Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jimmy Carter Sub In Every Way

Today, the USS Jimmy Carter submarine was dedicated with former President Jimmy Carter in attendance. Mr. Carter was quoted as saying "The most deeply appreciated and emotional honor I've ever had is to have this great ship bear my name". The former President went on to outline his expectations of the sub that will bear his name "extraordinary capabilities-many top secret-to preserve peace, to protect our country and to keep high the banner of human rights around the world".

Funny I think what Peanut Jimmy chose those words. Does he really think that an attack sub is about waiving the banner of human rights? A sub is part of a military force that attacks and crushes our enemies. Certainly the goal and reason is to provide liberty and freedom for so many people of the world, but a sub does not fly the human rights flag. It kills people and destroys, Carter never got the reason and purpose of military force and might, it's an instrument of war, period. Not understanding the American military force is probably why he made such a crazy statement.

Carter served on a sub after graduating from West Point. In that sense it is fitting, but has there been any President in our history who completely misunderstood the use of our military might and what it was all about? Think back to Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Carter's policies were behind the Iraq vs. Iran war that killed millions of people and caused much of the instability we now have in the Middle East. Carter told the Shah and his government that he wanted to have a contract to build a Port Complex switched to his political supporters rather than the selected contractor Brown & Root, and the change would cost the Iranian government 10% more. The Shah politely declined the request. That was the start of the end for the pro-American Shah government in Iran.

Carter refused to send riot control equipment to the Shah when the revolution began. I can only imagine what the confidential documents show what was in fact the US policy within Iran that stirred the revolution and brought the Shah down. Don't get me wrong the Shah was not a class citizen, but its important to know that Carter ignited the Iran Revolution because of a rebuke for pay back. He brought down a pro-American government for the Father of Islamic terrorism.

So Carter put Khomeini in power and took Islamic terrorism to a whole new height. Carter even said that "Khomeini is a religious man like me, and that he knew how to talk to a man of God". How did his fellow Man of God return Carter's favor, shortly after his support of a mullah to run Iran, they kidnapped several American in a total disrespect for American and our standing. The worst intelligence report and strategy all time in American history. That is the key with Carter, he is a man of "no resolve" and he is a socialist passitive. He is the first true "Socialist Democrat" President of the US. To read more about the Carter Middle East foot print read

Nothing in our history was more embarrassing than the Iranian hostage situation, aside from sub-boy Carter's totally disastrous attempt to liberate them that resulted in a crash in the desert and several dead Americans. Why did he not say like Regan, let them go our we are going to bomb you into negative stone age? Because he was a passive who lacked resolve and will.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1978 was also a reaction to a weak President Carter. The hell hole of Iraq was strengthened and supported by Carter, Khomeini was put in power by Carter in Iran because of a contract, and Afghanistan was turned into a terrorist bad lands by Carter's policies. We have been trying to recover and move beyond ever since his foot print was made. Has there ever been a President who has failed so dismally internationally or nationally than Carter? He is truly the American Father of the Islamic terror network, and the worst President of All Times.

I can think of much more deserving things to name in the honor of former President Jimmy Carter, than a war submarine. I bet the brave men and woman of that sub put one of those magnets that sports fans use, once they are out of port that displays a different name than USS Jimmy Carter. It has to make them feel susceptible and weak to have that name on their vessel. There is just something wrong with having the name of a Socialist Passive on the bow of an attack submarine. Send those sailors some good spray paint..............