Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Important Stuff You Are Missing - Well Missing In the Paper Anyway

My letter today to the Post Dispatched and Lee Publishing...................
Ms. Ellen Soeteber,

there are several "BIG" stories that I have not seen in the Post that should be. I hope you know about them but I guess that you choose not to share them with your subscribers (I'm one). Why you make that decision I guess is that its not an ultra-liberal positive theme, and it scares you. Maybe really scares, but its time to understand that like the Iraqi election results, the real world results are coming back very scary for ultra-liberal leaning position, and you should just report the news. That's what I have been telling you or sharing with you for seven years.

Well whatever it is, I feel the obligation to share with you the "Big" stories you are missing.

I) Bill Moyer's Rathergate Piece:in tomorrow's Minneapolis Star Tribune (you can buy it and post it from the wire - alright) there is a piece by James Watt that rebukes Mr. Moyer's previous fraudulent piece on Mr. Watts a couple days ago. In that piece Moyer fabricates a statement from Mr. Watt that he picked up on the internet. No qualifying, no vetting, no validation, but then he attackes Mr. Watt and totally misquotes him. Its a shameful piece that Moyer put forth, criminal in a journalistic sense. He has been putting forth a socialist liberal agenda for years and I'm sure he has been taking the same liberties all along. Let's cover this "VERY" news worthy story for the people of St Louis have been exposed to his biased views in our homes. You owe that you customers who invited this fake journalist in.

Eason Jordan ( CNN News President ) told a panel in Davos, Switzerland, that "the American military personnel had deliberately targeted and killed journalists in Iraq" He has since sent several emails saying that's not what he meant (huh - you said it but you did not mean it?) and has been running from the axe that is coming down. This is again a "HUGE" story just like Dan Rather and Moyer, but I have not seen it in the Post, why? This scandal and the decimation of a whole industry (I understand it hits home), is a Huge, Huge, Huge news story. Lets report the news in the Post and show this story as it should be. You should report the news and not report it selectively.

So do you guys have people who research the news of the day, or do you have Maples incharge of the news feed at the Post? I'm serious although I added a bit of satire, it seems that huge stories that don't fit your political leanings just don't make the light of day in my paper. That's wrong and strips a new organization of being a news organization and they become a shill for a cause. Your close to being a shill, turn back now or it will be too late........................

Steve Priest