putin either does not truly understand the freedom of speech that we have in America, or it was a calculated strategy to try and reflect criticism from the media crack down Russia currently is instituting.

Time thinks and runs with it being that Putin does not truly understand the freedoms that the American press has and the huge responsibility they have to be true to that freedom. If they do not remain true to it, American citizens will string the journalists up for failing them so miserably, not the government.

The other possibility is that Putin was advised that it was a good play to deflect criticism, and if so it was really bad advise. How must CBS, Rather and the gang feel today to be used as a rational for shutting down the free press of Russia. They are being used as the poster child for regulating a free press by a former Soviet Super Power that is digressing the new freedoms of that country. You could almost hear Putin's unstated rational: Rather and his gang lied about you and you fired them, we are only doing the same thing in Russia.

I think its a combination of the two myself. The equally important story here I think is the affect CBS and Rathergate had on this country and it's offical policies. They think its ok for the government to move in and close the free press even if its telling the truth, forget about when they use false presentation and political agenda like Rather did. Considering what Rather and CBS did the Russians can not fathom why they were not all jailed in Siberia.

Rather became his nemesis Nixon in his final days and now he has this as icing on his legacy cake. Rather's and CBS's prostitution of the first amendment are without a doubt the most embarrassing export of how journalism should not be done that America has ever produced. If the liberal media is every going to get it, this story has to be tops to get through. I doubt however they have the ability or desire to really understand how powerful and important this issue is and to realize what their damage to the free press world wide really has been.

What a fitting last shovel of manure on Rather's professional burial. Rest in peace Dan and enjoy the aroma of your work.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oscar Buys The "N" Word Host

The Oscar Awards are tomorrow, and I won't watch them. I don't think I have watch one other than dropping in for a moment. Hollywood does not interest me, I don't go to the movies and its not a political decision. I just don't find value in them so I spend my capital elsewhere. It costs $30 buck for a family of four to buy tickets and then $25 buck or so for food. That is a $55 buck total for entertainment that just does not satisfy my requirements.

I have probably went to 5 movies at the theater the past 8 years and all were kid movies that I took my kids to. I watch movies on TV and DVD, but they are just not good enough to spend premium money on at the theater for me.

Hollywood's self indulgent tribute to itself (The Oscars) has been loosing viewers just like the MSM at a very increased rate the past few years. Most mainstream Americans just don't care and view Hollywood in less than a positive view.

For this years show they have brought in Chris Rock. Rock is know for his use of the "N" word and lots of foul language. Seems to me that they are moving in the wrong direction from what the 2004 election taught us. Americans don't embrace the raunchy and edgy side of Hollywood slap downs like Rock and Robin Williams.

Speaking of Williams, the Oscars said no to his attack and lampoon on conservative James C. Dobson. Williams apparently intended to criticize Dobson and the conservative agenda. ABC said no and I think that is a wise decision on their part.

Ultra conservative organization do in my opinion go too far in their conservatism, but they are way closer to my moderate conservative views than ultra liberal Hollywood. So are these west coast liberals just stupid or do they get it and refuse to come into reality?

Does not matter to me, Hollywood has no value to me and I just have no interest in what they have to say and what they produce as a product. Unless of course it is a kids show that my kids want to see................................Other wise I will selectively see it on DVD or TV if it has my interest.

Investment Strategy 2005

I spent some quality time looking at the asset allocation of my investments the past few days and it was way over due. It's something I should do on a weekly basis, well lets get real, on a monthly basis and that's the commitment I've made with myself.

Things have been pretty good investment wise the past 12 months. My portfolio has done pretty well. I'm a long term investor being 39 years old and still am looking at a 20 year + or - horizon. For that reason I'm 80% Stock and 20% Bonds.

Here is my thoughts for 2005 relative to investments:

1) The dollar will remain relatively weak compared to foreign currency

2) Inflation will also remain relatively low.

3) Oil will remain relatively high but I think it will come down gradually over the full year of 2005.

4) The US economy will continue to grow at a relatively mild but steady rate in 2005 ( nothing big but steady )

Based on this, here are my bets:

1) International Stocks are still a good play. I plan to increase my holdings slightly. I will keep a real close eye on the dollar however and if it starts to edge up I will decrease the International holdings.

2) Mid & Small Cap stocks are also still a good buy I think. In an economy like we are in, a slight but steady increase of the economy, the small and mid size companies tend to benefit the most. Rates should remain low and with capital cost low they should do well. Again keep an eye on the cost of funds and if they rise I will cut back on this sector.

3) Increase my Value vs. Growth holdings on Large Capital holdings of US stocks. The Value sector has had a very good 18 plus months and I think with the current economy they will continue to. If the economy starts to heat up and really grow then I will decrease Value and move more into Growth.

What my asset allocation will look like in 2005:

- Large Cap Stocks 40% with 60% of it in Value and 40% in Growth.

- Mid & Small Cap Stocks 25% evenly split 12.5% each.

- International Stocks 20% with not too much in China. I think that Chinese stocks will weaken as we go through 2005.

- Bonds 15% with 70% corporate and 30% government.

- Cash will be 0%

I'm not an investment advisor, but I think the above mix will have a pretty decent chance to return good returns in 2005. If you have not sat down and reviewed your asset allocation and considered how it matches up with you retirement and family needs, its the perfect time to do so. Fidelity and Vanguard have good sites to review your allocation and its easy and informative for people of all investment level knowledge. Here is to great returns in 2005!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Good Luck Mr. Williams

Creg E. Williams, was named as the superintendent of the St. Louis Public Schools. His resume from Philly: In Philadelphia, he has been the deputy chief academic officer since 2002. In that post, he is directly responsible for 58 high schools, 52 charter schools and a budget of more than $500 million. The district overall has 215,000 students and a budget of more than $1.6 billion. Read the Pradva Post for the update:
It's an incredible tough job I think. We already had the private group come in and bail out. When a private for profit outfit says it so broke it can not be fixed that's a really bad sign. The metro schools are in terrible shape and we are loosing the metro youth to crime, murder, drugs, and indifference. That's not good for them, the metro residences or the people of greater St. Louis.

I hope Mr. Williams will have a positive influence on the metro school future, lets all hope so. I plan to contact Mr Williams and ask if I can do anything to help him and, don't know it there is but you should also.............................

To Be Catholic or Not...............

Here in St Louis the St. Stanislaus Kostka church, is a proud Polish Catholic legacy church. Why legacy? Well its a strange story but the short is, St Stanislaus somehow kept control of their money all these years and now Archbishop Burke says "if you want to be Catholic then you have to turn the finances over to us". I'm not saying that is right or wrong, I'm not Catholic but I think this is a very interesting story.

Stanislaus said no, we will remain Catholic but we will control our own money and assets. The Catholic Church said no, that won't work. Stanislaus said well too bad that's the way its going to be. Now Burke is saying OK, if that's how you want it then you are no longer a Catholic entity. That's pretty serious stuff if your a Catholic.

I come down on the side of the Church on this one. If your a Catholic Church then you play by the rules of the Church. If you don't like the rules then leave and become a different religion. You can not have it both ways, either you are a Catholic Church or you are not a Catholic Church. Time for Stanislaus to decide what denomination they will be..............................

Denomination is not that important to me and I don't think it really matters, but to some it is REAL IMPORTANT.........

What News Does America Want To Watch?

What do American viewers want from their news coverage? Well lets take a look at the cable ratings for the week to answer that very good question:

Clean Moderate to Moderate Conservative SWEEP..........

FNC SHEP SMITH 1,386,000
FNC BRIT HUME 1,318,000
FNC GRETA 1,307,000

Liberal...........Below, Always Below

CNN LARRY KING 1,004,000
CNN ZAHN 673,000
CNN COOPER 524,000
CNN DOBBS 379,000

Should move to Fox

Ultra liberal, Insane, and lacks any talent............And at the bottom


Fox had 64% of all Cable viewers against the collective offering of the other "Two" networks! That's kind of tells you what America wants in their coverage of the news. Which is exactly what we don't get from the liberal networks, "truth" and a non-socialist angle. Roll on Big Fox, roll on baby................................

I propose that Fox trades Greta and her 1,307,000 for Joe Scarborough and his 240,000. I'll bet Joe surpasses 1.3 million real fast on Fox. I like his show and switch over to MSNBC for his show only...........

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

McGuire Was & Bonds Is On Juice

I live in St. Louis and have for seven plus years. The Card's are my home team but are also my second favorite team (I grew up a Tampa Bay Buc fan and a Braves fan and always will be ). I will say without a doubt that the St. Louis fans are the best I have ever been in company with. They know the game, know what is occurring, and are respectful for the game. That's pretty precious right about now. The McGuire magic home run season was magical for me and the whole town of STL. I sent over 20 issues of the front page when he broke the record to friends in other locations. It was very magical and I was very into it and appreciated being here and part of it.

That said, no doubt in my mind that Mark McGuire was on steroids. Anyone who does not think that is the case is just being delusional. He got huge, real "HUGE" in a short period of time. He got acne, and had severe mood swings. I have know guys who have used steroids and he was a mirror of their physical and emotional results.

Bond's is on the juice as well no doubt. However his re-entry into the fray was that everyone who said they thought he was on juice was a "liar". Well I guess we will see as we move forward on this point. Barry was big, "BIG" like McGuire.

These guys were or are on juice and I guess the fans of baseball have to decide it they will accept it and say nothing, or reject it. The sprits of Ruth, Marris, and the living Legend Aaron have to decide I think. I look for Aaron to be the one to set the tone as he should do. He is the only one alive to speak for all the others, and the King!!!!! He is a Brave and the Home Run King!!!!

Courts Should Rule And Step Out of The Way

I think that issue of taking life support away from a technically living person who is by medial standards dead, is a very hard and personal decision. It to me is as close as you get to the abortion issue. I do not think personally that government has much of a place in this discussion than to define the parameters and then let the very unfortunate people who find themselves there decide.

Can you find yourself in a worse position than making such a decision for a loved one? I really cant think of one. So put yourself in the moment and then imagine that your decision after heart wrenching reflection is to pull the plug. Then after that decision the government comes in and tells you sorry, you can not do that, its not allowed, you are killing your family member. What would that do to you?

This woman in Florida (Terri Schiavo) who has been in a vegetable state since 1990, is a very sad story indeed. Her husband says that she would want the tubes removed, her parents say no way and a legal battle had been going on for over twenty years.

Today the 2nd District Court of Appeals silently enabled her husband to disconnect the tubes if he wished. So why didn't they "rule" and say this is the law, you can diconnect the tubes? That's a very weak judicially ruling. Then a Pinellas Circuit Judge ( George Greer ) issued an emergency stay an hour later. So we are back where we were on this very difficult and personal decision with the government stepping in, contradicting itself, and completely confusing everyone, again after twenty years.

When people face a decision like this, it is completely wrong and immoral for people to be pulled back in forth with such indecision by the courts. The law must be established and then it must be up to the people who are affect to decide. I hope this poor woman finds peace soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

NYT Is Up In Smoke On Bush Tapes

The NYT decided to run a story that is based on taped private conversations between President George W. Bush and a personal friend Doug Wead, back in 1998. The NYT hoped to damage Bush with this story, but like every other time they try, instead they continue to damage and discredit themselves. Running story line from a friend that taped private conversations back in 1998 that really tells us what we already know, is that real jounalism????

The tapes seem to focus on Bush navigating politically between the ultra-conservative Christian collation and where he stands as a moderate conservative Republican and a Christian. That part of the story I found pretty informative and rewarding to read. If they would have stayed with that they may have had a story.

The biggest two plays of the story are that Bush told his friend (that's certainly up for reconsideration), that he would not beat the gay drum as he put it, "because I am a sinner and how can I differentiate sin?" Well, I agree and think that it will actually provide more support to Bush and the RNC. It shows that Bush is a compassionate conservative that cares about people and will not cave to people of extreme views, regardless of the party affiliation. Brings to mind to me the biblical quote "those who have not sinned should throw the first rock". I see real substance here...........

The second issue that the tape brought out was that Bush seems to admit that he tried marijuana. Bush goes on to tell Wead (Wead, real close to Weed huh?), "I wouldn't answer the marijuana questions because I don't want some little kid doing what I tried". Bush like a majority of people since the sixties have tried marijuana, and I have no issue with that revelation. It was pretty much an agreed conclusion that Bush had a bit of a wild side for a period of his life before moving on. Who hasn't, I sure did. So what is the point if Bush smoked some pot thirty years ago? Simply does not matter to me.

I'm much more interested in the Man who he is now, rather than the man he was and smoking a little grass along the way in no way defines him. The revelation without a doubt makes me appreciate President Bush more today than I did yesterday. Why, because I know that he understands that he is not perfect and has learned from his mistakes and became a better person. Also the fact that he is true to himself and would not sell out his beliefs to take a specific strategy that he did not personally believe in is incredibly telling. What does it tell? Character........of the first order.

The NYT basically said hey, its not an issue and has no real bearing on the moment back in the 1992 election when Clinton was questioned about his pot smoking. So it is interesting why they think it is a story now. Well that's not real hard to figure out, they hate Bush and apply their standards differently to the moderate and right of center people.

The funny thing is that they have without a doubt strengthened the support of the base and validated the belief we held about President Bush. They have also brought more fringe voters who voted blue in 2004 over the RNC side I think for real and true value reasons. You can't buy press like that.............Thanks NYC

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jimmy Carter Sub In Every Way

Today, the USS Jimmy Carter submarine was dedicated with former President Jimmy Carter in attendance. Mr. Carter was quoted as saying "The most deeply appreciated and emotional honor I've ever had is to have this great ship bear my name". The former President went on to outline his expectations of the sub that will bear his name "extraordinary capabilities-many top secret-to preserve peace, to protect our country and to keep high the banner of human rights around the world".

Funny I think what Peanut Jimmy chose those words. Does he really think that an attack sub is about waiving the banner of human rights? A sub is part of a military force that attacks and crushes our enemies. Certainly the goal and reason is to provide liberty and freedom for so many people of the world, but a sub does not fly the human rights flag. It kills people and destroys, Carter never got the reason and purpose of military force and might, it's an instrument of war, period. Not understanding the American military force is probably why he made such a crazy statement.

Carter served on a sub after graduating from West Point. In that sense it is fitting, but has there been any President in our history who completely misunderstood the use of our military might and what it was all about? Think back to Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Carter's policies were behind the Iraq vs. Iran war that killed millions of people and caused much of the instability we now have in the Middle East. Carter told the Shah and his government that he wanted to have a contract to build a Port Complex switched to his political supporters rather than the selected contractor Brown & Root, and the change would cost the Iranian government 10% more. The Shah politely declined the request. That was the start of the end for the pro-American Shah government in Iran.

Carter refused to send riot control equipment to the Shah when the revolution began. I can only imagine what the confidential documents show what was in fact the US policy within Iran that stirred the revolution and brought the Shah down. Don't get me wrong the Shah was not a class citizen, but its important to know that Carter ignited the Iran Revolution because of a rebuke for pay back. He brought down a pro-American government for the Father of Islamic terrorism.

So Carter put Khomeini in power and took Islamic terrorism to a whole new height. Carter even said that "Khomeini is a religious man like me, and that he knew how to talk to a man of God". How did his fellow Man of God return Carter's favor, shortly after his support of a mullah to run Iran, they kidnapped several American in a total disrespect for American and our standing. The worst intelligence report and strategy all time in American history. That is the key with Carter, he is a man of "no resolve" and he is a socialist passitive. He is the first true "Socialist Democrat" President of the US. To read more about the Carter Middle East foot print read

Nothing in our history was more embarrassing than the Iranian hostage situation, aside from sub-boy Carter's totally disastrous attempt to liberate them that resulted in a crash in the desert and several dead Americans. Why did he not say like Regan, let them go our we are going to bomb you into negative stone age? Because he was a passive who lacked resolve and will.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1978 was also a reaction to a weak President Carter. The hell hole of Iraq was strengthened and supported by Carter, Khomeini was put in power by Carter in Iran because of a contract, and Afghanistan was turned into a terrorist bad lands by Carter's policies. We have been trying to recover and move beyond ever since his foot print was made. Has there ever been a President who has failed so dismally internationally or nationally than Carter? He is truly the American Father of the Islamic terror network, and the worst President of All Times.

I can think of much more deserving things to name in the honor of former President Jimmy Carter, than a war submarine. I bet the brave men and woman of that sub put one of those magnets that sports fans use, once they are out of port that displays a different name than USS Jimmy Carter. It has to make them feel susceptible and weak to have that name on their vessel. There is just something wrong with having the name of a Socialist Passive on the bow of an attack submarine. Send those sailors some good spray paint..............

First Amendment Protection For MSM But No One Else

Funny how the MSM drapes itself in the First Amendment and rightfully so when defending their freedom of speech, but they have a different read on the First Amendment when a journalist of a non-liberal view enacts the same freedom of expression protection.

Tulsa Blogger Michael Bates was threatened with legal action by his home town newspaper the "Tulsa World". Seems that Bates on his blog exposed an incestuous relationship between the Tulsa World and the city government of Tulsa.

One of the sited issues that the Tulsa News had was that Bates was using links to the Tulsa News website. Huh? A newspaper having an issue with another organization or party sending viewers or customers their way? They don't have a legal leg to stand on and there is overwhelming precedent and legal opinion on the side of the blogger. That's really not the point here.

Bates contention is that in the one news paper town of Tulsa, the city government and the Tulsa World are part of an organized coalition to discuss and decide public agendas behind closed doors and will stand in a united prescribed front for the decisions they reach. Really scary stuff that would be the absolute worst place a newspaper could find itself at.

I can certainly see some of the same parallels at work in St Louis with the Post and the heavily democratic city government. Sure seems that they are all on the same page and speak line to me, sort of the like the Rathergate memo, the MSM story line and how it fit so well with the DNC story line at the same point in time. I'm going to have to spend some time looking deeper at this issue right here in St. Louis.

The funny thing about the Tulsa World legal threat is that it does not mention the content of the story, rather the link to the newspaper. If the story was wrong or had no legs don't you think that would be the focus of the legal threat? Even if it was not true, Bates has his right to opinion and the right to express it unless he crosses the line into defamation which he clearly has not done.

I had never heard of Bates or his blog before this story. Ironically the Tulsa World has made Bates and his blog and put it on a national and international scale now from their ironic and inconsistent action regarding free speech. Now thousands of additional people will be focused in on this issue and covering it. Ironic how that works out in a platform that is truly about freedom of speech and open to all not just those who tow the ultra-liberal MSM party line.

Bates is being defended by Media Bloggers Association and they have made it very clear that the Tulsa World had better back off or the fury of hell is going to come down on them like a banshee from hell. The press alone that would be generated by a MSM member trying to suppress free speech would be so damning that the fact the legal precedent is 150% on the bloggers side seems somewhat secondary.

What a great story and illustration of how far we have come in so few years related to freedom of expression and providing an alternative news outlet to the biased MSM. They are scared but instead of moving to the middle they stay ultra-left and prostitute the bedrock of their existence and legitimacy. Sad but true, the Tulsa World has fallen into the depths of irrelevance and lack of trust that the MSM culture breeds and reinforces.

Maybe the Post will send me a threatening letter or sue me and send me to the same international exposure that the Tulsa World sent Bates and his blog. Ms Christine Bertelson ( Editor of the Post Dispatched ), what do you think? Want to send me a letter?

Dean The Scream & The Mad Shoe Man

In another story you won't see from the MSM, last night in Portland, Ore. Pacific University hosted a debate between newly appointed DNC Chairman Howard "The Scream" Dean and former Regan Pentagon Adviser Richard Perle. They debated Iraqi and other foreign policy issues.

Perle is a leading proponent of the Iraqi war and as you know Dean has been strongly against it. Nothing of particular interest came from the two participates, but a very telling action came from one of the overwhelmingly socialist democrats in the audience of this very blue city.

One of the democrat moon-bats stood up and screamed "Liar, Liar, Liar" at Perle, then broke into a tirade of obscenities, before he took off his shoe and threw it at Perle. He was arrested and escorted out. The crowd was overwhelming pro-Dean and booed Perle on a regular basis. In fairness to Dean, it does not appear that he gave his mad man Dean Scream to excite the man or the crowd. Thank god for that, his mere presence and rhetoric seems to be so appealing to the extreme and violent left that had he actually whipped the crowd up with a scream they would have probably tore the place down and burned it. You can see the video at

Isn't Dean the Scream a perfect fit for the loony left, their extreme platform, extreme views and their extreme actions? Dean is going to register a lot of red votes for the RNC over the next few years. I predict he will not make it out of 2006.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Osama Meets Our Fore Fathers

From "Tomfoolery of the Highest Order"

When Osama bin Laden died, he was met at the Pearly Gates by George Washington, who slapped him across the face and yelled, "How dare you try to destroy the nation I helped conceive!"
Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and shouted, "You wanted to end our liberties but you failed."

James Madison followed, kicked him in the groin and said, "This is why I allowed our government to provide for the common defense!"

Thomas Jefferson was next, beat Osama with a long cane and snarled, "It was evil men like you who inspired me to write the Declaration of Independence."

The beatings and thrashings continued as George Mason, James Monroe and 66 other early Americans unleashed their anger on the terrorist leader.

As Osama lay bleeding and in pain, an Angel appeared. Bin Laden wept and said, "This is not what you promised me."

The Angel replied, "I told you there would be 72 Virginians waiting for you in Heaven. What did you think I said?"

I see it this way without a doubt, how about you?

Hillary Clinton Is Not Electable

One of the Hollywood DNC power bosses, David Geffen says no to Hillary Clinton. Geffen is a top Hollywood socialist and a member of the team that bought the DNC, and he says that Hill is not electable.

I will agree with that assessment of course, but would like to see some real nasty in-fighting within the DNC. I'm sure that is the next order. It's almost fantasy to see what has unfolded since the election. Joyful victory is the best of all.

The DNC is so far left with Dean, Hill, Kennedy and Kerry, that's its really hard not to like these folks. I mean that in the sense of how many votes they bring the RNC way.

I can not wait to see this all play out, it's going to be very, very, good I think for the RNC in future election..............

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Follow The Soros Money.............

Soros is continuing to spread his red money, now to a lawyer who is being tried for passing banned information from a convicted terrorist.

Lynne Stewart is the attorney for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman who is also know as the "Blind Sheik". Rahman was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the 1993 attach on the World Trade Center. This guy was part of the foundation that planned 9/11.

Soros has donated to Stewart's defense fund to the tune of $20,000 dollars. So why does Soros want to support an attorney that is on trial for passing on code from a person of this nature to his fellow terrorists? Well, Soros hates America and want to do everything he can to destroy it. Soros wants to put a socialist democratic system in place in America, just like they have in so many European countries. Check out the early post on Comrade Soros, Sundance and his little red buddy.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Iran: Self Liberation or Bombed To Hell

Axis country number two, is getting surveyed at this time. From Drudge:

The Bush administration has been flying surveillance drones over Iran to seek evidence of nuclear weapons programs and detect weaknesses in air defenses, the WASHINGTON POST is planning to splash on Sunday.

Newsroom sources tell DRUDGE: The small, pilotless planes, penetrating Iranian airspace from U.S. military facilities in Iraq, use radar, video, still photography and air filters designed to pick up traces of nuclear activity to gather information that is not accessible to satellites, the officials said.

The aerial espionage is standard in military preparations for an eventual air attack and is also employed as a tool for intimidation.

"The Iranian government, using Swiss channels in the absence of diplomatic relations with Washington, formally protested the illegal incursions, according to Iranian, European and U.S. officials."

Well good freedom loving citizens of Iran, time to put into action your plan to liberate yourself and bring self freedom if you have the will. This is that "Really Big" green light your self plan calls for to start the liberation. If you don't act then it sounds like America will.

I hope the Iranians do begin and successfully complete a self liberation from the mullahs. It would be a power action by an oppressed people living under Islamic rule. It would send huge sock waves through the entire Islamic and Muslim world.

If they don't act, I will predict that a minimum, that nuclear development facility will shortly be nothing more than a glowing mound of rubble.

The Robert Redford & George Soros Connection - Agenda

The recent George Soros and Robert Redford alliance is without a doubt a precise and planned political strategy. The alliance has nothing to do with Soros' love of cinema or his desire to engage in the arts. Rather it is Soros' latest strategy to interject his socialist political philosophy into the American culture. Soros' wants to change America politically from an American Democracy to one based on a Socialist European Democracy model, and Redford shares the same political philosophy.

Soros donated $4.6 million dollars to Redford's Sundance International Documentary Fund on September 16,2002. The goal of the fund per Redford is to "underwrite films aimed at promoting social justice and social change". Redford provided Michael Moore seed money to get started in his film career, so look no further than "Fahrenheit 911" to understand the content and purpose of the films coming out of this Funds stable.

This years offerings from the Sundance International Documentary Fund include "Control Room" which per the Sundance website " is a film focused on the culture clash between Western and Arab worlds through the prism of satellite television. The film focuses on the Arab news channel Al-Jazeera’s presentation of the second Iraq war and calls into question many of the prevailing images and positions offered up by the U.S. news media." I have not seen it, but seems that the thesis and theme is that America is bad, is killing innocent Arabs, and the American media is not telling the truth in its reporting. If you believed Eason Jordan, you might surmise that is due to journalist being targeted by the American military and taken out in Iraq. I think there is a strong correlation between the two thoughts and theories and more of the same from two closely allied industries ( the MSM and Hollywood ).

Aside from the independent films that the Sundance Fund promotes, the organization also has a television station that provides a platform for the same types of work. In today's line-up you will find "The Origins of AIDS" on at 11:30AM. The preview states "startling in its thesis, compelling in its argument and chilling in its measured presentation, this award-winning documentary by Peter Chappell and Catherine Peix delves into the possible origins of AIDS in the jungles of Zaire (formerly the Belgian Congo). Investigating a theory detailed in journalist Edward Hooper's controversial book The River, THE ORIGINS OF AIDS looks into the possibility that the deadliest disease known to mankind came as a result of a risky, mass inoculation of an experimental polio vaccine during the late 1950s. TVPG ". Below the preview summary appears a disclaimer "This documentary explores a controversial theory. Sundance Channel presents this documentary as a theory, not as a factual account" I think you get the jest of the political agenda of the Sundance Fund and the Sundance Channel, that being "American is bad, capitalism is bad, socialist democracy is good, we have to change America, don't trust anyone in power in America". Another offering today at 3:00AM is "The Navigators". The preview states "With humor and grit, filmmaker Ken Loach presents the story of five Yorkshire railway workers following the privatization of British Rail in 1995. When an efficiency-minded company takes over their district line, the quintet's hard-won labor agreements are abandoned, along with safety concerns and job security. Loach's documentary approach and a cast of unknown performers lend immediacy and veracity to this committed take on the dangers of privatization. A former British Rail employee, Rob Dawber, wrote the award-winning screenplay. R (AC, AL) CCAP/Stereo".

The dangers of privatization???? Thats code for pro-socialism.

Interestingly, from the Chris Mathews Hardball program January 25th, the following exchange took place between Mathews and Redford.

Chris Mathews: "You know, journalism is speaking truth to power. Do you think that people are better off having some skepticism about their leaders? Certainly “All the President‘s Men” was about that".

Response from Redford: "I do, absolutely. “All the President‘s Men” was kind of a strange experience. If you put my knowledge of what I think films can do to change, it really came off those two experiences, “The Candidate” and “All the President‘s Men,‘ where I could come out and say, you know, I don‘t really think it does change anything, because it didn‘t. If you look at “The Candidate,” the point we were making in 1972 is worse now than ever. And “All the President‘s Men,” that‘s tame by comparison to what‘s going on now. So, I don‘t think it changed anything. What it did was, it advanced the school of journalism for reporters that wanted to". There you have it, Redford and Soros want to influence journalism to right the injustices they believe are in place in American society and the American political model. They intend to use the media and film industry to achieve their goal of creating a European Socialist Democracy model in America.

That's fine since in America free people can decide what form of government and self rule we have. We could decide to have our government collect all our money and redistribute it as the government sees fit, if that is what we want. We could decide to eliminate the private sector and give the government control of all industry and enterprise if again that is what we want. Thankfully a huge majority of Americans don't desire a socialist government, rather they are quite happy with the democracy we have. It works great and continues to provide the freedoms and opportunities that millions of people seek from all around the world and who try to immigrate to this great model and live their lives under the bounties that it provides.

The issue I have with Redford, Soros, and the Sundance agenda is that it is a "political organization" hiding behind the disguise of the "Arts". They intend to promote their political agenda without full disclosure. If Redford and Soros formed a Political Organization and named it say "The Socialist American Model", and promoted their agenda under that organization then I say go for it. Again this is America and we all are free to express whatever political convictions we have and rightfully so. Freedom of speech is truly the most sacred and powerful right that we as a people have. I have no issue with Redford and Soros engaging in this sacred freedom as they have every right to do so just like every one else. I do have issue with them prostituting it and demeaning it by hiding a political agenda behind the veil of the "Arts".

Friday, February 11, 2005

Post Does Not Get It

Well I tried to give the Post a BIG story but they would have nothing to do with it. Sad don't you think?

My Letter To The Post & Lee Publishing Reference The Jordan Story................

Well, you can imagine my disappointment that you did not take my advise from two days ago and go with the Eason Jordan story. I told you this was a valid BIG news story but you said no. Now the paying subscribers of the Post will have to read another reactionary, dry, and behind the curve story because the paper would not go out and expose an ultra-liberal person or agenda. It was a cut and dry story unless you were held back by extreme political agendas.

Well, it happened tonight, Jordan has resigned and rightfully so for his insane claim. Jordan told a panel in Switzerland last week that "the American military targets journalists in Iraqi". How a true news organization looking for truth and accountability could not run that story two days ago, or before, I just don't understand.

Well like usual, if its a big story that does not support the ultra-liberal cause, it gets no print space in the Post. Things have to change, they really do. Viability, credibility, and subscription relevance is at stake.

Well here is the next Big story you need to follow. George Soros has been feeding millions to the Robert Redford's foundation, to fund propaganda films that support their mutual socialist agenda. It has a very scary Joseph Goebbels ring to it don't you think? Like Hollywood needs more bad press exposing it for what it comes the truth and the bright light of exposure. Will the Post be part of this next big story?

I have decided that I will be the Post's St. Louis based "Moderate News Story" source via the News Media. I'm going to feed you the stories that you should be following and reporting on, that are off the ultra-liberal road map and the majority of your viewers will be interested in and want to know about. Do with the leads and suggestions what you wish, but a wise organization I think would consider them and act.

As damage control perhaps Kevin and Eric can try to catch up somewhat in their Op-Ed articles and make the paper look less ridiculous on the Jordan story. What do you say fellas?

Contact me if you would like to discuss or expand my role at the Post.

Steve Priest

Lets hope they get it some day.........................

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Important Stuff You Are Missing - Well Missing In the Paper Anyway

My letter today to the Post Dispatched and Lee Publishing...................
Ms. Ellen Soeteber,

there are several "BIG" stories that I have not seen in the Post that should be. I hope you know about them but I guess that you choose not to share them with your subscribers (I'm one). Why you make that decision I guess is that its not an ultra-liberal positive theme, and it scares you. Maybe really scares, but its time to understand that like the Iraqi election results, the real world results are coming back very scary for ultra-liberal leaning position, and you should just report the news. That's what I have been telling you or sharing with you for seven years.

Well whatever it is, I feel the obligation to share with you the "Big" stories you are missing.

I) Bill Moyer's Rathergate Piece:in tomorrow's Minneapolis Star Tribune (you can buy it and post it from the wire - alright) there is a piece by James Watt that rebukes Mr. Moyer's previous fraudulent piece on Mr. Watts a couple days ago. In that piece Moyer fabricates a statement from Mr. Watt that he picked up on the internet. No qualifying, no vetting, no validation, but then he attackes Mr. Watt and totally misquotes him. Its a shameful piece that Moyer put forth, criminal in a journalistic sense. He has been putting forth a socialist liberal agenda for years and I'm sure he has been taking the same liberties all along. Let's cover this "VERY" news worthy story for the people of St Louis have been exposed to his biased views in our homes. You owe that you customers who invited this fake journalist in.

Eason Jordan ( CNN News President ) told a panel in Davos, Switzerland, that "the American military personnel had deliberately targeted and killed journalists in Iraq" He has since sent several emails saying that's not what he meant (huh - you said it but you did not mean it?) and has been running from the axe that is coming down. This is again a "HUGE" story just like Dan Rather and Moyer, but I have not seen it in the Post, why? This scandal and the decimation of a whole industry (I understand it hits home), is a Huge, Huge, Huge news story. Lets report the news in the Post and show this story as it should be. You should report the news and not report it selectively.

So do you guys have people who research the news of the day, or do you have Maples incharge of the news feed at the Post? I'm serious although I added a bit of satire, it seems that huge stories that don't fit your political leanings just don't make the light of day in my paper. That's wrong and strips a new organization of being a news organization and they become a shill for a cause. Your close to being a shill, turn back now or it will be too late........................

Steve Priest

Monday, February 07, 2005

Rather, Jordan, Moyer, Krugman & The MSM Tell The Lies That Liars Tell

How can so many big name liberals in the MSM continue to be gainfully employed? My question is based in the lack of fact checking and the incredibly incorrect information that is put out by so many of these ultra liberal journalists. Its scary and should end.

We all know about Dan Rather and his Rathergate debacle with the Bush National Guard story. Well just like Rather, there have been several other blind and bias stories put forth by the MSM in the days since Rathergate.

The two that I think most closely parallel Rathergate aside from Krugman's every day offerings, are Eason Jordan of CNN and Bill Moyers of PBS and an Op-Ed writer these days. Both put forth ideas and stories that are equally outrageous and politically bias as the Rathergate piece.

Jordan who is the Executive Vice President & Chief News Executive of CNN, told a group at the Davos panel which included US Senators that "journalist in Iraqi have been targeted by the US military". That's the Executive Vice President of a major Cable News organization making that moon-bat statement. It's beyond explainable and clearly crosses the threshold into insanity.

What has happen since his comment was made at the February 7th conference, nothing really in the MSM not really a peep. The Blogs are leading this investigations, surprise, just like Rathergate. I think it is insane that a person of Jordan's position can make a statement like this and its not all over every media source. Now that he has been exposed and called on it by the Blog Nation, Jordan is backstroking faster than Mark Spitz. He is emailing as fast as he can to say that the record does not reflect what he really meant to say, but no one has seen him since the statement. Huh..........

On the Moyer front, dear old brother Bill, wrote an Op-Ed piece that criticized people of Christian belief who believe in the second coming of Christ. He basically calls them idiots and scary idiots in power and controlling our country. Then to drive home his theory he quotes President Regan's former Secretary of Interior James Watt's reported statements per Moyer, in a hearing before Congress. Moyer writes that Watt told the US Congress that protecting natural resources was unimportant in light of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. "After the last tree is felled, Christ will come back".

Turns out that Mr. Moyer takes Dan Rather like liberties in his journalism ( term used very lightly), which I know will not surprise most reasonable people. Powerline has a great story where Mr. Watt contacted them to set the record straight and expose the ultra-liberal agenda of Moyer.

The short is that Mr. Watt provided the official transcripts of the hearing to Powerline and here is what it shows when Congressman Weaver (D. Ore) asked Mr. Watt whether he wanted to see the sustained yield policies continued:

Secretary Watt: Absolutely. That is the delicate balance the Secretary of the Interior must have, to be steward for the natural resources for this generation as well as future generations.

I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns, whatever it is we have to manage with a skill to leave the resources needed for future generations.

Quite different than the Moyer quote and totally wrong on Mr. Moyer's account. A case just like Rather, Jordan, and Krugman where the ultra-liberal MSM uses fabricated documents, fabricated stories, fabricated statistics and historicals, and fabricated quotes to put their political agendas ahead of truthful news. They are scared however and rightfully so because an increasing number of Americans know their agenda these days. They have been exposed as DNC mouth pieces and Americans don't like that in their news.

Criminal in a journalistic sense I think but the reality of the MSM today. Organizations like CNN, CBS, PBS, NYT, and the Post will continue to feed this type of disinformation to their paying customers until forced to revert and tell the truth. The day is coming, the day is around the corner.........................

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Congrats To The New England Pats

Congratulations to the New England Patriots and their move into the league of "Destiny Teams". Winning three Super Bowls in four years is in fact the qualifications of being a destiny. I like the Patriots because they have super stars but they are a Team. Seems their focus is on the Team not on their own Super Star Status. Teddy Bruskie is my favorite. A hard nosed guy that just pays all out and with emotion.

The past four years have proven that point to be a successful formula. I'd rather be in the Team spot light and win it all than be in my own spot light and be less than that. I have some thought on this and will post later.

The thing that I am concerned about is the ceremonial "Water Bucket Pour". The hit Billick took in victory, also hit his very elderly father. He looks to old to have cold water poured in his ear and on his head on a moderately cold night. I hope Mr. Billick will be ok. Teddy poured the water so I hope my concern is not well founded even more so.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Disinformation At The Post Via Paul Krugman

My Letter to the Editor of the Post and to Lee Publishing:

I have no issue with the Post Dispatched offering different opinions on whether the proposed Bush social security reform is good or bad, risky or sound, that is what they should provide their subscibers and what we seek in our news providers. It's healthy and needed discussion. I think social security is a good and sound social program but personally think reform is needed. I think President Bush's has a good and sound proposal, bold and needed if we are to make it part of our generous and caring legacy. Taking care of our own is very important but the vehicle has to be drivable.

However, I must point out an article from one of your to be Op-Ed contributors that I feel is disinformation and will hurt your viewers from a financial standpoint if they listen to the disinformation as it was presented.

The article is from Paul Krugman, and it is a really bad piece of journalism. It is full of incorrect information and will negatively effect your readers financially. You really need to reconsider providing Krugman's offerings to the Post subscribers if you are looking out for the best interest of us.

Krugman's biased analysis of the proposed social security reform incorrectly calls the redistribution of some of our "own money" (that's key to remember its our money) a loan if they put it in a "personal account". See it's our money so if we decide that we don't want our money in "X" but rather in "Y", it's still our money and we are not borrowing from anyone. Stay with me.......

Krugman says that if you put 3% into a person account you forgo 3% from social security to borrow the money for the account. Wrong, totally wrong, again we are not borrowing money here, we are taking "our" money that we earned and investing it in a different place. There is no loan no interest, its not a loan. This is disinformation and untrue.

Krugman could not be thinking of the money taken out of the fund in his offering unless he did not do his journalistic homework, because that is not what will happen. The 3% taken out for personal funds will be made up with other tax revenues and the "traditional" social security Americans have nothing to fear except disinformation from people like Krugman. America has always found a great source for "other tax revenue" when needed, and I'm sure that will be the case here. There will be no short service of benifits for the greatest generation, but it's time to improve the retirement plan for the next "greatest generation".

We forgo a 3% guarantee in social security, for the opportunity to make by all conservative estimated 6% for that redistribution which is in fact twice what we would have made in the social security fund. That's a winner by anyone's standards when you can double your investment return. The market funds that would be invested in are the most conservative blended funds available and only those that have been qualified performers for many years. Less of a risk I think than giving it to the federal government to watch and redistribute.

I looked at the historicals, and this is what the historical reality is from 1972-2004 ( a thirty year period we are talking about in this scenario ):

Mid-Cap Stocks: 14.49%
Small-Cap Stocks: 13.57%
Equity Reits: 13.44%
Large Cap Stocks: 12.34%
Foreign Stocks: 11.26%
Micro Cap Stocks: 11.04%
Long Term US Corp Bonds: 9.08%
Long Term Gov Bonds: 8.95%
Intermediate Term Gov Bonds: 8.28%
Gold: 7.23%
30 Day T Bills: 6.15%

So, even it you invested only in 30 Day T Bills you would have doubled the social security return on your money. Even on T Bills you would have doubled your money????? But you would not be investing in just T Bills, rather a conservative blend of T Bills, Bonds and Low Risk Stocks that will probably return a 8-10% return at worst, probably more in the 12% range. If you understand even basic financial fundamentals, that pretty much tells you every thing you need to know. T Bills double your money that's easy money, the plan will probably triple your money in reality and at the lowest risk you could find in the world.

For Krugman to present such ingenious information and analysis without the very basic facts I have provided is disinformation. It's not only disinformation but also harmful disinformation that I would think that you would want to protect you readers from. Krugman has a history of taking liberties like he did in this article that equate to Dan Rather and the Rathergate Memos. I sincerely hope that is not where we are going at the Post. Providing a platform for disinformation for another liberal political agenda is a losing business proposition which you are unfortunately very familiar with.

Krugman's article that I have just Op-Ed'd did not run in your paper, however you have contracted to have him provide future articles to your subscribers, which I am one. I would ask you to reconsider that decision and not put Krugman in my paper. The St. Louis Post readers do not need someone like Krugman proving damaging financial information to them that comes from a political bias. He does not care about the people of St. Louis, he cares about his political agenda and it's a "at any cost" formula. He has spoke very poorly of the people of the Midwest and Missouri in particular. I do not understand what benefits readers like me gain from adding disinformation agents like Krugman will provide. I ask you to reconsider adding Krugman to my paper.

Steve Priest

PS: I would love to be part of the Team that provides community input on what is working, whats not working, and what we think would make the paper a more viable read from the subscription run off situation you are in today. This is the only way that the Post will increase subscriptions and bring people of views that are not ultra-liberal back to the paper. Moderate views have to be part of the subsciption re-building if the Post is to regain what it can be. I would love to be part of that Team.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Picture That Lost The Moment

Today's edition of the Post Dispatched shows just how disingenuous they are and that they are not a true news organization. It's not so much what they said or presented in print. No, its what they chose not to show.

The front page lead photo is one of Janet & Bill Norwood who lost a son in Iraqi, Marine Sgt. Byron Norwood. The photo was of them holding each other and comforting each other as the rest of the people in the frame applauded and saluted them. They were there as guests of the President and he had just honored them for their sacrifice for lossing a son in Iraqi and all others who had lost loved ones. Nothing wrong with that, appropriate and the right thing to do if that was the end of the story.

It was far from the end of the story. The bigger and most powerful moment of the speech and for me of any State of Union speech I have ever seen, was about Mrs. Norwood but also involved another person in the photo the post ran.

Right in front of Mr. & Mrs. Norwood was Safia Taleb al-Suhail, who also was a guest of the President. She represented the people of Iraqi who had showed such great courage and voted to free their country in their recent election. Her father had been killed by Hussein's regime and had suffered terrible torture. She was very emotional but full of joy as she raised the victory sign when recognized.

The photo and moment that the Post chose not to share was Mrs. Norwood and Safia Taleb al-Suhail embracing in a very emotional moment. You could feel the appreciation and gratitude the Iraqi woman felt and conveyed to Mrs Norwood. You could see and feel the pain and lose that Mrs. Norwood felt but more importantly how she seemed to understood and acknowledged that it was for a good cause and that she seemed grateful and at peace that her sons sacrifice had made such a huge difference in so many peoples lives. Her reaction was that of a great American patriot that gave a great gift to other human beings and seemed at peace knowing that it freed millions of people who had been brutally oppressed.

It was all that anyone in the media, even the liberal MSM talked about today. It was such a powerful moment and defining moment of what all this has been about. In short it was a beautiful moment about sacrifice, loss, perseverance, a greater cause, and a moment that defined the reason we are in Iraqi and why it is right during a State of the Union address by the President that made the difficult but right decision. It will be the face of the Iraqi war for most going forward.

The Post and its ultra-liberal editors were so afraid of that image that showed how wrong they were wrong about Iraqi and the Presidents policy, that they denied their paying customers from experiencing it, being apart of it. A crime I say in a journalistic sense. An absolute total disregard for true news and objectively reporting the news.

This proves the Post will only offer up stories and photos that support their ultra-liberal stance and agenda. They don't care one bit about showing the truth or reporting the news, they care about their political agenda, like a judge legislating from the bench. Not showing that photo proves all you need to know about this newspaper and its management. I'm no newspaper editor but even I could have designed the photo layout for the front page today, a huge photo of those two woman embracing each other. The new owner Lee, has a lot of work to do...........

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Why Didn't The Dems Admit They Were Wrong?

Why didn't the Dems just admit tonight they were wrong about Iraqi and say they were sorry? They could have done it at the post speach interviews or even on the web on those silly we are sorry socialist websites about Bush's re-election.

The MSM was asking Bush to just say sorry a little bit to set the tone when he was right. Will they hang the Socialist Dems for not saying we were wrong on the biggest wrong in 20 years? No party had been more wrong than the Socialist Dems on any issue of the day than the Dems on this one.

I think all the nails are in to bury this one, that being the Socalist Dem party, how about you?

Pelosi Calls America An Occuping Force

Socialist Dem Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called the brave men and woman of our military an "Occuping Force" in Iraqi. An Occuping Force, did she really say that or was Jane Fonda subbing?

No comment needed if you have an average to above handle on the issue..............

State of The Union

I think President Bush's speach was a home run and he is a "True Leader". He hit it well and really made the strong Bush points. From Iraqi, to Social Security, Syria & Iran, malpractice reform, cutting spending, and education, it was very good.

The President explained why there is no option other than acting on Social Security reform. It will go broke in 2018 paying out more than it collects. You don't have to know anything about finance to know when you collect less than you pay, its got to be fixed. Anyone not for Social Security reform is not well informed has an agenda aside from looking out for Americans.

On that note, he talked about non-essential spending cuts. Federal waste is out of hand as it has been for years. We need to put a very sharp knife to the pork and really cut it out.

Malpractice reform is very much in order with most states and cities loosing doctors faster than CBS News is loosing viewers. When huge numbers of doctors are leaving their practice, its not about bad doctors. It is rather about trial lawyers and bad law suits.

The most important and powerful moment of the night was Iraqi and the tribute President Bush gave to our soldiers and the Iraqi people. The guest Iraqi embracing the guest who was the mother of a fallen American soldier was moving. It brought home the true value of this fight and the reason we are doing it and winning it. Seeing the sacrifice of the American mother and the joy and gratitude of the Iraqi woman was very moving. Then the mother gave the Iraqi woman her sons dog tags. That was a very powerful moment. It said to me that she was saying, I have and other mothers have invested their sons lives for your freedom and we believe in you and your future.

Syria and Iran were put on notice and it will not be long before we clean those rat nests out. Bush told the citizens of Iran that we are here for you, so it could be a self liberation we see. If not, how do you guys feel about really big bombs?

I also really liked the blue fingers of some members who were paying tribute to the Iraqi vote and victory. They I think got that from poking Senator Kennedy in his eye ball. Kennedy looked like a total fool even more so after this great speech. I am very optimistic about our President and his agenda.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

9/11 Victims Are nazis Per CO Professor

Professor Hamilton of Colorado University (like they need more bad press) says that the 9/11 victims were nazi like.

What?????? This ultra-liberal socialist thinks that innocent people killed on 9/11 were the same as the nazi officers who killed innocent people? I read his offering and it is the same socialist offering of America is bad and exploits people so we got what we deserved. The same as Ted Kennedy, Hillary, Dennis, Jessie, Durbin, and John Kerry. One and the same. Do you like having American Reps telling you that you are bad for loving freedom, self rule, hope, prosperity, democracy, and not feeling that the attacks against us were justified?

The socialist democrats have sowed the field for this kind of thought and more importantly the acceptance by his young students impressionable minds. Boy is that scary or what? We need to have a whole new process for spending our money on campus don't you think? Its our money we can decide how it is spent. Think about it and then act.........

DNC Hates Democracy

You know the important thing is that we have the public attention in Iraqi now that they Believe and should Believe that they are "Free People". The Iraqi's know they can do it, can assume self rule and grow a free country. The swamp has been drained and the grass of liberty will grow fast.

So why are the dems talking it down? Do they want us to loose, do they want to have Americans killed?

Write you Senator and tell them that anyone who could speak negatively about what is happening in Iraqi is not fit to govern in America. If you don't agree with that you might want to check into a visa and where you might want to move to.

You won't like the country we are building here, so get out early if you hate "Self Rule" and "Democracy" like the DNC hates................

GI Joe Smoke Screen From Dems

After the "Great Election Victory" in Iraqi this weekend now news that the terrorists are so desperate that they posed a GI Joe Doll in a hostage setting with a toy 2" gun to try and win one for the cause. Boy, these animals have fallen on hard times have they not? For them to do that shows the desperation of the most desperate of all people. Who would that be aside from the terrorists, well people like Ted Kennedy, Dennis Kucinich, Jessie Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, John Kerry and countless other defeatist Dems.

The American Military Hammer is about to completely destroy what is left of the Zarqawi GI Joe stalking gangs. Can you imagine being one of those guys? You could not even sleep with one eye open. Not a good place to be when you know you are about to be blown to pieces at any moment. Hope they are real secure with the virgin and heaven thing..............

The socialist were wrong and they are terrified about what that means. I think the Hillary fait was planned to bring a sense of sympathy to a party that is a big fat looser. They are pulling out every stop they have out to redirect the serious issues of their party line and the coming judgement of the people. They are wrong completely in a huge way and will it will be the record they must run on and defend ( good luck - not really ). This country will be Republican for a long time forward.

Bye Socialist Democratic Party........................The European Model will join you soon................................