Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dean The Scream & The Mad Shoe Man

In another story you won't see from the MSM, last night in Portland, Ore. Pacific University hosted a debate between newly appointed DNC Chairman Howard "The Scream" Dean and former Regan Pentagon Adviser Richard Perle. They debated Iraqi and other foreign policy issues.

Perle is a leading proponent of the Iraqi war and as you know Dean has been strongly against it. Nothing of particular interest came from the two participates, but a very telling action came from one of the overwhelmingly socialist democrats in the audience of this very blue city.

One of the democrat moon-bats stood up and screamed "Liar, Liar, Liar" at Perle, then broke into a tirade of obscenities, before he took off his shoe and threw it at Perle. He was arrested and escorted out. The crowd was overwhelming pro-Dean and booed Perle on a regular basis. In fairness to Dean, it does not appear that he gave his mad man Dean Scream to excite the man or the crowd. Thank god for that, his mere presence and rhetoric seems to be so appealing to the extreme and violent left that had he actually whipped the crowd up with a scream they would have probably tore the place down and burned it. You can see the video at

Isn't Dean the Scream a perfect fit for the loony left, their extreme platform, extreme views and their extreme actions? Dean is going to register a lot of red votes for the RNC over the next few years. I predict he will not make it out of 2006.