Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Courts Should Rule And Step Out of The Way

I think that issue of taking life support away from a technically living person who is by medial standards dead, is a very hard and personal decision. It to me is as close as you get to the abortion issue. I do not think personally that government has much of a place in this discussion than to define the parameters and then let the very unfortunate people who find themselves there decide.

Can you find yourself in a worse position than making such a decision for a loved one? I really cant think of one. So put yourself in the moment and then imagine that your decision after heart wrenching reflection is to pull the plug. Then after that decision the government comes in and tells you sorry, you can not do that, its not allowed, you are killing your family member. What would that do to you?

This woman in Florida (Terri Schiavo) who has been in a vegetable state since 1990, is a very sad story indeed. Her husband says that she would want the tubes removed, her parents say no way and a legal battle had been going on for over twenty years.

Today the 2nd District Court of Appeals silently enabled her husband to disconnect the tubes if he wished. So why didn't they "rule" and say this is the law, you can diconnect the tubes? That's a very weak judicially ruling. Then a Pinellas Circuit Judge ( George Greer ) issued an emergency stay an hour later. So we are back where we were on this very difficult and personal decision with the government stepping in, contradicting itself, and completely confusing everyone, again after twenty years.

When people face a decision like this, it is completely wrong and immoral for people to be pulled back in forth with such indecision by the courts. The law must be established and then it must be up to the people who are affect to decide. I hope this poor woman finds peace soon.