Tuesday, February 01, 2005

9/11 Victims Are nazis Per CO Professor

Professor Hamilton of Colorado University (like they need more bad press) says that the 9/11 victims were nazi like.

What?????? This ultra-liberal socialist thinks that innocent people killed on 9/11 were the same as the nazi officers who killed innocent people? I read his offering and it is the same socialist offering of America is bad and exploits people so we got what we deserved. The same as Ted Kennedy, Hillary, Dennis, Jessie, Durbin, and John Kerry. One and the same. Do you like having American Reps telling you that you are bad for loving freedom, self rule, hope, prosperity, democracy, and not feeling that the attacks against us were justified?

The socialist democrats have sowed the field for this kind of thought and more importantly the acceptance by his young students impressionable minds. Boy is that scary or what? We need to have a whole new process for spending our money on campus don't you think? Its our money we can decide how it is spent. Think about it and then act.........