Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oscar Buys The "N" Word Host

The Oscar Awards are tomorrow, and I won't watch them. I don't think I have watch one other than dropping in for a moment. Hollywood does not interest me, I don't go to the movies and its not a political decision. I just don't find value in them so I spend my capital elsewhere. It costs $30 buck for a family of four to buy tickets and then $25 buck or so for food. That is a $55 buck total for entertainment that just does not satisfy my requirements.

I have probably went to 5 movies at the theater the past 8 years and all were kid movies that I took my kids to. I watch movies on TV and DVD, but they are just not good enough to spend premium money on at the theater for me.

Hollywood's self indulgent tribute to itself (The Oscars) has been loosing viewers just like the MSM at a very increased rate the past few years. Most mainstream Americans just don't care and view Hollywood in less than a positive view.

For this years show they have brought in Chris Rock. Rock is know for his use of the "N" word and lots of foul language. Seems to me that they are moving in the wrong direction from what the 2004 election taught us. Americans don't embrace the raunchy and edgy side of Hollywood slap downs like Rock and Robin Williams.

Speaking of Williams, the Oscars said no to his attack and lampoon on conservative James C. Dobson. Williams apparently intended to criticize Dobson and the conservative agenda. ABC said no and I think that is a wise decision on their part.

Ultra conservative organization do in my opinion go too far in their conservatism, but they are way closer to my moderate conservative views than ultra liberal Hollywood. So are these west coast liberals just stupid or do they get it and refuse to come into reality?

Does not matter to me, Hollywood has no value to me and I just have no interest in what they have to say and what they produce as a product. Unless of course it is a kids show that my kids want to see................................Other wise I will selectively see it on DVD or TV if it has my interest.