Sunday, February 27, 2005

Putin Defends Crack Down On Press With Rather Rational

Time will run a story on the Bush & Putin meetings last week where Putin defends his regressions on liberties by stating, "we did not criticize you when you fired those reporters at CBS". What an incredibly telling statement this ends up being when you really analyze it for content and rational.

The reason for saying such a thing must be based in one of two base of thought. Putin either does not truly understand the freedom of speech that we have in America, or it was a calculated strategy to try and reflect criticism from the media crack down Russia currently is instituting.

Time thinks and runs with it being that Putin does not truly understand the freedoms that the American press has and the huge responsibility they have to be true to that freedom. If they do not remain true to it, American citizens will string the journalists up for failing them so miserably, not the government.

The other possibility is that Putin was advised that it was a good play to deflect criticism, and if so it was really bad advise. How must CBS, Rather and the gang feel today to be used as a rational for shutting down the free press of Russia. They are being used as the poster child for regulating a free press by a former Soviet Super Power that is digressing the new freedoms of that country. You could almost hear Putin's unstated rational: Rather and his gang lied about you and you fired them, we are only doing the same thing in Russia.

I think its a combination of the two myself. The equally important story here I think is the affect CBS and Rathergate had on this country and it's offical policies. They think its ok for the government to move in and close the free press even if its telling the truth, forget about when they use false presentation and political agenda like Rather did. Considering what Rather and CBS did the Russians can not fathom why they were not all jailed in Siberia.

Rather became his nemesis Nixon in his final days and now he has this as icing on his legacy cake. Rather's and CBS's prostitution of the first amendment are without a doubt the most embarrassing export of how journalism should not be done that America has ever produced. If the liberal media is every going to get it, this story has to be tops to get through. I doubt however they have the ability or desire to really understand how powerful and important this issue is and to realize what their damage to the free press world wide really has been.

What a fitting last shovel of manure on Rather's professional burial. Rest in peace Dan and enjoy the aroma of your work.