Sunday, February 27, 2005

Letter To The Editor On Putin's Rather Biased Defense

My email to the Pravda Post and Lee Publishing. I know it does not get a lot of results but it has to make them think just a "little tiny bit" why they are writing themselves out of a job...............
The most "Incredible" news story in a long time is out there right now. A Big, Big story...........Per Time, Putin told Bush last week in their meetings that "we did not criticize you when you fired the CBS reporters". What a story!!!!!!!! This is monumental, a Russian President justifying the crack down on Russian press with a Dan Rather rationalization. Man this is huge and goes to the base of the damage that Rather and CBS did to journalism and the First Amendment.

Time goes with the story line that Putin does not understand that in America we have total Freedom of Expression and that the American people via turning the channel or canceling subscriptions hold the press accountable for the sacred rights of the First Amendment, not the government. That is not their exact report but the rational for the statement from Putin. I think they missed it just a bit. I think it was also a calculated move to say "hey CBS lied about you and abused its freedoms and you closed them down so we are doing the same". Rather and CBS must be very proud of the worst journalistic export this country has ever given the rest of the world.

Your undefendable decision not to cover the CNN Eason story was beyond bad, but to not cover this one will make you truly irrelevant. If there ever was a story that should grab you and shake you into reality this is the one! The credibility of the whole MSM is on the line with Putin's statement unless the Post and other Ultra Liberal new organizations move to expose the true damage that has cracked the foundation of the First Amendment by the MSM news organizations because of the Rathergate story. It is a very serious matter that must be given the focus it demands or all freedoms are at risk.

Time to report the news on this incredibly revealing and important story. It has to get front page coverage and "real" analysis. It's now or never for the Post and all other Ultra Liberal news organizations to either move to the middle and start "reporting" the news "objectively" or go down the drain of credibility with Rather, CBS, and the Putin rational.

Someone in the Post organization has to have the vision to see the shadow that has descended and continues to color the Post organization irrelevant. If not, let me know and I will write the article pro bono.

Lee Enterprises, you have a huge investment in the purchase of the Post, its a ship taking on water given the lack of credibility of its current bow. The subscription run-off rate will continue in the Greater St. Louis market until you only are a metro paper with no true circulation unless the paper moves to an objective position. That will not be a good return on your investment. I talk to lot of people on my blog that like me are moderate to moderate conservatives and have been holding their nose for a long time while reading the Post. We are getting real tired of the lack of balance and will soon join the ranks of the "cancelled subscription" status. Not a good status for truth in journalism or ROI.
Steve Priest
St. Louis MO