Sunday, February 20, 2005

NYT Is Up In Smoke On Bush Tapes

The NYT decided to run a story that is based on taped private conversations between President George W. Bush and a personal friend Doug Wead, back in 1998. The NYT hoped to damage Bush with this story, but like every other time they try, instead they continue to damage and discredit themselves. Running story line from a friend that taped private conversations back in 1998 that really tells us what we already know, is that real jounalism????

The tapes seem to focus on Bush navigating politically between the ultra-conservative Christian collation and where he stands as a moderate conservative Republican and a Christian. That part of the story I found pretty informative and rewarding to read. If they would have stayed with that they may have had a story.

The biggest two plays of the story are that Bush told his friend (that's certainly up for reconsideration), that he would not beat the gay drum as he put it, "because I am a sinner and how can I differentiate sin?" Well, I agree and think that it will actually provide more support to Bush and the RNC. It shows that Bush is a compassionate conservative that cares about people and will not cave to people of extreme views, regardless of the party affiliation. Brings to mind to me the biblical quote "those who have not sinned should throw the first rock". I see real substance here...........

The second issue that the tape brought out was that Bush seems to admit that he tried marijuana. Bush goes on to tell Wead (Wead, real close to Weed huh?), "I wouldn't answer the marijuana questions because I don't want some little kid doing what I tried". Bush like a majority of people since the sixties have tried marijuana, and I have no issue with that revelation. It was pretty much an agreed conclusion that Bush had a bit of a wild side for a period of his life before moving on. Who hasn't, I sure did. So what is the point if Bush smoked some pot thirty years ago? Simply does not matter to me.

I'm much more interested in the Man who he is now, rather than the man he was and smoking a little grass along the way in no way defines him. The revelation without a doubt makes me appreciate President Bush more today than I did yesterday. Why, because I know that he understands that he is not perfect and has learned from his mistakes and became a better person. Also the fact that he is true to himself and would not sell out his beliefs to take a specific strategy that he did not personally believe in is incredibly telling. What does it tell? Character........of the first order.

The NYT basically said hey, its not an issue and has no real bearing on the moment back in the 1992 election when Clinton was questioned about his pot smoking. So it is interesting why they think it is a story now. Well that's not real hard to figure out, they hate Bush and apply their standards differently to the moderate and right of center people.

The funny thing is that they have without a doubt strengthened the support of the base and validated the belief we held about President Bush. They have also brought more fringe voters who voted blue in 2004 over the RNC side I think for real and true value reasons. You can't buy press like that.............Thanks NYC