Sunday, February 06, 2005

Congrats To The New England Pats

Congratulations to the New England Patriots and their move into the league of "Destiny Teams". Winning three Super Bowls in four years is in fact the qualifications of being a destiny. I like the Patriots because they have super stars but they are a Team. Seems their focus is on the Team not on their own Super Star Status. Teddy Bruskie is my favorite. A hard nosed guy that just pays all out and with emotion.

The past four years have proven that point to be a successful formula. I'd rather be in the Team spot light and win it all than be in my own spot light and be less than that. I have some thought on this and will post later.

The thing that I am concerned about is the ceremonial "Water Bucket Pour". The hit Billick took in victory, also hit his very elderly father. He looks to old to have cold water poured in his ear and on his head on a moderately cold night. I hope Mr. Billick will be ok. Teddy poured the water so I hope my concern is not well founded even more so.