Thursday, February 03, 2005

Picture That Lost The Moment

Today's edition of the Post Dispatched shows just how disingenuous they are and that they are not a true news organization. It's not so much what they said or presented in print. No, its what they chose not to show.

The front page lead photo is one of Janet & Bill Norwood who lost a son in Iraqi, Marine Sgt. Byron Norwood. The photo was of them holding each other and comforting each other as the rest of the people in the frame applauded and saluted them. They were there as guests of the President and he had just honored them for their sacrifice for lossing a son in Iraqi and all others who had lost loved ones. Nothing wrong with that, appropriate and the right thing to do if that was the end of the story.

It was far from the end of the story. The bigger and most powerful moment of the speech and for me of any State of Union speech I have ever seen, was about Mrs. Norwood but also involved another person in the photo the post ran.

Right in front of Mr. & Mrs. Norwood was Safia Taleb al-Suhail, who also was a guest of the President. She represented the people of Iraqi who had showed such great courage and voted to free their country in their recent election. Her father had been killed by Hussein's regime and had suffered terrible torture. She was very emotional but full of joy as she raised the victory sign when recognized.

The photo and moment that the Post chose not to share was Mrs. Norwood and Safia Taleb al-Suhail embracing in a very emotional moment. You could feel the appreciation and gratitude the Iraqi woman felt and conveyed to Mrs Norwood. You could see and feel the pain and lose that Mrs. Norwood felt but more importantly how she seemed to understood and acknowledged that it was for a good cause and that she seemed grateful and at peace that her sons sacrifice had made such a huge difference in so many peoples lives. Her reaction was that of a great American patriot that gave a great gift to other human beings and seemed at peace knowing that it freed millions of people who had been brutally oppressed.

It was all that anyone in the media, even the liberal MSM talked about today. It was such a powerful moment and defining moment of what all this has been about. In short it was a beautiful moment about sacrifice, loss, perseverance, a greater cause, and a moment that defined the reason we are in Iraqi and why it is right during a State of the Union address by the President that made the difficult but right decision. It will be the face of the Iraqi war for most going forward.

The Post and its ultra-liberal editors were so afraid of that image that showed how wrong they were wrong about Iraqi and the Presidents policy, that they denied their paying customers from experiencing it, being apart of it. A crime I say in a journalistic sense. An absolute total disregard for true news and objectively reporting the news.

This proves the Post will only offer up stories and photos that support their ultra-liberal stance and agenda. They don't care one bit about showing the truth or reporting the news, they care about their political agenda, like a judge legislating from the bench. Not showing that photo proves all you need to know about this newspaper and its management. I'm no newspaper editor but even I could have designed the photo layout for the front page today, a huge photo of those two woman embracing each other. The new owner Lee, has a lot of work to do...........